Manifestation Stories

Real Manifestations From Real People

This is a selection of genuine stories from our members demonstrating ways (big and small) that they have been applying and observing Law of Attraction principles in their own lives.

The Free Fridge

One of the things I like the most about working with the Law of Attraction is the feeling of being in the flow:

You are just your happy self and things just seem to work out for you. Doors are opening, positive people and things just come into your life and you don’t even have to do anything, you just feel like a magnet.

When Stingray launched the first Avalanche process in early 2022, I felt just like that. I enjoyed the Avalanche, and it was also really cool to do this process together with all of you, as a group!

And I really enjoyed the ease of the process! Every morning, I just focused on my favourite emotions, and then I went about my day, expecting good things to happen to me.

And there were so many! Just one quick example:

One day, I looked at my fridge and thought that I’d like to have a new one… It was just a quick thought. But the idea of actually having to go out and buy one didn’t sound very appealing to me, so I let the thought go.

I then suddenly ran into my neighbour (whom I hardly ever see) who told me that he had a fridge to give away (I hadn’t mentioned anything to him).

A few days later, he came over and gave it to me. A free fridge. It looked brand new and had the perfect size!

That was such an easy manifestation! I didn’t have to do anything. I didn’t even have to think about it. It was so quick and easy. I felt ease and my reality reflected that ease right back to me!

Manifesting My Ideal Job

I have one to share that happened quite recently. A few years ago prior to that strange thing that locked down the whole world, I worked on a self employed basis designing and selling for a national UK company. I really enjoyed about 80% of this entire experience however there were a few things that I really didn’t like.

At the time I tried to soothe these down and even jumped on a hot seat with Stingray to understand what I was doing that was contributing to the parts I didn’t enjoy.

However life intervened and I took the decision to part company as the world was insisting I wear a mask, gloves and a ton of hand sanitiser before I could visit my clients. I had a great time over the next few years doing exactly what I felt like doing and enjoying it but I could feel a pull to add more structure into my days.

After a very unsuccessful stint at a job with a local company, where I could safely say I experienced everything I didn’t like about working for someone else, I left and explained politely I would not be returning. As I was driving home reflecting on this very unpleasant period of my life I thought back to my previous role that for the most part I really enjoyed.

It almost felt like the universe had engineered an experience so unpleasant that it reminded me of all the good things I had enjoyed previously. I recognised it as a sign and started to look for more clues.

I did a quick search online and low and behold my previous company was looking for people again. I called my old Director and he was more than happy to meet up for a coffee and a chat.

Now here is what blew me away. Everything that I had disliked about the role had been removed and I mean everything. It was almost like the universe had said well we got the role 80% right last time so let’s see how he likes it at 100%. My days ‘working’ are so much fun now, everyday is a new day that I have no idea what I will be presented with. This is my creative outlet and every appointment is a new fun challenge to see what solution I can design for my client.

I don’t think about money but the finances flow to me ever so easy. I don’t ‘hard sell’ but lots of my customers order through me especially customers that want to place very large orders. As a result I have manifested what has been on my desire list for quite a while, to do something that I enjoy that pays me a handsome full time income on part time hours.

It’s also brought stability to my morning routine, I have applied my morning routine over the past few years but when I look back I could see small gaps appearing as I missed a few days. Now my day doesn’t start without at the very least a supercharged meditation, grounding, stretching session and experiencing one good feeling emotion.

Lunch At The Ski Restaurant

I love playing little manifesting games with my daughter. This one is from last winter.

We were skiing and supposed to meet other people in a restaurant on the slopes at lunchtime. When we stood in the queue to get up, the chairlift broke down and it stopped. We decided to go up walking with our skies on our shoulders. After a few minutes, we were already really tired, going up through the heaps of snow. So we decided to manifest the chairlift working again.

