by Stingray

As you browse through the Manifesting Lab, I'm sure you will notice an underlying theme. That theme is that we live in an ordered, consistent and understandable Universe.

And I think it will serve you well if you remember that theme whenever you are confronted with those who spread Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt …and Karma.

I was beaten over the head for years with this Karma idea of punishment and reward and, for a while, I believed what I was told.

I was told that if I ever did something “wrong”, I would pay for it later at some unknown time in some unknown way. Strangely enough, no-one ever defined exactly what “wrong” meant. But also strangely enough, “wrong” always seemed to be aligned with the moral values of the person talking to me.

So I was confronted with this idea that kept me constantly worried and fearful that I would do something wrong and be punished. And it made me miserable and depressed.

But wait a minute…

…if I was now miserable and depressed, I thought to myself at that time, this feels like punishment doesn't it?

And so, I reasoned, that can only mean that I did something wrong previously in a past life - because I'm pretty sure that I haven't been that bad in this one. I figured I must have been a pretty awful person to be suffering so much.

So the result is that I suffered even more because now, not only was I being punished, I was also a bad person in a previous life.

For me, this mental state went on for years as I blindly accepted the wisdom of people regarding Karma, even though none of them could answer my questions about exactly how Karma worked or what I could do to get rid of it. (It's like when some extremely religious people tell you that you must not question what they say - you must simply accept it).

And again, strangely enough, I noticed no-one else around me living particularly happy lives either, even though they were apparently spiritual people. In fact, most of them seemed miserable and unhappy too.

I reasoned that, obviously, they must be being punished too for being bad people in previous lives. So there seemed to be a lot of currently-good but previously-bad people around within the spiritual circles I moved in.


Then one day I had an encounter with a tall being of white light which I have described previously on this website.

From that day, everything changed for me. Everything.

I started to question things that I had been told I should not question. I started to look at things that I was told I should not look at. I started to talk to people who I was told I should not talk to.

My search was relentless. That being of light had made me feel empowered for the first time in my life for many, many years.

And, as that feeling of relentless empowerment began to dominate my consciousness, my world started to change. Answers to things I had always wanted to know started to flood in, even to things which I had been told there were no answers for.

I'm sure you will have realized by now from what I've written that it was that feeling of depression that had prevented me from finding those answers before because the Law of Attraction was only bringing me more circumstances to match that feeling.

And once I felt empowered, I started to attract empowering people, situations and knowledge. I even stumbled across Abraham ...since the knowledge that was previously there under my nose was now a vibrational match to how I felt and it entered my reality.

Now I make it a point in my life to empower people whenever they are attracted into my reality. I've learned myself that just giving people that little bit of hope that they are not trapped in their life circumstances, that they are not victims, is really all that it takes to start them on a life-changing process.

I'm just passing on what that being of light did for me.


So now let's come back to Karma and all the punishment/reward stuff. And let’s list out some food for thought…

  • Does Karma seem like an empowering concept to you or a dis-empowering concept to you? Do the people who tell you that you must believe in it seem empowered or dis-empowered to you? What does your gut tell you about them?
  • Has anyone ever explained to you exactly how Karma works? Or do they just give you vague answers and avoid the subject of the mechanics of Karma?
  • There is a method on this website called Focus Blocks that will take any thought, move it into a better place and bring different manifestations into your life as a result. It works for anyone who sincerely tries it. So if all these thoughts and their subsequent manifestations are under your precise control, where did the Karma go?
  • If you accept that the Law of Attraction exists and it is true that we attract into our lives whatever is in alignment with our dominant thoughts then, again, where did the Karma go?
  • Metaphysically speaking, everything that happens in the Universe actually happens simultaneously. Outside of our limited focus in this physical reality, the past, present and future are all actually happening now. Yes, it's a mind-blowing concept that may take you a while to internalize but the point is that if everything is happening now how can Karma exist in the way that people understand it? There was no past in which to do bad things because the past is Now!
  • What does your emotional guidance tell you about the concept of this mysterious Karma. Do you feel good when you think about it, or does it make you feel bad?

You might be wondering why I’ve just listed out a set of questions for you to ponder on. Why can I not precisely come up with a simple set of statements that disprove that Karma exists?


Simple reason: How can you disprove the existence of something when no-one shows you how to find it? I don't have anything concrete to disprove because no-one will come up with the exact explanation of how Karma works that can be disproven.

So until the day that comes, and someone who puts forward this punishment/reward Karma idea actually reveals its exact method of operation, all that I can do is resort to making you think for yourself.

It's a bit like someone telling you that the sun may not rise up tomorrow into the sky, but they won't tell you the exact rules that will govern when it will come up and when it doesn't.

So when the sun does rise and you tell them they got it wrong, they simply tell you that the rules for it not to rise were not satisfied so it did rise that day. But tomorrow, it may not rise.

You can't win when people draw you into playing that game. And that's probably why this nonsense Karma concept manages to perpetuate.

So there you have it. I can't disprove Karma to you but I can suggest some thoughts (as hopefully I have done) that may cause you to question what you are told about it now and in the future.

And, finally, since I mentioned Abraham , here’s a short video summing up the Karma concept quite well…

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