THE SYSTEMATIC way to manifest your desires with 
the Law Of Attraction

  • Welcome to The Manifesting Lab
  • We will teach you step-by-step how to magnetically manifest your desires using the power of your thoughts
  • We do this by helping you build your own Law of Attraction 'machine' (called The Virtual Vortex) that will steadily and systematically create the life of your dreams

What The Manifesting Lab Can Teach You


  • Inside the Manifesting Lab are webinars, courses and discussions to help you use your natural mind power to  master Law of Attraction manifesting
  • Below is an example of the kind of information that that is taught. This video introduces you to the power of 'Missing Emotions'

More than 100 hours of videos teaching deliberate manifesting

Advanced forum, friendly members

At the heart of the Manifesting Lab lies a friendly members' discussion forum driven by the most advanced forum software available. You can ask deep philosophical questions or casually socialize...all under one online roof

Courses, Courses, Courses

The step-by-step courses help you learn about systematically applying the Law of Attraction, from developing the habit of feeling good everyday to The Ultimate Manifesting Framework

Hotseat' Coaching Webinars

A Hotseat Webinar is basically a free coaching session in Law of Attraction manifesting. People are guided live towards their next steps to attract what they want

Exclusive Member-Driven Webinars

Members-only webinars put members in the driving seat. Whether through online discussions or forum voting, Manifesting Lab members help decide which webinar topics would most boost their deliberate manifesting skills

Inside, you'll also learn...

  • The most powerful, effective and proven vibrational structures you can add into your daily routines to put your manifesting efforts onto auto-pilot
  • Step-by-step methods for generating missing emotions, and which ones are the most powerful ones
  • The one missing emotion, which if you generate it consistently, will draw money effortlessly into your life - and it's not Prosperity or Abundance
  • How to stay youthful and live forever, not metaphorically, but actually physically in your body
  • The truth about sleeping - why you only really need two hours per day and why anything more than that can hurt you
  • Say goodbye to feeling bad - even if you don't know why you're feeling bad - with the Vibrational Knot Disentangler method
  • 7 powerful ways to maintain high frequency vibrations around low vibration people
  • You need years to change years of deeply-ingrained blocking beliefs. Right? Wrong! You can do it in minutes with the right mindset
  • The truth about attracting unlimited prosperity and abundance, and why nearly everything you've been told about what money is, is a lie
  • Why a mind full of racing thoughts that you cannot control can be your greatest obstacle to making the Law of Attraction work for you. And instead, how to keep your mind empty so you can focus clearly on whatever you want
  • Why being content works more powerfully to get what you want than being excited about it
  • How being good at gardening can make you an excellent deliberate manifester
  • Why people who ‘push your buttons’ are doing you a great favor - and how to prevent them (or anyone else) from ever triggering you emotionally again
  • Say goodbye to other people being able to knock you out of a good mood
  • The hidden reasons why your manifestation is taking so long to come
  • How an unpopular US President demonstrates powerful reality creation skills
  • What to do when you feel apathetic, bored and uninspired about your life
  • Why a personal life crisis can actually be your best friend
  • How ignoring what you really want in life can manifest it more quickly than focusing upon it
  • Why affirmations rarely work but how a few minutes of contemplating a few gentle words every morning can lead to dramatic life changes
  • The truth about how long it takes to manifest something
  • Why bad things happen when you're feeling positive, and why mood swings often mean you're making great progress
  • How to influence world events, help others remotely, send healing energy to those involved in natural and human-made disasters
  • How to speed up the physical manifestation of your desires and how manifesting to deadlines can be the most powerful way to get what you want
  • What to do when your physical manifestation is not coming
  • Why trying less hard and putting in less effort to manifest what you want often works better
  • Comfort Zones - why staying in them too long will eventually kill you
  • When it's okay to be honest with yourself about how you are really feeling about your life
  • Why you are just 30 days away from feeling happy every single day...effortlessly
  • What to do if negative emotions appear immediately when you wake up
  • Why not knowing about the emotional awareness threshold means that you could be about to give up just as you are on the verge of receiving a major physical manifestation
  • Why losing interest in what you want to manifest can be a good thing
  • How to identify the limiting beliefs that are blocking you magnetically attracting what you want in life. And the easy way to clean most of them up effortlessly, often automatically
  • The little known method of acquiring skills by ‘stepping into’ people who already have them
  • How to make obstructive or slow drivers on roads move out of your way just by using the power of your focused thoughts
  • What to do if you don't see much progress even after consistently doing vibrational work for a long time
  • The truth about visualizing what you want  - and why visualization should always be more than just visual
  • Why being oversensitive is not a curse but a blessing, when it comes to the Law of Attraction
  • The truth about why chasing the missing emotion of Freedom can lead to you feeling even more trapped where you are
  • Why it happens that when you finally get what you want, it might not be what you thought it would be. And how to avoid that ever happening to you again

...and much much much more!

Meet the creator... Stingray

Since the 1990s, I've helped many thousands of people online (and offline) to live better lives... and I've done that mostly anonymously. You may even have used some of my Internet-based 'spiritual' creations without realizing who was behind them.

Since 2009, I stepped out of the shadows a bit more and have answered (for free) more than a thousand questions online about physical manifestations and the Law of Attraction, and I've also shared many of my own systematic manifesting systems.

Doing that, and seeing the benefits it has brought to many, has led me to now create this latest life-transforming venture...The Manifesting Lab.

Watch the video if you want to find out more about my personal history.


Not Sure If The Manifesting Lab Is Right For You?