Our method together is always ‘Wouldn’t it be nice?’. So we started saying ‘Wouldn’t it be nice if the chairlift started working again?‘ etc. After 5 minutes or so, still nothing. So we decided to give up and continue our way walking up. To take our minds off our aching legs, we talked about the food we were going to eat, how we hoped they made the raspberry pie we love so much for dessert etc.

After a few minutes we heard a noise behind us. It was the owner of the restaurant going up with his snow scooter. He stopped and took us up…

I now realise that our ‘wouldn’t it be nice if the chairlift worked?’ was actually not focusing on our desire. The desire was to get to the restaurant in an easy way to have lunch. As soon as we gave up on the How (with the chairlift) but concentrated on the What (arriving at the restaurant to have lunch), we made room for the universe to deliver another way.

The Universe Paid Me Instead

Let me share a story which happened a few years ago, around New Year’s Eve, just a couple of months after I had joined the Manifesting Lab.

At work we had a multiple day festive event coming up - which me and my team had to work at. Back in those days things were pretty tight for us budget-wise, which meant that prior to the event I had to put in some days of extra work without any compensation. To be frank, no one asked me to do the extra work, but I knew that if I didn’t do some preparations in advance, we would have no chance to complete the job properly and it would make things very difficult for all of us.

Management made it pretty clear that they were not willing to pay me extra - but I still decided to do more work, because I genuinely love what I’m doing and I wanted to create a successful event for our own and our guests’ satisfaction. I had this enthusiasm pulsating in me however at the same time I felt somewhat unappreciated and dissatisfied - but that was mainly because some colleagues came up to me telling me how unfair I was being treated and that I should have demanded to be compensated. I had this tug of war inside of me, to use Abraham terminology.

In the end, our event turned out to be a big success - something that I truly enjoyed taking part in. Yet, at the end a colleague (who is also a friend) came up to me again telling me how downright stupid I was that I let myself be exploited and that I was willing to work for free.

Then I explained to her that it wasn’t the money I was doing the work for - it was for the joy and the satisfaction and the sense of accomplishment and that I was ok with the money I got without being paid anything extra. In that moment I totally let go of any dissatisfaction and I was just basking in the moment, appreciating all the positive aspects of my job, the fact that I was actually having fun, the ability to travel, to do something unique, to be surrounded by nice customers who were also genuinely enjoying themselves - complemented by the satisfying feeling that I could contribute to their positive experiences.

Then, literally just a few minutes after having these thoughts and basking in these feelings, a guest came up to me, gave me an envelope and said thank you. The envelope contained an unusually large tip - something that not only covered what I would normally have had to be paid for my extra days of work, but even exceeded it.

At first I felt astonished, but not for long - I knew it was a direct response to my vibration, how I let go of any dissatisfaction regarding my situation, and that I was truly enjoying the moment and what I was doing. Actually, the way it happened turned out to be even more satisfying for me than just being paid because I could directly experience the appreciation of someone and know that I have provided something valuable.

Our Dream Home

I wanted to share one of my recent deliberate manifestations. I will preface this by saying I have been in a very good feeling place all year and have a solid consistent morning routine.

My wife and I have been discussing finding a new home in the country for a while now. I created a desire in my virtual vortex and worked on the missing emotions related to the desire.

In the meantime my wife went into full action mode and started setting up viewings of places that matched our criteria. Despite our enthusiasm I could feel a part of me wasn’t quite ready.

As a result every place we viewed just didn’t tick the boxes and we both started to get frustrated with the process. When we found our previous house we knew straight away this was the place.

In addition the rental contract on our existing home was coming up for renewal so we either had to find our new home or stay out for another 6-12 months 

During my morning routine I asked myself why can’t we find the home and it hit me that I didn’t feel fully secure to move right now. I worked on the feeling of security and felt much better.

I felt inspired and started to search online but I widened the criteria my wife had been using. Then, there it was, our home in the country we had been dreaming about.

The viewing went great and we felt that familiar excitement of knowing this was the one. The whole process went so smoothly and we literally pinch ourselves everyday as we look out onto the rolling fields that surround our dream home.

