Manifesting Lab

Practical Manifesting Q&A Webinar

This live webinar (hosted by Stingray) deals with questions and issues from the public regarding manifesting whatever you want into your life.

Sit back and enjoy might even learn a thing or two about how the Law of Attraction really works 🙂

Effortless Manifesting using a pen, paper and a box

If you thought that applying the Law of Attraction to get what you want is difficult, think again.

Watch this video to discover a method that will take you just a few minutes to apply and learn. And you don't need anything other than a pen, some paper and a box to put it into it.

How to move a bad feeling into a better place

Sometimes you are feeling bad and you just don't know what to do to snap yourself out of it.

If you try to think a happy thought immediately, your mind will instantly reject it - it's just too much of a vibrational jump to go straight to Happy when you are feeling bad.

Instead, you need to be more subtle about it. Here is what you do...

How to Meditate

Being able to meditate brings numerous rewards, especially with deliberately manifesting your life.

But if you are a newcomer, it can seem like a confusing, mysterious and pointless activity - especially if you don't understand how to it properly.

Here is some valuable guidance that will get you started on the right path.

The ‘Resistance Release’ Method

If you've previously studied ideas about manifesting your physical reality using the power of your thoughts, you'll understand that we often block ourselves (consciously or non-consciously) from getting what we want.

Our established behavior patterns prevent us from receiving our manifestations.

This method, The Resistance Release Method, aims to set you free from limiting thought patterns so you can neutralize negativity and mental blocks.

The Amazing (and Under-Used) Power of Touchstones

Quite often, with these manifesting methods, it becomes important to get into the feeling of something. 

That's fine if you've had a similar experience before because you can just rekindle the memory of it.

But what if you want to get into the feeling of something when you don't know what it will feel like to experience it?

The Fibonacci Number Series and Habit Creation & Breaking

The Fibonacci number sequence turns up again and again in nature, art, architecture, even the financial markets.

It seems to underlie almost every facet of the way our physical reality is constructed.

Could it apply also to human behavior patterns? I think it can, and in this article, I'll explain some of my findings.

Resources for learning The Focus Wheel Process

It is my view that The Focus Wheel Process (from Abraham-Hicks) is probably the most powerful deliberate focusing method that exists for changing your feeling (or vibrational offering) on a topic.

I've been using them for nearly two decades and am still amazed at the effectiveness of them.

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