The Manifesting Lab is NOT for everyone and, to be honest, I'd prefer to help you figure out if it's not right for you BEFORE you join rather than waste your time. So, let's cut to the chase...

Who is this for

  • People who understand that focusing thought deliberately takes time and effort but, with the right training and support, it can be mastered
  • Success-focused achievers who take responsibility for their own lives and know that life gives back to them what they put into it
  • Open-minded people who are willing to try new ideas and techniques even if, at first, they don't understand how or why they work
  • Deliberate Manifesters who are interested in practical results and are prepared to do what is required to understand and apply the principles that are shared

Who is this not For

  • Complainers and blamers - if you are not prepared to accept that the quality of your inner thoughts affects the physical life that you lead, then this isn't a fit for you
  • Skeptics - attacking new and unusual knowledge, without even sincerely testing it out, is a sign of a weak-minded and insecure person that should go elsewhere
  • The people that don't even try. You can have the most amazing knowledge in the world at your fingertips but if you never apply it, it is worthless. If that's you, you would be wasting your time here

What Others Are Saying About The Manifesting Lab...


“This is the cutting edge of deliberate creation training...I don't believe there is anyone else in the world who can offer this level of coaching. This is as good as it gets.”



“The most impressive gain was the consistency in my vibrational work. The improvement in my mood was night and day from the beginning.  We specifically worked on financial abundance for part of the program and I've already 10x'ed the cost of the program in terms of additional money coming in.”

Anand D


“I feel in love with life at the moment and glad to be alive. Life is now fun! Yes, I actually said those words to myself a handful of times and I mean it. I am so thankful for Stingray, but also thankful for myself for making the decision to try something new and 'take a risk' which has payed off dividends for me with my relationships, my finances, my health, my mood and even my luck!”



“Stingray is an insightful and inspirational coach who has, in a very short time, helped me to improve my life in dramatic ways. More has changed in the past few months than in years - it is accelerated manifestation”



“Stingray will guide you brilliantly, inspire and motivate you and will potentially change your life. If you are ready for huge changes, then go for it.”



  • The Manifesting Lab is literally the best thing that ever happened to me
  • Emotionally I am in a much more balanced and positive place than I’ve been for years
  • Life is becoming fun. And the process of manifesting desires is becoming more fun than the desire itself
  • I’ve been generating emotions for the last two months almost every day and I love it, it’s my favorite process
  • I am ridiculously at peace with everything in my life. Job. Relationships. Myself. Mentors. Hobbies. Health
  • I have no one else in my life to talk about this stuff too. Manifesting Lab has been the biggest release for me, in allowing me to have people to talk to about this stuff. I love it
  • These ideas are highly powerful and real. Thoughts are actual things
  • I was always envious of what I called “the golden children”…people who didn’t seem to really do anything but got whatever they wanted and needed. To my astonishment, I’m becoming a golden child myself. Who woulda thought…??
  • I’m in a very different place than I was when I started. Most things, I have much more ease about, I guess the best way to say it is just that everything is just easier
  • This “simple” process is completely rewiring my mind and my life in ways too extensive to describe. I don’t know that I would have engaged in it without Manifesting Lab
  • Who would have thought that such a simple exercise like generating emotions for a few minutes a day can inspire you towards the way to a profound change in one of the most important aspects of your life - and especially so quickly!
  • I must say that since Manifesting Lab has been in place, my moments of doubt have become much more rare, and even then, those moments don’t last very long
  • I am much more relaxed, and I have stopped worrying and caring about so many unnecessary things. I have clarity regarding my desires and where I want to go
  • I have literally just had one good day after another - it feels like everything is just working out for me, people are really nice to me, and lots of little things just seem to sort themselves out
  • It felt like as if I had shifted to a different reality where the same people who previously said “there’s no way I’ll do such and such” are now doing just the opposite - and they even feel good about it
  • Today I was offered a one-year long contract by my ideal client, at my ideal location (2 miles from home).This is a very unusual situation
  • This is great. You’ve just managed to encapsulate what I spent 6 years trying to grasp in Taoist wisdom
  • The Manifesting Lab puts me in the Vortex every time I visit. It’s such an inspirational, uplifting and happy place to be
  • I am really glad and grateful that I have found the ML community
  • Only question I have now is: Stingray, what took you so long to start the Manifesting Lab?

...and many, many more similar comments

Frequently Asked Questions

So, you still have questions? Let us try to answer those for you...

I already have a lot of manifesting knowledge from Abraham, Bashar, The Master Key System etc. Why should I join here?

I'm already an expert. What can the Manifesting Lab do for me?

Why do I have to pay? Shouldn't information like this be free to everyone?

Why don't you just manifest the money yourself to pay for the Manifesting Lab and give it to me for free forever?

What if the Manifesting Lab doesn't contain the information I'm looking for?

Can I keep my identity secret? I don't want others to know I'm interested in these "weird" subjects

Is your website secure? Is your payments system secure?

Do I receive anything in the mail when I join?

Can I access the Manifesting Lab from my smartphone or tablet?

I'm a complete beginner with manifesting and The Law of Attraction. Will this work for me?

Is the information here just stuff that I can already find online for free?

How do I know that you know what you are talking about?

I've tried this manifesting stuff before and it didn't work. How do I know you can make it work for me?

I'm very busy. I can't see how I'm going to get the time to take part in all these live webinars and discussions

Can I get one-on-one support or coaching?

What happens if I decide to cancel my membership?

Can I access the content released at the Manifesting Lab during my membership once I cancel?

I have a question that isn't answered here

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