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Are you sick and tired of endless courses, videos, books and teachers promising you the life of your dreams if you follow their instant 'secret' Law of Attraction manifesting method? 

Though it never quite seems to work for you, does it? But you still keep chasing those quick fixes, don't you? You still believe that all those people making all those promises really are hiding some big "manifest-it-today" secret.

Well, when you've finally had enough of being disappointed by them, then you're ready to try us instead.

At the Manifesting Lab, we show you how to steadily and reliably turn your mind into a Law of Attraction manifesting machine that will systematically attract your most-wanted desires into your reality. Learn it properly once, use it forever.

We don't do quick fixes ...we do what really works. Take a look around and see for yourself.

Video Courses

Topics covered in this Open Hotseat Webinar include:

• The easiest, laziest way to manifest everything
• Using a bubble reality to overwrite current reality
• Invincibility Wheel success stories
• Aging, celebrities and plastic surgery
• A clever little method for neutralizing resistance to a desire
• Does Big Pharma really want you to be healthy?
• What can cause the 45 Second Method to fail?
• You don't learn deliberate manifesting when things are going well

Wouldn't it be nice to have your own personal magic genie that could grant you any wish that you wanted?

Well, the truth is that you do already have one. And while it doesn't usually materialize wishes on demand, it can grant you detailed, insightful and helpful answers to any question on your mind - and it can do it immediately, any time you feel like it, forever. This webinar shows you how to tap into this infinite intelligence.

Topics covered in this Open Hotseat Webinar include:

• A bad-feeling TV series can make you ill
• What physical illness really is
• The easy elegant way to become well again
• What the Manifesting Lab is really about
• The terminal illness of Jerry Hicks
• You cannot judge someone who is ill
• How Jerry and Esther Hicks manifested Abraham
• You cannot be a sloppy thinker with fast-flowing energy

Learn how to use The Invincibility Wheel. This is a new powerful, yet simple, Manifesting Lab vibrational tool that will help you become invincible in all areas of your life.

The wheel can also be used to tackle large projects, reach goals and build new behaviors. All of this happens easily and naturally with just a minute or two of focused thought each morning.

Topics covered in this Open Hotseat Webinar include:

• Negative manifestations because of previous webinar
• Distraction methods vs clean-up methods
• Do you need to know why you feel bad?
• Despite years of trying, more than ever stuck and overwhelmed
• Seven deadly sins
• Preparing for the 45 Second Method
• EFT results review
• Summarizing the blocking issue

In this spontaneous webinar, Stingray authentically demonstrates how the Virtual Vortex can be used to generate strong vibrational alignments within minutes.

Along the way, there's a tour of the Ultimate Manifesting Framework with plenty of tips and tricks for implementing the powerful Manifesting Lab methods in your own life to get what you want.

Topics covered in this Open Hotseat Webinar include:

• Giving an interview while hurtling to your death
• Summary of the five levels of deliberate manifesting
• Tom Cruise vs Johnny Depp
• The power of sound vibrations
• Things can go wrong quickly without alignment
• There's never been a better time to learn Law of Attraction manifesting
• I knew grandfather was going to die
• Information overload from the new Manifesting Lab ideas

Discover the next exciting evolution of the leading-edge Virtual Vortex manifesting approach.

This advanced-level webinar pushes all your existing Manifesting Lab deliberate manifesting skills to new heights and makes it fun, even thrilling, to consciously guide your desires to materialize into physical reality. As a byproduct, the principles demonstrated also lead those desires to manifest as fast as they possibly can.

Topics covered in this Open Hotseat Webinar include:

• Being selfish benefits everyone
• A systematic three-pronged approach to molding desires
• All your lives are happening now
• Using past experiences to manifest the future
• Collective agreements and the Law of Attraction
• Streams of consciousness
• Manifesting something you have never experienced before
• Abraham and mass consciousness

This advanced-level webinar is a live demonstration of arguably the most powerful systematic deliberate manifesting tool ever created: The Virtual Vortex.

It also shows off the latest addition to the Virtual Vortex methods, the Power Clean process, which makes it possible to dramatically speed up the physical manifestation of "big" or "difficult" desires.

Topics covered in this Open Hotseat Webinar include:

• The simple way to manifest your goals & desires
• The big secret of dealing with people
• How do you prevent yourself slipping back into bad feelings?
• The best strategy for changing the world
• Comparing all the Avalanche Processes
• Does desiring to uplift others make your own life worse?
• What to tell people who want to know where your manifestation is?
• What is stopping you feeling good?

There are five different levels of deliberate manifester. Understanding which one you are is the key to unlocking your powerful manifesting abilities, and improving them further.

This webinar explains how to identify and handle each level, how the Manifesting Lab fits into the big picture, and whether you are entitled to proudly walk around naked in public followed by a line of monkeys.

Topics covered in this Open Hotseat Webinar include:

• A few minutes of 'magic' changes your entire life
• The magic wand of unlimited money
• Is Avalanche 3 only for new behaviors?
• Fear of lack of money
• How long before vibrational matches happen?
• What is your favorite manifesting book?
• Tao Te Ching and manifesting
• Vibrational Nudging and The 17 Second Life

Learn how to get your self-control back. This groundbreaking webinar reveals the powerful Physical Self Control System (Avalanche 3) for steadily and easily building positive empowering behaviors/habits while simultaneously wiping out bad ones.

It also shows you how to 'naturally' manifest your goals, and why your brain appears to be made of soft plastic.

