How To Really Manifest Your Dreams Using The Magnetic Power Of Your Thoughts

Transform Your Mind Step-By-Step into a Desire-Manifesting Machine

Are you sick and tired of endless courses, videos, books and teachers promising you the life of your dreams if you follow their instant 'secret' manifesting method?

Though it never quite seems to work for you, does it? But you still keep chasing those quick fixes, don't you? You still believe that all those people making all those promises really are hiding some big "live-your-perfect-life-today" secret.

Well, when you've finally had enough of being disappointed by them, then you're ready to try us instead.

At the Manifesting Lab, we show you how to steadily and reliably turn your mind into a Law of Attraction manifesting machine that will systematically attract your most-wanted desires into your reality. Learn it properly once, use it forever.

We don't do quick fixes ...we do what really works. Take a look around and see for yourself.

Video Courses

Learn how to get your self-control back. This groundbreaking webinar reveals the powerful Physical Self Control System (Avalanche 3) for steadily and easily building positive empowering behaviors/habits while simultaneously wiping out bad ones.

It also shows you how to 'naturally' manifest your goals, and why your brain appears to be made of soft plastic.

Why do you keep doing things that sabotage your positive efforts? Why are you still inconsistent with your vibrational work even when you know it will transform your life?

If you still cannot understand why you keep behaving in these self-defeating ways, then this webinar is for you. Discover how your own 'human animal' could be working against you - and learn what to do about it. More importantly, find out the real reason why coffeehouses and shopping malls are taking over the world

Are superhero movies based on truth? Is it really possible to develop superhuman powers?

This webinar explains that not only is it possible, but it reveals the exact methods you can use to get started. You'll also discover your all-seeing third eye, your body's natural electrical fields, and how to master playing the guitar.

Discover the art of materializing your desires 'automatically'. This webinar will show you how an understanding of the Vortex Frequency together with the principles of universal resonance is the key to deliberate manifesting.

And it will demonstrate how the powerful Focus Blocks Manifesting System can help you easily and quickly stay aligned with that magical frequency throughout the day. Oh, and it will help you live forever too.

It's better to go backwards instead of forwards, as you will discover in this powerful webinar on positive persuasion. You will learn how to systematically and permanently change the beliefs of others so that they naturally do what's best for them while, at the same time, doing what's best for you.

And you'll also learn the art of towing broken-down cars.

D-Beam is a powerful manifesting 'technology' that will help you bypass the tricks that limiting beliefs use, and get right to the heart of what's blocking you getting what you want.

If you are still struggling to manifest your desires despite steady vibrational work, D-Beam can show you what's in the way. For maximum effect, be sure to clean your video display screen thoroughly before watching this webinar.

This advanced-level webinar teaches you how to manifest anything you want - effortlessly - forever. It introduces you to the Avalanche 2 Process that builds upon ideas from the Systematic Manifesting webinar.

Along the way, you’ll learn why you should always turn up for work, the time management power of Swiss Cheese, and how to become better at gardening.

This sequel to the Vibrational Health webinar is packed full of helpful ideas, tips and tricks for improving your physical body condition and maintaining peak levels.

It explains the reasoning behind the Manifesting Lab's Physical Body forum category and how your existing "limiting" beliefs about your body can be quite valuable when used in the right way.

Want the easiest, laziest, no-effort way to start yourself on the path to deliberate manifesting? Then you need Focus Statements.

You will see Focus Statements appear every day in the Manifesting Lab Forum and this webinar explains what they are, how they work to manifest what you want, and how to make them even more powerful for you - and everyone else.

Do you keep stopping and starting with your vibrational work, never quite managing to reap the rewards of being consistent? This webinar reveals the reasons why that keeps happening, and what you can do about it.

Along the way, you’ll also learn about the Zero-based Question, the Shifting Perspectives Method, and the mysterious Daily Question that magically appears every day in the Manifesting Lab Forum.

Want to transform your life in 12 weeks with hardly any effort? Then you need to watch this webinar right now.

You will learn the three never-fail secrets of turning your “uncertain” deliberate manifesting efforts into solid results. You’ll also be introduced to the Avalanche Process that will guide you steadily towards magnetically attracting your desires.

Are you feeling overwhelmed with too much to do, and not enough time to do it? This sequel to the Dealing With Overwhelm webinar is the cure.

You will learn a free vibrationally-based time management system that you can immediately use to start bringing your chaotic life under control. You will be able to get things done with the help of universal forces.

This advanced-level webinar will teach you how to supercharge your Virtual Vortex even further, and add more specific power to your deliberate manifesting.

