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  • Are you worried about the current world situation brought on by the COVID-19 virus?
  • The Manifesting Lab will guide you back towards your natural emotional stability
  • To help you, we are giving away free two month subscriptions to anybody who feels that they would benefit from one
  • This is a genuine gesture of goodwill during these difficult times. There are no payments required at all. There is no obligation to stay afterwards.

What Others Are Saying About The Manifesting Lab...


“This is the cutting edge of deliberate creation training...I don't believe there is anyone else in the world who can offer this level of coaching. This is as good as it gets.”



“The most impressive gain was the consistency in my vibrational work. The improvement in my mood was night and day from the beginning.  We specifically worked on financial abundance for part of the program and I've already 10x'ed the cost of the program in terms of additional money coming in.”

Anand D


“I feel in love with life at the moment and glad to be alive. Life is now fun! Yes, I actually said those words to myself a handful of times and I mean it. I am so thankful for Stingray, but also thankful for myself for making the decision to try something new and 'take a risk' which has payed off dividends for me with my relationships, my finances, my health, my mood and even my luck!”



“Stingray is an insightful and inspirational coach who has, in a very short time, helped me to improve my life in dramatic ways. More has changed in the past few months than in years - it is accelerated manifestation”



“Stingray will guide you brilliantly, inspire and motivate you and will potentially change your life. If you are ready for huge changes, then go for it.”



  • The Manifesting Lab is literally the best thing that ever happened to me
  • Emotionally I am in a much more balanced and positive place than I’ve been for years
  • Life is becoming fun. And the process of manifesting desires is becoming more fun than the desire itself
  • I’ve been generating emotions for the last two months almost every day and I love it, it’s my favorite process
  • I am ridiculously at peace with everything in my life. Job. Relationships. Myself. Mentors. Hobbies. Health
  • I have no one else in my life to talk about this stuff too. Manifesting Lab has been the biggest release for me, in allowing me to have people to talk to about this stuff. I love it
  • These ideas are highly powerful and real. Thoughts are actual things
  • I was always envious of what I called “the golden children”…people who didn’t seem to really do anything but got whatever they wanted and needed. To my astonishment, I’m becoming a golden child myself. Who woulda thought…??
  • I’m in a very different place than I was when I started. Most things, I have much more ease about, I guess the best way to say it is just that everything is just easier
  • This “simple” process is completely rewiring my mind and my life in ways too extensive to describe. I don’t know that I would have engaged in it without Manifesting Lab
  • Who would have thought that such a simple exercise like generating emotions for a few minutes a day can inspire you towards the way to a profound change in one of the most important aspects of your life - and especially so quickly!
  • I must say that since Manifesting Lab has been in place, my moments of doubt have become much more rare, and even then, those moments don’t last very long
  • I am much more relaxed, and I have stopped worrying and caring about so many unnecessary things. I have clarity regarding my desires and where I want to go
  • I have literally just had one good day after another - it feels like everything is just working out for me, people are really nice to me, and lots of little things just seem to sort themselves out
  • It felt like as if I had shifted to a different reality where the same people who previously said “there’s no way I’ll do such and such” are now doing just the opposite - and they even feel good about it
  • Today I was offered a one-year long contract by my ideal client, at my ideal location (2 miles from home).This is a very unusual situation
  • This is great. You’ve just managed to encapsulate what I spent 6 years trying to grasp in Taoist wisdom
  • The Manifesting Lab puts me in the Vortex every time I visit. It’s such an inspirational, uplifting and happy place to be
  • I am really glad and grateful that I have found the ML community
  • Only question I have now is: Stingray, what took you so long to start the Manifesting Lab?

...and many, many more similar comments

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