Topics covered in this Open Hotseat Webinar include:

• The fastest way to manifest your stuff
• The enlightened goal-setting system
• An empty-mind lifestyle
• Emotional manifesting
• Asking and receiving
• Communicating with the Higher Mind
• Receiving your own higher answers
• The art of planning lightly

Why do you keep doing things that sabotage your positive efforts? Why are you still inconsistent with your vibrational work even when you know it will transform your life?

If you still cannot understand why you keep behaving in these self-defeating ways, then this webinar is for you. Discover how your own 'human animal' could be working against you - and learn what to do about it. More importantly, find out the real reason why coffeehouses and shopping malls are taking over the world

Topics covered in this Open Hotseat Webinar include:

• The energies of the last two years
• Life is unfair to me
• How to demanifest a problem
• The easiest way to stay aligned during these times
• Unable to relate to larger sums of money
• Where we get our concept of 'evil'
• The powerful global river of thought
• It doesn't matter what the rest of the world is doing

Are superhero movies based on truth? Is it really possible to develop superhuman powers?

This webinar explains that not only is it possible, but it reveals the exact methods you can use to get started. You'll also discover your all-seeing third eye, your body's natural electrical fields, and how to master playing the guitar.

Topics covered in this Open Hotseat Webinar include:

• Everybody is finding these times tough
• Why people can't manifest despite feeling good
• The way to avoid problems forever
• How often should you use Focus Blocks each day?
• Guardian angels
• Manifesting things that you don't own
• Getting out of miserable relationships
• Celebrities who don't feel good enough

Discover the art of materializing your desires 'automatically'. This webinar will show you how an understanding of the Vortex Frequency together with the principles of universal resonance is the key to deliberate manifesting.

And it will demonstrate how the powerful Focus Blocks Manifesting System can help you easily and quickly stay aligned with that magical frequency throughout the day. Oh, and it will help you live forever too.

Topics covered in this Open Hotseat Webinar include:

• When are you trying too hard in manifesting?
• What part of us continues over lifetimes?
• Creating miracles
• Aligned manifesting
• You will always get your stuff from the Higher Self
• Your deliberate manifesting team
• Agents of Source
• All your lifetimes are happening right now

It's better to go backwards instead of forwards, as you will discover in this powerful webinar on positive persuasion. You will learn how to systematically and permanently change the beliefs of others so that they naturally do what's best for them while, at the same time, doing what's best for you.

And you'll also learn the art of towing broken-down cars.

Topics covered in this Open Hotseat Webinar include:

• The easy way of changing limiting beliefs
• The Focus Blocks Method
• Cheat codes
• Slow deaths and corroded energy pipes
• Being unlimited is boring
• What causes emotional-change methods to fail
• Not ready for the impossible
• How does the Universe know what you really want?

D-Beam is a powerful manifesting 'technology' that will help you bypass the tricks that limiting beliefs use, and get right to the heart of what's blocking you getting what you want.

If you are still struggling to manifest your desires despite steady vibrational work, D-Beam can show you what's in the way. For maximum effect, be sure to clean your video display screen thoroughly before watching this webinar.

Topics covered in this Open Hotseat Webinar include:

• Avalanche 2 questions
• Reality creation 101
• Is vibrational work an action?
• Vortex alignment vs missing emotions
• Making requests to heal other people
• You don't get something for nothing
• The excitement override cycle
• Doubt and deserving

This advanced-level webinar teaches you how to manifest anything you want - effortlessly - forever. It introduces you to the Avalanche 2 Process that builds upon ideas from the Systematic Manifesting webinar.

Along the way, you’ll learn why you should always turn up for work, the time management power of Swiss Cheese, and how to become better at gardening.

Topics covered in this Open Hotseat Webinar include:

• Avalanche Process: Big desire is on the verge of manifesting
• Manifesting a car while in debt
• Minimum requirements for living forever
• Can we control the timing of manifestations?
• Avalanche Process Part 2
• There's nothing magical about deliberate manifesting
• The most fulfilling, satisfying thing you can do with your life
• Embrace change, or change will embrace you

This sequel to the Vibrational Health webinar is packed full of helpful ideas, tips and tricks for improving your physical body condition and maintaining peak levels.

It explains the reasoning behind the Manifesting Lab's Physical Body forum category and how your existing "limiting" beliefs about your body can be quite valuable when used in the right way.

Topics covered in this Open Hotseat Webinar include:

• Recap of the Basic Emotion Overlay, Advanced Emotion Overlay and Inspired Action Chicken processes
• The words you use don't matter
• Instant manifestation
• Grounding
• Goal setting
• All of deliberate manifesting summarized
• The project plan
• QED and missing emotions

Want the easiest, laziest, no-effort way to start yourself on the path to deliberate manifesting? Then you need Focus Statements.

You will see Focus Statements appear every day in the Manifesting Lab Forum and this webinar explains what they are, how they work to manifest what you want, and how to make them even more powerful for you - and everyone else.

Topics covered in this Open Hotseat Webinar include:

• The lazy way to clean up difficult subjects
• The hybrid approach to overcoming blocks
• Most people try too hard
• This is the toughest stuff in the world
• Avalanche Process: Why avoid certain emotions?
• I ignored everything in the Manifesting Lab
• Use three very different emotions for the Avalanche
• Chasing a quick fix

Do you keep stopping and starting with your vibrational work, never quite managing to reap the rewards of being consistent? This webinar reveals the reasons why that keeps happening, and what you can do about it.

Along the way, you’ll also learn about the Zero-based Question, the Shifting Perspectives Method, and the mysterious Daily Question that magically appears every day in the Manifesting Lab Forum.