The Proactive Positive Aspects approach builds on ideas from the Source-Guided Living webinar to improve upon Abraham’s original Positive Aspects method. You’ll also learn how to sell old red cars.

Discover the most effective ways that you can be guided from within as you traverse your daily life.

This webinar introduces you to the Deliberate Manifesting Toolkit which simplifies your understanding of how thought-powered reality creation works, shows you clearly the traps to avoid, and the shortcuts to use. It also leaves you with a convenient easy-to-use manifestation roadmap that you can stick to your forehead.

This webinar introduces you to the powerful QED Manifesting Method - a deliberate manifesting process that is quick to use and easy to apply.

Along the way, we have a recap of how deliberate manifesting works, an examination of the dynamite magnetism of pure thought, and a miserable person from Ancient Greece.

Relationships (and that includes friendships) lie at the heart of human life. If you think about it, we actually define who we are in terms of our relations to others.

Understanding relationships and how to resolve problems with them is an immensely tricky topic to unravel. If only there was a magic-wand way to simplify the entire subject and know what to do in every situation...

This webinar gives you such a vibrational “magic wand” and teaches you how to use it effectively.

What do mood swings have to do with pinball machines? What does life mastership have to do with traffic lights? What does a webinar about the abstract idea of paradox have to do with anything useful at all?

These and other highly important questions are answered here in excruciating detail. And, as a trivial insignificant bonus, you might also learn the secrets of getting the maximum results with the minimum effort in every area of your life through an understanding of ‘hardpoints’.

This webinar teaches the powerful and versatile method of Jigsaw Receiving - a way for you to flow insightful information from within yourself, like master channelers do, but without you needing any special vibrational talents.

This knowledge will, among many other things, allow you to build your own personal inner information network, easily plan your days and weeks, discover your natural talents, find out the truth about the daily news, and even create your own Manifesting Lab webinars.

Struggling to get the Manifesting Lab methods to work? Then you’ll find this hugely wide-ranging webinar to be full of insights and inspirations to help you fix your deliberate manifesting approach.

This webinar draws on several hundred hours of coaching and teaching experience to pull together some of the most common obstacles that people encounter when systematically applying Law of Attraction techniques.

The List System helps you manifest anything you want in life in, arguably, the laziest way possible. The system forms a core part of the Manifesting Lab itself.

This mammoth webinar reveals the “secrets” behind how The List system works, how to make it work even better - and how to trick unsuspecting webinar attendees into giving you lots of money.

Do you want to manifest your life deliberately in the laziest way possible? Then you might like to try living a 17 Second Life.

You will learn the What, the Why, and the How of living this powerful lifestyle, and why staying good feeling 90% of the time might not be as difficult as you first think.

This is one of the most important webinars in the Manifesting Lab because it helps you with reliably implementing the other methods that are here.

This webinar discusses powerful and practical techniques for breaking bad habits and neutralizing self-sabotaging addictions, as well as advice on building new empowering behaviors.

Self-sabotage is something that afflicts everyone involved with spiritual ideas at some point. You seem to keep getting in your own way, and you don’t know why.

This webinar delves deeply into the idea of self-sabotage and comes up with a strategy for overcoming it. We touch upon vibrational thermostats, belief-controlled cars, golden paths of joy, and ultimate feeling-good questions.

Learn practical and specific step-by-step approaches for deliberate manifesting in different life situations. This mammoth webinar lasting nearly five hours is packed full of ideas, tips and tricks for discovering what to use and when to use it.

The intriguing and unique aspect of What To Use When is that most of the webinar was a live unprepared co-creation between webinar attendees - and much of the valuable information shared came directly from them.

How long will it take to manifest your stuff? This practical webinar answers that question and provides you with the vibrational tools to shorten the time.

Along the way, you will learn about a dirty little Law of Attraction secret, why the Manifesting Lab itself is a scam, and why you should never answer manifesting questions from dummies.

Having trouble meditating? Don’t blame yourself. The popular and seemingly-gentle process of meditation may not be all that it first appears to be.

This upfront webinar tells the truth about meditation, why so many struggle with it, and how to do it properly. It also tells you when you can safely forget all about meditating to manifest what you want, and go do something else instead.

This webinar summarizes and reviews the deliberate manifesting approach being used in the Manifesting Lab.

It will show you the subtle differences between manifesting "big" things (like castles) and "small" things (like buttons).

And this webinar will also teach you how to bring together everything you have learned in the Manifesting Lab up to now in a "super-deliberate" way so that you can steadily manifest whatever you want in life.

