by Stingray

The Manifesting Box Method works well when you are not too attached to the things you want, or you can forget about them for a while.

But often that is not the case.


Sometimes you just can't let go enough of what you want to allow it to come to you.

In those cases, you are really left with no choice but to deal with your feelings about what you want directly. Once you feel better about what you want, you will not be standing in the way of it coming even if you do think about it.

The other major reason that a process like this is needed is much less obvious...

The vast majority of your personal vibrational offering (which the Law of Attraction responds to) comes from the little things in your life.

Huh? Did I say little things?

Yes, I surely did. 🙂

It is actually mostly those little things that keep you unhappy and miserable and leave you wondering why your life is not the way you would like it.

They are things like the annoyance of getting stuck in traffic, or perhaps your partner keeps leaving the top off the toothpaste tube, or perhaps you are annoyed that your boss never says "thank you" when you do something for them and so probably have hundreds of those little things in your life right now that are pulling you down on a daily basis without you even realizing it.

Each one of these things taken by itself doesn't really affect you that much so you may not pay much attention to them.

But taken together, they are creating an enormous drag on your health, wealth and happiness.

It's not that they are somehow combining together into something bigger and badder, it's just that all those little things keep holding you consistently in bad-feeling places on a regular basis which, in turn, stop other things you want from coming.

Sometimes those little things have so much collective power that you may not even see any more what is bothering just have a general gnawing sense of anxiety about your life and you have no idea at all what to do about it.

This process will deal with all of those little things (and the big things too) and it will clean up many of them at the same time!

Steps in the process

alt text

This diagram shows the five steps in this overall approach. Notice that we are only actually using The Focus Blocks Method in Step 3.

The reason for the other steps is to make sure you integrate this method into your daily life.

The things that are troubling you in your life did not come out of nowhere overnight. They actually came about a little bit everyday with more and more signs of manifestational force until, one day, you ended up with a clear (and perhaps painful) manifestation of something that you really didn't want.

Wouldn't it have been better if you had cleaned up those little signs of discomfort early on before any significant bad-feeling manifestations ever got started?

Well that is what this method is going to do for you...for the rest of your life 🙂

Now let's look in more detail at each step.

Step 1

alt text

This step should be fairly obvious. Just carry something around with you from now on in which you can note down anything that is bothering you, even if it doesn't seem that bad right now. Remember that we are cleaning up all these things before they even really get started.

So whenever anything happens in your life that bothers you a bit, write it down to deal with later in a Focus Blocks session.

Step 2

alt text

When you have some time, create some ready-to-use Focus Blocks for the things that are bothering you from Step 1. (You can also do this step together with the next one if you want)

Here is what a completely empty Focus Block looks like...

alt text

Click here to see this diagram at full-size 

And here is what a Focus Block that is targeted to a particular Focus Block Topic, and is now ready for use, looks like...

alt text

You can create your own layout for Focus Blocks (either on paper or on a computer) or you can download a pdf version here  of the one above. You can also download an editable Microsoft Excel spreadsheet version of this Focus Block 

Notice, firstly, (from the top diagram) that you can have many Focus Blocks on one page. If you are implementing this idea electronically, you can actually have all your Focus Blocks for a single topic one after the other on just one page or in one document.

If you are using paper, you can use as many sheets as you like but try and keep them grouped together because you will discover later that Focus Blocks are linked to each other. For a paper-based approach then, it might be a good idea to use a loose-leaf file or folder into which you can insert more pages as necessary.

Secondly, notice that the only difference between the first diagram and the second diagram are the two lines that have been completed in the second diagram.

You can see the top line is filled in against the question What is bothering me?, while the second line is filled in against the question So how do I want to feel instead?.

A Focus Block that has these two lines completed is now considered ready for use for the Focus Blocks Method in Step 3.

So how do you complete the two lines?

The first line for What is bothering me? is easy enough to complete. It's just an expanded version of what you wrote in your notebook in Step 1.

You may have written in your notebook originally "I don't seem to have enough time to do stuff".

You now just expand this out and write something like "I don't have enough time to do everything I want".

The second line So how I do want to feel instead? is really just the opposite of the the first line.

This should be easy enough to figure out. When you clearly know what you don't want, it should then be equally clear what you do want instead.