Topics covered in this Open Hotseat Webinar include:

• New technique: QED combined with Gridwork
• The last trick of a limiting belief
• No need to fear exceeding 17 seconds of negativity
• Deliberate manifesting comes down to practice
• Focus on the positive or deal with the negative?
• Vibrational ladders vs balancing scales
• If you keep doing it, it will work
• Paraliminals and Galactic Light Codes

Want to transform your life in 12 weeks with hardly any effort? Then you need to watch this webinar right now.

You will learn the three never-fail secrets of turning your “uncertain” deliberate manifesting efforts into solid results. You’ll also be introduced to the Avalanche Process that will guide you steadily towards magnetically attracting your desires.

Topics covered in this Open Hotseat Webinar include:

• Any thought can be manifested
• Talking with the inner being
• Worthiness and vibrational work
• Abraham's new emotional preference method
• Do we always have to actively clean stuff up?
• Using generality to create a different manifestation
• Messages in song lyrics
• I do not have the luxury of negative thoughts

Are you feeling overwhelmed with too much to do, and not enough time to do it? This sequel to the Dealing With Overwhelm webinar is the cure.

You will learn a free vibrationally-based time management system that you can immediately use to start bringing your chaotic life under control. You will be able to get things done with the help of universal forces.

Topics covered in this Open Hotseat Webinar include:

• There is no past, present or future
QED & PPA manifesting quadrants recap
• The many Manifesting Lab tools
• The changing life of JFK
• Star Trek and timeline shifts
• Time compression
• Visionary vs allower
• Introduction to The Inspired Action System

This advanced-level webinar will teach you how to supercharge your Virtual Vortex even further, and add more specific power to your deliberate manifesting.

The Proactive Positive Aspects approach builds on ideas from the Source-Guided Living webinar to improve upon Abraham’s original Positive Aspects method. You’ll also learn how to sell old red cars.

Topics covered in this Open Hotseat Webinar include:

• Miracles feel like normal life
• The predictive power of the eyes
• Using QED to generate a state of being
• Babies and animals
• The hypnotic magnetic stare
• Law of Attraction vs influence techniques
• What manifesting really is
• Source guidance through the physical body

Discover the most effective ways that you can be guided from within as you traverse your daily life.

This webinar introduces you to the Deliberate Manifesting Toolkit which simplifies your understanding of how thought-powered reality creation works, shows you clearly the traps to avoid, and the shortcuts to use. It also leaves you with a convenient easy-to-use manifestation roadmap that you can stick to your forehead.

Topics covered in this Open Hotseat Webinar include:

• How to effectively uplift someone
• Sacrificing your alignment for others
• Using QED to negate negative emotions
• QED and the Virtual Vortex
• Handling MAD partners
• The shortcut trick to identifying limitations
• How secondary fears block your manifestations
• How clusters of limiting beliefs work

This webinar introduces you to the powerful QED Manifesting Method - a deliberate manifesting process that is quick to use and easy to apply.

Along the way, we have a recap of how deliberate manifesting works, an examination of the dynamite magnetism of pure thought, and a miserable person from Ancient Greece.

Trapped in the darkness of your life and can’t see a way out? Then this is a must-watch webinar for you.

This hotseat webinar features a powerful live demonstration of how to take yourself from abject depression to a feeling of complete bliss in a matter of minutes using the Vibrational Knot Disentangler process.

It also shows how to anchor that Vortex state within yourself so that it can be readily activated again at a moment's notice.

Relationships (and that includes friendships) lie at the heart of human life. If you think about it, we actually define who we are in terms of our relations to others.

Understanding relationships and how to resolve problems with them is an immensely tricky topic to unravel. If only there was a magic-wand way to simplify the entire subject and know what to do in every situation...

This webinar gives you such a vibrational “magic wand” and teaches you how to use it effectively.

Can you really live forever, or are you going to die at some fixed time? That was the theme of this longevity-focused hotseat webinar.

We discussed different ideas about physical lifespans, comparing Abraham’s viewpoint that you can live indefinitely in your physical body against The Ninth Dimensional Pleiadian Collective’s view that you have a hard cutoff date ...truly, a battle to the death

What do mood swings have to do with pinball machines? What does life mastership have to do with traffic lights? What does a webinar about the abstract idea of paradox have to do with anything useful at all?

These and other highly important questions are answered here in excruciating detail. And, as a trivial insignificant bonus, you might also learn the secrets of getting the maximum results with the minimum effort in every area of your life through an understanding of ‘hardpoints’.

Learn the secret of infusing positive magnetic vibrations into material objects and artistic creations in order to make them more enticing to others - and thereby naturally transform hard-action marketing into vibrational marketing.

This webinar delves into ideas behind human creativity, its relationship to deliberate manifesting, and gives you a theoretical overview of the new Proactive Positive Aspects process plus some clarifications regarding Jigsaw Receiving

This webinar teaches the powerful and versatile method of Jigsaw Receiving - a way for you to flow insightful information from within yourself, like master channelers do, but without you needing any special vibrational talents.

This knowledge will, among many other things, allow you to build your own personal inner information network, easily plan your days and weeks, discover your natural talents, find out the truth about the daily news, and even create your own Manifesting Lab webinars.

This fast and furious webinar zoomed off with a detailed explanation of Abraham’s Placemat Process, skidded into an investigation of mind-bending Law of Attraction paradoxes, had a quick pitstop-look into how trying to force faster manifestations actually slows them down, and then raced to the finish line with a “simple and easy-to-understand” diagram encompassing the whole of deliberate manifesting that you can comfortably show to all friends and family ...hmmm

Struggling to get the Manifesting Lab methods to work? Then you’ll find this hugely wide-ranging webinar to be full of insights and inspirations to help you fix your deliberate manifesting approach.

