by Stingray

For those of us who are interested in “weird” ideas like manifesting your physical reality using the power of your thoughts, it can sometimes seem like there’s hardly anyone else in the world that “gets it”.

It’s so obvious to people like us that there’s an absolute correlation between the thoughts you think and the life that manifests around you.

And sometimes it can seem like an uphill struggle in making people realize the truth.

But the reality is that there's far more people interested in these subjects these days than ever before. They just probably use different terminology or use different analogies to explain the same ideas.

For example, by chance today, I was reorganizing some files on my mp3 player and accidentally started playing one of Justin Timberlake's big pop hits from some years ago: 

As I listened to “What goes around, comes around”, I was reminded that it's basically the Law of Karma dressed up in a pop song format.

And it made me think that so many people these days just throw that spirituality-based phrase around as though it's an obvious fact. So who says the masses don't intuitively understand spiritual principles? (As for whether what the masses think Karma is, is what it actually is, well that’s a subject for a different blog post)

Here’s another example. About 30 years ago, I used to visit a city center bookstore quite a lot searching for answers to many of life’s "Big Questions", the same answers that people like you are hunting for on websites like the Manifesting Lab.

In those days, there was no such thing as the Internet so bookstores (and word-of-mouth regarding particular books) were my main starting point when researching spiritual topics.

During those times, about half a shelf on one floor of that five-storey bookstore was devoted to spiritual or reality creation topics and that shelf was labeled with the ominous-sounding word “Occult”.

You would get hard suspicious stares from other customers if you were seen perusing that section. I assume they thought I was some kind of devil worshiper.

A few years ago, I revisited that bookstore again for the first time in decades and noticed that the same section had grown to half a floor of that huge bookstore, and that is even allowing for the fact that most people probably get their information (and books) online these days so the bookstore is no longer five storeys tall.

It sure looks like there's a bit more interest in these subjects than there used to be!


So let’s get back to the main question “Why isn't there more of a crowd on the leading edge?”

I think there's a couple of points to be made here.

Firstly, the definition of the phrase "leading edge" means there can never be a crowd on it otherwise it wouldn't be the leading edge. It's like saying why are knives sharp? ...because that's the definition of a knife 🙂

Regarding the second point, returning to the pop song theme from earlier, have you ever noticed that there is a certain type of person who loves a certain pop group when the group is obscure but as soon as it becomes popular, they get turned off by that? And then they go searching for the next yet-to-make-it-big talented band to follow.

I think many of us who are interested in these spiritual and mystical subjects are a bit like those pop fans.

I tend to think that if paradigms like "The Law of Attraction" truly got accepted by the mainstream in the manner that we talk about on websites like this one, many of us would probably start looking for some other yet-to-make-it-big concept to investigate instead...

..."Law of Attraction? Ohhh, no thanks, not that old thing. That's just sooooooo last year"

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