My wife had seen this home previously but thought it was over our budget hence it didn’t fit the criteria.

I have just looked back at my original ‘what statements’ related to the desire and everyone bar one had all been manifested. The only one missing was the home had to have a real log burning fire. I pondered what my intention behind this was and realised I wanted this so I could have a low cost way of heating the home.

What I didn’t mention earlier is this home was out of our initial criteria as the rent was way over our budget. However it included all bills so it actually costs the same as our previous home and a log burner wasn’t needed as the heating bills were included 

An Answer From The Universe

This story happened quite a long time ago, isn’t very spectacular but it is the beginning of my whole Law of Attraction journey.

Since 2007, I had been working as a massage therapist, mainly practising lymph drainage massage and in 2009 I was looking for a way to help people in a better way.

During the massage, people were always talking about their problems and I knew these were the reasons for their physical symptoms but I didn’t really know how to help solve their emotional issues. Then I found EFT, tried it out on myself and had success with resolving some of my own stuff.

In 2010, we moved to another city and I had to open a new practice. So I was sitting in my living room trying to figure out what to do; open a massage practice or go the EFT route and change completely the way I was working with people. The next day I looked out of the window and there was a van parked on the pavement. On the side of it there was written in huge letters : EFT

Even though I wasn’t into LOA and manifesting, I took it as a sign, started a new practice and looking online more about EFT later on, landed me on Inward Quest [where Stingray, founder of the Manifesting Lab, was writing answers] and then the journey began…


Just a few days ago I noticed someone in a restaurant wearing a t-shirt with the number 2748 on it. Nothing much else on that plain t-shirt, just that number in the corner of it.

I stared at that t-shirt in a state of disbelief for a few moments. Perhaps I even entered an hypnotic state for a second or two because I was so surprised.

Then I snapped myself out of it, shook my head, chuckled to myself, and went on with what I was doing.

If anyone had seen me acting this way (no one did, as far as I know), they would probably have considered me a rather strange character. (They probably already do, but that’s a different story).

Why did I have this reaction to that number?

Because several months ago, I bought a new computer games console. And I’ve been enjoying playing it working hard on studying the mechanics of how computer games are designed (cough)

When I first set up the console, it asked me for a username, which I supplied. But the username was already taken so the console randomly allocated a number to add to the end of it to make it unique.

I didn’t care that much about the username, so I just accepted it.

Now nearly every day for the past few months, when starting up this console to do my work (cough), I am forced to look at this username with the number appended to it.

I just see it for a few moments as I’m logging in.

I don’t think anything of it. I don’t care that much about it.

In fact, I don’t care about it at all.

But I guess, over the weeks, I’ve seen that number quite a bit.

I’ve probably seen it enough times now that if I ever saw that number somewhere else, it would feel like something meaningful had just happened.

What was the number?

…yes, you’re right 

Clashing Jumpers

I’ve written about this before somewhere but the funniest experience I had was a few years ago when I was in my vortex more often than not, in touch with my inner being, etc. and generally felt very aligned. I had started to go to the local Buddhist Centre to find out more about it and to meditate alongside others - something I’d done years earlier and which I fancied doing again.

One week that I went, a young woman there had a jumper on that I liked – a lovely blue one full of stars and I kept admiring it all the way through the session, wishing that I had it too. I eventually asked her where it was from and she said she’d got it from a high street clothing store, of which there was one not far away.

Before the next session the following week, I decided to go to the store to see if they had any in - I wasn’t optimistic. Even though it’s a chain, not all stores have the same clothes and so there was a strong chance they wouldn’t have it - in which case I’d have to just unfortunately forget about it and maybe treat myself to something else. I got there though and happily they had the jumper - all beautiful, blue and starry - and so, of course, I bought it.

Now, the following week, before the class was due to start, I was in my room looking at what to wear and thinking about whether to wear the jumper or not. I decided against it as I thought it would look a bit strange (and stalkerish!) if I turned up in the jumper when there was a chance she might be wearing it again too. So I looked through all my others, found one that I liked but which was very old by then - at least a couple of years old - so thought I would wear that, which I did.