This webinar draws on several hundred hours of coaching and teaching experience to pull together some of the most common obstacles that people encounter when systematically applying Law of Attraction techniques.

Waking up planet-wide was the theme of the March 2021 Open Hotseat webinar and clearly the world’s population were still hitting the snooze button since the idea surfaced again in this webinar.

Also covered were clarifications and further insights into The List system, helping others in the most effective way possible, the vibrational causes of disease, and how the Universe goes shopping.

The List System helps you manifest anything you want in life in, arguably, the laziest way possible. The system forms a core part of the Manifesting Lab itself.

This mammoth webinar reveals the “secrets” behind how The List system works, how to make it work even better - and how to trick unsuspecting webinar attendees into giving you lots of money.

Some people find it easy to wake up, some don’t. And we’re not talking about getting out of the bed in the morning but waking up spiritually, which turned out to be the underlying theme in this webinar.

Discussions ranged from the real reason for using manifesting methods to using ‘dark’ processes to manipulate others. There was also a spiritual examination of The Matrix movie and, in unprovoked retribution, the webinar’s screen pen was viciously attacked by Agent Smith...yes, it was definitely all Agent Smith’s fault.

Do you want to manifest your life deliberately in the laziest way possible? Then you might like to try living a 17 Second Life.

You will learn the What, the Why, and the How of living this powerful lifestyle, and why staying good feeling 90% of the time might not be as difficult as you first think.

This webinar was effectively about looking for love in all the wrong places.

Discussed were ideas relating to unconditional love and romantic love, and how people often get the two confused. And, in doing so, those who want romantic relationships can sometimes end up surrendering their personal power to another in an unhealthy addiction-driven way.

This is one of the most important webinars in the Manifesting Lab because it helps you with reliably implementing the other methods that are here.

This webinar discusses powerful and practical techniques for breaking bad habits and neutralizing self-sabotaging addictions, as well as advice on building new empowering behaviors.

This was the first in a new style of hotseat webinar - an “open” hotseat that is shared by all the webinar attendees, where multiple people can ask questions and work through issues in one session.

The webinar featured a powerful demonstration of The 45 Second Method in operation, an explanation of the differences between subliminal recordings and Paraliminal recordings, and also a discussion about squelching natural desires.

Self-sabotage is something that afflicts everyone involved with spiritual ideas at some point. You seem to keep getting in your own way, and you don’t know why.

This webinar delves deeply into the idea of self-sabotage and comes up with a strategy for overcoming it. We touch upon vibrational thermostats, belief-controlled cars, golden paths of joy, and ultimate feeling-good questions.

A month after his previous hotseat, Cory returned for a follow-up discussion. Feeling more positive than last time, he explained what had changed over the previous few weeks, and talked about his passion for flowing the energy of unconditional love to all.

There was also a detailed discussion and demonstration of the 45 second method for clearing bad-feeling emotions.

Learn practical and specific step-by-step approaches for deliberate manifesting in different life situations. This mammoth webinar lasting nearly five hours is packed full of ideas, tips and tricks for discovering what to use and when to use it.

The intriguing and unique aspect of What To Use When is that most of the webinar was a live unprepared co-creation between webinar attendees - and much of the valuable information shared came directly from them.

In this wide-ranging emotional discussion, Cory talked about how 2020 has been the worst year and best year of his life at the same time. He spoke about he felt a prisoner in his home because of virus-related restrictions, and about how he couldn't understand why others were not waking up to what’s going on.

We considered the ups and downs of being vibrationally sensitive during these tumultuous global events, and the session was even interrupted by urgent Covid news.

How long will it take to manifest your stuff? This practical webinar answers that question and provides you with the vibrational tools to shorten the time.

Along the way, you will learn about a dirty little Law of Attraction secret, why the Manifesting Lab itself is a scam, and why you should never answer manifesting questions from dummies.

From sausages to the meaning of life...this meaty hotseat webinar started off with a discussion about whether it was wise to let kids watch a lot of TV, and spiralled into an examination of human suffering and soul agreements.

Along the way, we uncovered the secrets of good parenting and what happens when children are allowed to freely eat whatever they want.

Having trouble meditating? Don’t blame yourself. The popular and seemingly-gentle process of meditation may not be all that it first appears to be.

This upfront webinar tells the truth about meditation, why so many struggle with it, and how to do it properly. It also tells you when you can safely forget all about meditating to manifest what you want, and go do something else instead.

Amoo was worried about a reading from a fortune teller who had told her that she would never be rich. We investigated what lay behind her concerns and resolved it using EFT.

She said that she had also been working almost non-stop for nearly 15 hours per day for more than a month. We discussed this action-based approach to her goals. This webinar also featured an in-depth discussion of The 45 Second Method.

This webinar summarizes and reviews the deliberate manifesting approach being used in the Manifesting Lab.

It will show you the subtle differences between manifesting "big" things (like castles) and "small" things (like buttons).

And this webinar will also teach you how to bring together everything you have learned in the Manifesting Lab up to now in a "super-deliberate" way so that you can steadily manifest whatever you want in life.

Despite volunteering for the hotseat, Lance felt that he didn't have anything to discuss. After two hours of subsequent discussion, he realized that statement wasn't quite true.

The conversation ranged over topics as diverse as meditation techniques, perfectionism with the Virtual Vortex, and even identifying the world's best vibrational teachers

Many across the world are presently living in a constant state of fear, and are being subject to ever-increasing restrictions on their freedom. What are the vibrational reasons for this? Can anything be done about it?

This webinar explains how to improve the situation. And in the process of doing that, you'll learn how to become unhurtable.

Blandroid was enjoying his life but needed to urgently manifest the money to pay his rent. We investigated his underlying beliefs. and uncovered some resistance.