Many across the world are presently living in a constant state of fear, and are being subject to ever-increasing restrictions on their freedom. What are the vibrational reasons for this? Can anything be done about it?

This webinar explains how to improve the situation. And in the process of doing that, you'll learn how to become unhurtable.

Learn how to create supercharged positive emotional alignments that attract incredible physical manifestations on autopilot.

This is the fourth webinar in the Virtual Vortex series.

Learn how to apply the Magical Manifesting Map to systematically manifest your desires using your Virtual Vortex.

This is the third webinar in the Virtual Vortex series.

Many of the world's top performers and achievers have morning routines. This webinar will inspire you to start, or restart, yours so that you take more control of your vibration, and more deliberately manifest your days.

You will learn a solid framework to supercharge your morning routine that will allow you to achieve your goals in a vibrationally-compatible way.

Do you keep giving yourself excuses to avoid doing things, even if you know they are good for you?

Perhaps you can't even force yourself to do them? Maybe you've tried and failed so often that you now feel like giving up altogether? You're not alone - everybody goes through this pain at some time in their lives.

This webinar explains why this happens. And it demonstrates a practical and easy 'idiot-proof' method to regain control of your life. Oh, and this webinar will also help you grow your Virtual Vortex 🙂

This practical webinar shows you how to skyrocket your manifesting skills using a unique private area within your Manifesting Lab account.

Boosted Gridwork is the first stage in building your own personal Virtual Vortex.

Some say that you should think about what you want in great detail to get it. Others say that you should completely let go of what you want to get it. They can't both be right, can they?

This webinar clears up the confusion. And it clearly explains the most powerful and quickest approach to manifesting your desires. And along the way, we play with some SEP Fields, swallow some EEPIM Pills and prepare for some Self Weeks.

Your body is a weak, fragile and vulnerable thing. Diseases could pop out of nowhere at any time to cripple it. You must constantly watch what you eat otherwise your health and fitness levels will crumble.

Everything in that last paragraph is untrue. This webinar explains why. And it introduces you to The Ultimate Eating System which will happily let you eat whatever you want and love it, while maintaining your perfect body and high energy levels.

This is the first hour only of a webinar teaching Virtual Vortex techniques for the paid version of The Brain software.

This webinar snippet is an introduction to the ideas behind the Virtual Vortex. These ideas apply just as much if you are using the free Manifesting Lab software or the paid version of The Brain to implement them.

Understanding the Receptive Mode is the key to understanding Life, The Universe and Everything ...and manifesting too.

In this webinar, we investigate this 'secret', learn how to apply it effectively and finally answer the burning question of what religions have in common with smartphones.

When you just can't decide what to do, there's a simple solution. Simply mix together an understanding of garden hosepipes, The Ultimate Decision-Making Tool and some chicken. Then serve it all up with a delicious side dish of segmented intent garnished with a burning bridge.

Confused? You won't be after watching this webinar on decision-making. (I hope)

Limiting beliefs are the one of the greatest obstacles to manifesting what you want in life - that's what you've probably been told. But is that really true?

In this twisting and turning webinar, we examine how limiting beliefs manage to trick you into keeping them alive, and the most effective ways to deal with them.

What do babies, elephants, chains, pipes and buttons all have in common? ...they're all helpful to your understanding of why you have a need for approval from others.

This webinar investigates where you get your need for approval from, how it affects you, and what to do to deal with it once and for all.

Do you really trust the Universe to manifest what you want?

This webinar examines the reasons that you don't trust, and what part trust plays in manifesting.

It also introduces the idea of the Manifesting Challenges within the Manifesting Lab Forum that will help you to build trust.

This webinar will teach you (obviously) how to control uncontrollable thoughts.

But along the way, you'll discover that there's an entire industry based around making you "out of control" and you'll learn how it works. You'll also be shown the Ultimate Soothing Thought that will make you feel better whenever you think it.

And even more than that, you'll learn how to win boxing matches when fighting against frail elderly ladies with walking sticks.

This webinar reveals how to vibrationally soothe the monster of 'Overwhelm' that pervades so many people's lives these days.

Learn how to create more physical time out of "infinite time" thanks to the power of Moment Buckets. And discover a task list system that helps you make all these ideas work easily and effortlessly.

This webinar is all about the incredible power hidden away in neutral points.

Understanding this is one of the keys to mastering deliberate manifesting...and winning in casinos 🙂

How to get things in a hurry or when under pressure, and how to deal with deadline pressures.

Learn to play the ultimate "deadline manifesting" game

Living forever in your existing physical body is quite possible from a vibrational point of view.