And so I set off to the Buddhist Centre, wearing my old jumper, convinced it would be fine and the woman would be wearing something different. I got there, walked in the door and headed through to the room where we held the meetings, and, yes, the woman was there, yes, wearing a jumper, no, not the new jumper but instead wearing the exact same OLD jumper I’d decided to wear that night! A pale beige one with a sort of colourful scandi design around the neck.

We both burst out laughing as soon as we saw each other, and it was even funnier when I explained that I’d deliberately worn an old jumper so that kind of thing didn’t happen.

What made it even more funny was that every time somebody walked in for the session, they all stopped open-mouthed and said, ‘Oh, you’re wearing the same jumper!’. All in all it made for a very funny night. A small story in the grand scheme of things, but to me a perfect example of how playful non-physical is and how even a small thing can bring great joy.

Travel Desire Came True

As I was cleaning up papers on my desk, I fell upon an old Avalanche process (I do these on paper, yes I am that old :wink:). My desire was “travel more” and I noticed that I stopped after a few weeks with generating the missing emotions.

And then it hit me; I manifested this this year. The first of January ’23 I was in New York (I live in Switzerland), the 31 of December this year I will be in Tasmania. I have travelled every month of this year, will have been to 9 different countries, 3 of which I have never been to.

Does it feel like fun, (1 of my missing emotions)? Yes absolutely. Does it feel amazing? Well, it feels more amazing from someone else’s point of view (my friends and family) but it feels super natural to me. That’s why I didn’t think of my travels as conscious manifestations but the avalanche process paper I found confirms it; this **** works…

Amazon Income Fun

I started publishing on Amazon and each month I just say "this is the figure I want to make in royalties", and it somehow happens.

I have now started setting weekly targets and this week I was about $30 short of my weekly target on the 14th but I said I wanted this figure by the end of the 15th, and it happened. $30 may seem a small amount but in terms of royalties that is quite significant given the current status of sales.

Each month I just double my target and somehow it happens. I went from a total of $3.42 a month to $500 in 4 months. This is not my main source of income just a way to remain in the vortex as I create so $500 from just having fun is great.

Wedding Still Went Ahead

My wedding was planned for May of 2020 and, for some unknown reason, everything seemed to shut down during that time. ["The Pandemic"]

In fact, all offices issuing marriage licences were closed during that time.

I spent some time in my Virtual Vortex focusing on what a smooth, easy journey it would be. 3 days later, a family friend mentioned that there was a small town a few hours away where we could get our marriage licence. In the end, we were able to get married on our original wedding date!

The Missing Hex Bolt

Recently we have been looking for a swingset that someone is getting rid of to give to my niece that has three children under seven. We found one.

So last weekend our plan was to dismantle said swingset, Drive at two hours outside of town, reassemble swingset, and get home.

Everything was going fine until I misplaced one hex bolt. We have been putting them back in each hole after taking apart different pieces. But I dropped one. I dropped it in the most beautiful fluffy green fabulous grass you could ever hope to have.

I looked and looked and looked, the more I looked the more disappointed I became. I knew we could stop to get one but this would just take more time and not sure how much of that we had for a one day turnaround. I’ve been able to manifest things last-minute in stores when needing them but always by myself.

Now feeling my husbands disappointment with me not finding it, nothing sad just the fact that he was now putting certain bolts into his pocket. So I struggled in finding a happy place. Then I started to think about the story of manifesting with the daughter [See 'Lunch at the ski restaurant' above].

I love the idea of starting children with this process young. It made me feel really good and I just stop thinking about the bolt. A while later when we stopped to speak with the people donating the swingset, I started pushing my toe around in the grass admiring again how beautiful it was.

And then I found it pushed down on that solid bolt! I was elated! There it was. Swingset got delivered and reassembled. Three small children are having a blast. And I have something new to add to my vortex