This session features a full and complete demonstration of taking a subtle, yet powerful, emotional block and neutralizing it using multiple rounds of EFT.

Learn how to create supercharged positive emotional alignments that attract incredible physical manifestations on autopilot.

This is the fourth webinar in the Virtual Vortex series.

Learn how to apply the Magical Manifesting Map to systematically manifest your desires using your Virtual Vortex.

This is the third webinar in the Virtual Vortex series.

Many of the world's top performers and achievers have morning routines. This webinar will inspire you to start, or restart, yours so that you take more control of your vibration, and more deliberately manifest your days.

You will learn a solid framework to supercharge your morning routine that will allow you to achieve your goals in a vibrationally-compatible way.

Do you keep giving yourself excuses to avoid doing things, even if you know they are good for you?

Perhaps you can't even force yourself to do them? Maybe you've tried and failed so often that you now feel like giving up altogether? You're not alone - everybody goes through this pain at some time in their lives.

This webinar explains why this happens. And it demonstrates a practical and easy 'idiot-proof' method to regain control of your life. Oh, and this webinar will also help you grow your Virtual Vortex 🙂

This practical webinar shows you how to skyrocket your manifesting skills using a unique private area within your Manifesting Lab account.

Boosted Gridwork is the first stage in building your own personal Virtual Vortex.

Some say that you should think about what you want in great detail to get it. Others say that you should completely let go of what you want to get it. They can't both be right, can they?

This webinar clears up the confusion. And it clearly explains the most powerful and quickest approach to manifesting your desires. And along the way, we play with some SEP Fields, swallow some EEPIM Pills and prepare for some Self Weeks.

Your body is a weak, fragile and vulnerable thing. Diseases could pop out of nowhere at any time to cripple it. You must constantly watch what you eat otherwise your health and fitness levels will crumble.

Everything in that last paragraph is untrue. This webinar explains why. And it introduces you to The Ultimate Eating System which will happily let you eat whatever you want and love it, while maintaining your perfect body and high energy levels.

This is the first hour only of a webinar teaching Virtual Vortex techniques for the paid version of The Brain software.

This webinar snippet is an introduction to the ideas behind the Virtual Vortex. These ideas apply just as much if you are using the free Manifesting Lab software or the paid version of The Brain to implement them.

Understanding the Receptive Mode is the key to understanding Life, The Universe and Everything ...and manifesting too.

In this webinar, we investigate this 'secret', learn how to apply it effectively and finally answer the burning question of what religions have in common with smartphones.

When you just can't decide what to do, there's a simple solution. Simply mix together an understanding of garden hosepipes, The Ultimate Decision-Making Tool and some chicken. Then serve it all up with a delicious side dish of segmented intent garnished with a burning bridge.

Confused? You won't be after watching this webinar on decision-making. (I hope)

Limiting beliefs are one of the greatest obstacles to manifesting what you want in life - that's what you've probably been told. But is that really true?

In this twisting and turning webinar, we examine how limiting beliefs manage to trick you into keeping them alive, and the most effective ways to deal with them.

What do babies, elephants, chains, pipes and buttons all have in common? ...they're all helpful to your understanding of why you have a need for approval from others.

This webinar investigates where you get your need for approval from, how it affects you, and what to do to deal with it once and for all.

Do you really trust the Universe to manifest what you want?

This webinar examines the reasons that you don't trust, and what part trust plays in manifesting.

It also introduces the idea of the Manifesting Challenges within the Manifesting Lab Forum that will help you to build trust.

This webinar will teach you (obviously) how to control uncontrollable thoughts.

But along the way, you'll discover that there's an entire industry based around making you "out of control" and you'll learn how it works. You'll also be shown the Ultimate Soothing Thought that will make you feel better whenever you think it.

And even more than that, you'll learn how to win boxing matches when fighting against frail elderly ladies with walking sticks.

This webinar reveals how to vibrationally soothe the monster of 'Overwhelm' that pervades so many people's lives these days.

Learn how to create more physical time out of "infinite time" thanks to the power of Moment Buckets. And discover a task list system that helps you make all these ideas work easily and effortlessly.

This webinar is all about the incredible power hidden away in neutral points.

Understanding this is one of the keys to mastering deliberate manifesting...and winning in casinos 🙂

How to get things in a hurry or when under pressure, and how to deal with deadline pressures.

Learn to play the ultimate "deadline manifesting" game

Living forever in your existing physical body is quite possible from a vibrational point of view.

In this webinar, we investigate some of the requirements in order to achieve physical immortality, the things that might get in the way, and that leads us into an exploration of The Ultimate Flowing Method.

Money is not what you think it is.

This webinar explores ideas about money, prosperity and abundance and suggests a 'Prosperity Plan' for you to attract wealth into your life.

Tips, tricks and techniques for dealing with 'low vibration' people in your reality that you feel are dragging you down.

This was a members' webinar dealing with tips, tricks and ideas to overcome limiting beliefs, and even how to avoid them altogether.

This was a members' webinar (hosted by Stingray) dealing with tips, tricks and ideas to reduce the effect of current-reality focus so that new future realities can manifest more easily.

This was an open-to-the-public Q&A webinar (hosted by Stingray) covering general issues and problems about practical manifesting and the Law of Attraction.

Learn how mastering the art of Vibrational Gardening is the key to introducing stability and structure into your deliberate manifesting.

After completing this course, you'll be much clearer on how to streamline your life for best results.

Ever wondered if you can influence and change the people in the world around you?

This course starts with doing that to single individuals and eventually to entire regions of the planet. Along the way, you'll learn how to heal others at a distance.