In this webinar, we investigate some of the requirements in order to achieve physical immortality, the things that might get in the way, and that leads us into an exploration of The Ultimate Flowing Method.

Money is not what you think it is.

This webinar explores ideas about money, prosperity and abundance and suggests a 'Prosperity Plan' for you to attract wealth into your life.

Tips, tricks and techniques for dealing with 'low vibration' people in your reality that you feel are dragging you down.

This was a members' webinar dealing with tips, tricks and ideas to overcome limiting beliefs, and even how to avoid them altogether.

This was a members' webinar (hosted by Stingray) dealing with tips, tricks and ideas to reduce the effect of current-reality focus so that new future realities can manifest more easily.

This was an open-to-the-public Q&A webinar (hosted by Stingray) covering general issues and problems about practical manifesting and the Law of Attraction.

Learn how mastering the art of Vibrational Gardening is the key to introducing stability and structure into your deliberate manifesting.

After completing this course, you'll be much clearer on how to streamline your life for best results.

Ever wondered if you can influence and change the people in the world around you?

This course starts with doing that to single individuals and eventually to entire regions of the planet. Along the way, you'll learn how to heal others at a distance.

Throw away those time management systems that promise to save you a bit of time each week.

This course will show you how to manifest many hours of free time every day - and feel great doing it.

Did you know that you are just 30 days away from developing the skill of feeling good effortlessly every single day for the rest of your life?

This course explains why this is, and how to do it.

The Ultimate Manifesting Framework is literally the ultimate manifesting framework.

These lessons take you steadily step by step from being a complete beginner in deliberate manifesting to master level.

This is the advanced level of the Ultimate Manifesting Framework.

You must have completed the Basic Level of The Ultimate Manifesting Framework before starting this course.

The Excitement Override Cycle might sound like a new kind of bike but it's actually a vitally important concept for every deliberate manifester to understand.

Not understanding clearly how this cycle operates in your life can lead to disaster.

The List is a group manifesting and healing system that operates within the Manifesting Lab.

It will provide you with metaphysical help when you need it, and help you manifest what you want


Being right or feeling good?

Abraham have a wonderful set of three questions that get right to the heart of the matter as to why people have so much trouble with deliberate manifesting.Question 1Which do you prefer…Feeling Good or Feeling Bad?Most people answer Feeling Good.Question 2Which do you prefer…Being Right or Being Wrong?Most people answer Being Right.Now ...

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Why are positive thoughts so much stronger then negative ones?

To understand why positive thoughts are so much stronger than negative ones, I find it helpful to think of Big Guys and Little Guys…In the picture above, the Big Guy represents your Broader/Higher Self that is the accumulation of countless lifetimes of experience (i.e. focused thought) and the Little Guy represents the Physical Self in your current ...

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Praying and deliberate manifesting

How does praying fit in with deliberate manifesting?People will often pray for many days, weeks or months to achieve a result in their lives. And, sometimes, that works. Other times, it doesn’t work.What’s going on here?From a deliberate manifesting point of view, it might first appear that praying works because eventually people ...

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The Manifesting Power of Relief

Feeling the sensation of Relief is so fundamental to moving your vibration in the direction of manifesting what you want.But Relief itself is not, strictly speaking, an emotion.But that’s not just because it’s not on Abraham’s Emotional Guidance Scale.For example, Delight is not on the Emotional Guidance Scale (above) but I would still call it ...

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The Power of 17 Seconds

Abraham have a manifesting principle that seems incredible, even unbelievable, to many people when they first hear about it.They say that every 17 seconds, a thought you are focused upon builds in momentum (attractive power), but not in a linear way. Instead, it builds in an exponential way.Abraham say that…17 seconds ...

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Are Hollywood disaster movies creating world catastrophes?

When people first hear about the Law of Attraction which states that you get in life what you predominantly focus upon, they become concerned (obviously) about what they are focusing upon.And then, inevitably, they look at what they are watching on the TV and in the cinema.So the question often ...

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Vibrational airtime

You may not realize it but you have different emotional/vibrational setpoints for every topic you can give your attention to.Obviously, there will be some overlap between similar topics. For example, it is probably fairly likely that your vibrational setpoint on the emotional scale regarding red cars is going to be ...

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Can anyone develop superhuman abilities?

Does everyone have superhuman abilities, or can anyone develop them?From my point of view, the answer is absolutely, yes.But that answer comes with one condition… once we possess those abilities, we wouldn’t consider them to be superhuman, just human.It goes back to that idea about making the unusual just a normal ...

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