Throw away those time management systems that promise to save you a bit of time each week.

This course will show you how to manifest many hours of free time every day - and feel great doing it.

Did you know that you are just 30 days away from developing the skill of feeling good effortlessly every single day for the rest of your life?

This course explains why this is, and how to do it.

The Ultimate Manifesting Framework is literally the ultimate manifesting framework.

These lessons take you steadily step by step from being a complete beginner in deliberate manifesting to master level.

This is the advanced level of the Ultimate Manifesting Framework.

You must have completed the Basic Level of The Ultimate Manifesting Framework before starting this course.

The Excitement Override Cycle might sound like a new kind of bike but it's actually a vitally important concept for every deliberate manifester to understand.

Not understanding clearly how this cycle operates in your life can lead to disaster.

The List is a group manifesting and healing system that operates within the Manifesting Lab.

It will provide you with metaphysical help when you need it, and help you manifest what you want


Being right or feeling good?

Abraham have a wonderful set of three questions that get right to the heart of the matter as to why people have so much trouble with deliberate manifesting.Question 1Which do you prefer…Feeling Good or Feeling Bad?Most people answer Feeling Good.Question 2Which do you prefer…Being Right or Being Wrong?Most people answer Being Right.Now ...

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Why are positive thoughts so much stronger then negative ones?

To understand why positive thoughts are so much stronger than negative ones, I find it helpful to think of Big Guys and Little Guys…In the picture above, the Big Guy represents your Broader/Higher Self that is the accumulation of countless lifetimes of experience (i.e. focused thought) and the Little Guy represents the Physical Self in your current ...

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Praying and deliberate manifesting

How does praying fit in with deliberate manifesting?People will often pray for many days, weeks or months to achieve a result in their lives. And, sometimes, that works. Other times, it doesn’t work.What’s going on here?From a deliberate manifesting point of view, it might first appear that praying works because eventually people ...

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The Manifesting Power of Relief

Feeling the sensation of Relief is so fundamental to moving your vibration in the direction of manifesting what you want.But Relief itself is not, strictly speaking, an emotion.But that’s not just because it’s not on Abraham’s Emotional Guidance Scale.For example, Delight is not on the Emotional Guidance Scale (above) but I would still call it ...

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The Power of 17 Seconds

Abraham have a manifesting principle that seems incredible, even unbelievable, to many people when they first hear about it.They say that every 17 seconds, a thought you are focused upon builds in momentum (attractive power), but not in a linear way. Instead, it builds in an exponential way.Abraham say that…17 seconds ...

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Are Hollywood disaster movies creating world catastrophes?

When people first hear about the Law of Attraction which states that you get in life what you predominantly focus upon, they become concerned (obviously) about what they are focusing upon.And then, inevitably, they look at what they are watching on the TV and in the cinema.So the question often ...

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Vibrational airtime

You may not realize it but you have different emotional/vibrational setpoints for every topic you can give your attention to.Obviously, there will be some overlap between similar topics. For example, it is probably fairly likely that your vibrational setpoint on the emotional scale regarding red cars is going to be ...

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Can anyone develop superhuman abilities?

Does everyone have superhuman abilities, or can anyone develop them?From my point of view, the answer is absolutely, yes.But that answer comes with one condition… once we possess those abilities, we wouldn’t consider them to be superhuman, just human.It goes back to that idea about making the unusual just a normal ...

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How to do all those things that you keep putting off

If you are putting off doing things that you know would be good for you if you did them, here’s a powerful approach for “knocking out” all your blocks in one go.Force yourself to do the following (in one uninterrupted session)…Find yourself a time when you can be quiet and alone (perhaps ...

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The Simplest Manifesting Method In The World, Ever

You can’t think your way through manifesting methods, you must feel your way through them.All the methods exist anyway just to get you to feel better and if the method is not helping you achieve that, it’s basically wasting your time.I came across a nice variation of Abraham’s Placemat Process and thought it might ...

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The Ultimate Secret Manifesting Method

So here it is finally...the ultimate secret manifesting method to get anything you want in life...the big, big, big secret that no-one has ever told you about...the one that everyone has been hiding from you...all revealed in this exclusive not-to-be-missed video. ...

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Sometimes people will want to know where non-physical beings actually come from, as though they are living in some particular place and pop out every so often to answer questions from us humans.The problem with asking a question like this comes about from trying to overlay physical ideas upon a ...

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You cannot un-desire a desire

It might surprise you to know that you can never un-desire something once you’ve desired it. You can only release the resistance you had to wanting it.This is why when people finally give up chasing the thing they are after, it suddenly comes to them …and often very quickly.What they’ve ...

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abraham calibration method

This is a live demonstration of Abraham’s Calibration Process in action.Abraham have been hinting for some time at a gentler clean-up process which I guess we’ll have to call The Calibration Process since they don’t seem to have officially named it yet.I’ve been trying for some time to extract the step-by-step mechanics ...

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When manifestations happen that include other people, sometimes people wonder who was really responsible for it.The short answer is…everyone.The manifestation is your manifestation because it is in your reality - but it is also the manifestation of everyone else involved.There is an idea called Culmination Points that explains this concept.Instead of thinking ...

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I don’t claim that this is definitively the reason for the continued popularity of Christmas - I am merely presenting this to you as an idea that you may wish to consider, and one that you may never have given thought to before. After all, we have many festivals of ...

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A question that is often asked is how do psychic predictions and fortune-telling fit in with the Law of Attraction.It works like this…Imagine you and a friend are standing at the side of a busy road waiting for a taxi.The road is very long and stretches off into the distance, ...

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I’ve met many spiritual and religious people over the years - in real life, not just online - and it has always surprised me how there seems to be an implicit assumption that spirituality and religion are serious activities. I remember once some years ago, on a spiritual internet forum, mentioning in ...

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Looking for a mental workout that will boost your mind power?I’m going to suggest something that you may not have considered but, hopefully, after a bit of explanation, you’ll see the importance of it.It is, after all, pretty much what I do in all my spare time…and I’ve been doing ...

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If you feel that things are not “moving” for you in your life despite you having accumulated all this deliberate manifesting knowledge (and associated techniques), here is what I would do.Immediately Stop applying all methods/techniques…except this one, of course.Every morning soon after awakening (when your thoughts are not racing into habitual ...

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You will often find people who understand the Law of Attraction making backup plans because, while the Law is consistent for everyone, our dominant thoughts (beliefs) are unique to each of us.And you need to comply with what those unique personal beliefs are in order to “allow” your experience of what the ...

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Getting yourself to do something that you don't feel like doing is tough, isn't it?Some people who understand Law of Attraction principles will tell you that you should never make yourself do something that you don't feel like doing.Others who follow massive-physical-action philosophies will tell you that you should always ...

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woman excited about chocolate cake

What has chocolate cake got to do with deliberate manifesting and the Law of Attraction? Well, everything. And I'm about to explain why....So, really, who does not love chocolate cake? You might think that chocolate cake has nothing to do with manifesting, but it does. It goes right to the ...

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It's time for me to tell you some harsh truths about manifesting.You're not expecting that, were you?Perhaps you were expecting me instead to tell you how you could manifest everything in the next five minutes, or something like that - and then sell you a method to do it?Well, the ...

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The last time you went outside, did you walk or did you levitate above the ground?The last time you threw something into the air, did it come down again or did it just keep going, floating off into outer space?I'm willing to bet that you didn't manage to defy the ...

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I've honestly lost track of the number of people I've interacted with over the years who have expressed the idea (either directly or through implication) of being the single exception in the entire Universe to the Law of Attraction.Yes, in all of the vastness of the entire enormity of the ...

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This live webinar (hosted by Stingray) deals with questions and issues from the public regarding manifesting whatever you want into your life. Sit back and enjoy might even learn a thing or two about how the Law of Attraction really works 🙂 ...

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Sometimes you are feeling bad and you just don't know what to do to snap yourself out of it.If you try to think a happy thought immediately, your mind will instantly reject it - it's just too much of a vibrational jump to go straight to Happy when you are ...

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Being able to meditate brings numerous rewards, especially with deliberately manifesting your life.But if you are a newcomer, it can seem like a confusing, mysterious and pointless activity - especially if you don't understand how to do it properly.Here is some valuable guidance that will get you started on the ...

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If you've previously studied ideas about manifesting your physical reality using the power of your thoughts, you'll understand that we often block ourselves (consciously or non-consciously) from getting what we want.Our established behavior patterns prevent us from receiving our manifestations.This method, The Resistance Release Method, aims to set you free from ...

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Quite often, with these manifesting methods, it becomes important to get into the feeling of something. That's fine if you've had a similar experience before because you can just rekindle the memory of it.But what if you want to get into the feeling of something when you don't know what it ...

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The Vibrational Goal-Getting Method is the natural follow-up to:The 'Manifesting Box' Method andThe 'Focus Blocks' Method.Unlike those methods, this is an action-oriented approach to vibrational manifesting.I've decided to strip out as much explanation as possible and just give you the method as briefly as I feel I can without losing anything essential.Why ...

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The Fibonacci number sequence turns up again and again in nature, art, architecture, even the financial markets.It seems to underlie almost every facet of the way our physical reality is constructed.Could it apply also to human behavior patterns? I think it can, and in this article, I'll explain some of ...

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It is my view that The Focus Wheel Process (from Abraham-Hicks) is probably the most powerful deliberate focusing method that exists for changing your feeling (or vibrational offering) on a topic. I've been using them for nearly two decades and am still amazed at the effectiveness of them. If you ...

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The Manifesting Box Method works well when you are not too attached to the things you want, or you can forget about them for a while.But often that is not the case.Sometimes you just can't let go enough of what you want to allow it to come to you.In those cases, ...

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I thought I might take this opportunity to throw out one of my more advanced methods for anyone that is already at the stage of fairly easily and steadily manifesting what they want.With this method, we start aiming towards the Holy Grail of manifesting..."manifesting on demand".I'm still clarifying my ideas about this ...

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Strange, isn't it?You want to make something positive happen, but it seems so hard and you really have to force it. But when something negative happens, it seems to happen almost by itself.Why does this strange imbalance exist where the negative is so powerful in comparison to the positive?The reason ...

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If something you want isn't manifesting even if you move your feeling about what you want into a better place then this is an indication that there is a limiting belief in the way of it coming - and you haven't identified what that limiting belief (or beliefs) is yet.In ...

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One thing I've heard repeatedly over the years from people I've interacted with is that they want to become less sensitive.That usually means less sensitive to the opinions and behaviors of others. People who are drawn to reality creation ideas are often quite naturally sensitive to their own thoughts and feelings, ...

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One of my favorite Zen sayings goes something like...Before enlightenment, I chopped wood and carried water.After enlightenment, I chopped wood and carried water.Really, I think that quote should be altered to...Before enlightenment, I chopped wood and carried water.During enlightenment, I didn't want to get out of bed to chop/carry anythingAfter ...

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My life is completely meaningless? Huh?What are you saying here, Stingray dude?!I thought this blog was supposed to be a positive and uplifting place. Why an article on this dark, depressing thought? What's going on???Don't worry. I think you misunderstood something fundamental about life, that's all. Many people do :)What ...

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It's an interesting question.And, in my opinion, it comes down to a combination of resistance (restricting beliefs) and desire...both of which (for most people) tend to increase as they get older.When you have just incarnated, you are closer to the Source from which you came. You have built up little resistance in your life ...

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Yes, it can be overwhelming to get started with all this stuff about Law of Attraction, Reality Creation and Manifesting.The ideas seem so simple, yet there's also a lot of subtleties involved that can trip you up if you are not paying attention.It's understandable if you're feeling confused and uncertain ...

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The idea does get floated around from time to time that life should not be difficult...probably by people like me :)But, in my case at least, I certainly would never say that life shouldn't be challenging.I live a general lifestyle that many materially-focused outsiders would consider unstable, insecure, risky and probably a bit ...

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Wouldn't it be great to feel "infinite intelligence" flowing strongly through you?Rather than life feeling like a boring intellectual exercise in daily survival, wouldn't it be great to really feel like you are a powerful force in the Universe - like you are really making a difference?One approach I've evolved ...

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For some years, I've almost been living my life by an Abraham quote.Whenever I'm deciding what to do next in my day, I think about the quote.Whenever I'm thinking about whether I'm doing the right thing right now, I think about the quote.Whenever I'm doing nothing at all, but feeling ...

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Probably when you were younger, you were passionate about many things in your life.But somehow as the years have gone by, you've lost those interests - perhaps you've even become disinterested in life itself?Every day just seems boring and lifeless.So how can you rekindle your earlier passions?Firstly, a quote from ...

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It is sometimes shocking to people when they first realize what the limits to manifesting really are.And that's because there are none :)The rule of thumb concerning manifestational limits is this...If you can imagine it, you can manifest it.Yes, that might at first seem shocking or outrageous but if you ...

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Ever wished you could take the shortcut in developing the powers of genius-ness?Here's a method that might help you.It's quick, easy and effective - so you've nothing to lose by giving it a try.The "Genius" methodStand up somewhere alone and with a clear space in front of you.Think of someone ...

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With any form of dis-harmony or dis-ease, you'll go through peaks and troughs with it.Sometimes you'll feel too lousy to even think while other times you'll feel considerably better.The time to do vibrational work is in those times when you are feeling considerably better.During the troughs, just let them pass in their own ...

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I lived alone for many, many years. And during a lot of that time I didn't want to live alone...which is probably the worst kind of "living alone" you can do. :)One of the things that worked for me in dispelling feelings of loneliness was simply to get out into nature and just be. ...

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What do you do when someone else blames you for their problems?Even worse, what if it's someone you live with, so that it's difficult to get away from the emotional turmoil they inflict on you?As hard as it can be to hear in the midst of a blaming session, it's never about ...

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You're reading this because you want some inspiring Law of Attraction success stories?Admit it, that's the reason can't get away with lying to me, you know.Okay then, I'll give you some manifesting success stories but, as is usually the case on this website, there's a twist.Yes, it can be ...

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There's a tendency to think that if you are trying to manifest something, you must be "hyped up" about it.It's as though you must be so excited by it that you can hardly wait for it to come.That kind of attitude implies that there's some kind of "power of excitement" ...

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Meditation has become so mainstream now that you often come across celebrities who talk openly about doing it.Contrast that with, say, 40 years ago when it was considered so weird and wacky that you dare not risk mentioning in public that you engage in such an activity ...I speak from ...

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The question sometimes arises as to when to take action in relation to something you are trying to manifest.In other words, what's the difference between an inspired action and a random fleeting thought about whether to do something or not?My own personal rule for when to take action comes from ...

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Here is my favorite poem, Ithaca.If you take the time to read it and ponder it, you might understand why I like it so much, and why it is on this website that is focused on physically manifesting whatever you want in life.IthacaAs you set out to Ithacahope the voyage ...

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It's a frustrating situation, isn't it? ...when what you want just doesn't seem to manifest.I've been there many times and have had to learn this one the hard way.If you've already been applying manifesting techniques systematically then you've probably already got a fair amount of experience with manifesting so I'll ...

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It's a question that comes up again and again. Why do bad things happen you're feeling positive?Or sometimes the question comes up the other way around, why do good things happen when you're feeling bad?It seems like this operates in the exact opposite way that the Law of Attraction is ...

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I was watching the movie Batman Begins the other day. I wasn't watching it for any particular reason, it just happened to be on the TV, my wife said she hadn't seen it, and I had some free time.There was a quote in the movie that struck me as particularly meaningful ...

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When people first start investigating Law of Attraction ideas, they often make the mistake of thinking that whatever topic they think about is what the Universe is responding to.For example, if they think about a big house then the Universe will start manifesting big houses into their life.Actually, it's not ...

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It's only natural. You've done all the "vibrational work" you think you need to do to get what you want.But where is it? When is it going to come?What are the requirements for attracting what you want into your life as quickly as possible?Just in even thinking about that, do ...

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This is probably going to be one of my more mind-stretching postings - so you have been warned :)Here's my one line answer to the question, just so you know where I'm going with this.Yes, it is possible to live indefinitely in this physical body - and this is how you ...

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It's confusing, isn't it? Some Law of Attraction gurus tell you that you must focus on what you want to manifest it (perhaps even every day) while others tell you that too much focus will block what you want from coming and so you should forget about it?Which is it? ...

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Let's say you want to manifest something in a hurry, perhaps a part-time job because you need some money quickly and that's how you believe you are going to get it.Manifesting things you need can be tricky because of the behind-the-scenes pressures you are exerting on yourself.But let's try and ...

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