But there is something to watch for here...all we are doing with this process is changing the way you feel. We are not actually manifesting anything.

Yes, it is true that once you change your feeling about something, it will manifest differently, but the only thing we are focusing on right now is changing that feeling.

So, in the example above, the opposite of "I don't have enough time to do everything I want" is something like "I want to feel like I have the time to do the things that are important to me."

There is no right or wrong with how you write your description of what you want. Just write it in your own words using language you are comfortable with, and make it as brief as possible...just a sentence is ideal. You are going to use this sentence to guide yourself while you use the Focus Block Method in the next step.

Step 3

alt text

Focus Blocks vs Focus Wheels

Before you can use The Focus Blocks Method, you need to understand the concept that Focus Blocks are based upon...Focus Wheels.

The Focus Wheel process is a method devised by Abraham to deliberately shift your feeling about any subject into a better place.

If you have no idea what a Focus Wheel is, see the resources for learning the Focus Wheels Process.

alt text

Click here to see this diagram at full-size 

The yellow circle at the top is a Focus Wheel and the block of sentences below it is a Focus Block.

Regarding the diagram...note that the Focus Wheel shown is on a different subject to the Focus Block shown so that's why the sentences within them don't match up. Apart from that, they are the same thing, just in a different layout.

Having this different layout allows us to use them in more practical ways, as you will see shortly.

However, because the Focus Block is still also a Focus Wheel, then all the knowledge you have learned to create Focus Wheels in the past (if you have followed Abraham previously) still applies.

The Focus Blocks Method

You now have enough knowledge to understand the Focus Blocks Method.

I am assuming you now have a stack of ready-to-go Focus Block Topics in front of you either in paper or electronic form.

You will also need some way of randomly-choosing the next Focus Block Topic to deal with. alt text

You can probably achieve this effect by rolling a single die. If the number comes up 1, then choose the next topic in your stack to work on, if it comes up 2 choose the topic that is two down, and so on.

It doesn't matter how you randomly choose your next topic as long as your chosen method will eventually get you to look at all the topics.

If you just rely on yourself to do the choosing, you will eventually find that there are some topics you will keep avoiding...the random number approach makes sure you deal with even those uncomfortable topics.

So, now, here is the Focus Blocks Method...

  • Make a commitment to yourself that whatever the next topic that is randomly chosen, you are going to write at least one statement of belief onto the Focus Block. If you can't make this commitment beforehand, don't play the game right now. You want to build up an unbreakable habit within yourself that if you choose a topic, you are always going to write at least one statement.

alt text

  • Go to the Focus Block Topic chosen and write at least ONE statement of belief that gives you relief from the starting statement of the Focus Block. To come up with these statements of belief, just use the same process as you would for coming up with the next statements for a Focus Wheel.

alt text

Click here to see this diagram at full-size 

  • You can carry on playing with that Focus Block (writing those statements) for as long as you feel you want to. Some topics you'll be happy to play with, others you may find that you want to get away from as quickly as possible! Don't worry about these uncomfortable topics. The method will keep bringing you back to push them a little further time and again until eventually you make a break-through and suddenly find yourself feeling so much better about them
  • Once you've had enough of playing with the topic, you can now randomly choose another Focus Block Topic or you can stop playing this Focus Blocks game. This means that even if you have only a single minute to spare in your day, you can still be shifting your feelings about things into better-feeling places. Your current feelings about this subject probably came about in tiny, incremental steps with you hardly noticing the change...we are now using that same tiny-step-by-step idea to put these changes back under our own conscious control
  • Whenever you reach the 12th statement on any Focus Block Topic, you'll notice that the next line says Best-Feeling Thought From This Block. At this point, you need to make a decision about whether this Focus Block Topic needs any more vibrational work or not. You do this by reading over all the previous 12 statements in the current Focus Block. Choose the one that feels the best to you right now and write it in that box. You can consider that statement to be the most powerful declaration of belief within that block.

Here is what a completed Focus Block looks like...

alt text

Click here to see this diagram at full-size 

If the Best-Feeling Thought leaves you feeling good then you can, if you want, just file the block away somewhere safe and not use it any further in the Focus Blocks've done enough now to clean up that vibration (though you can still take it further if you want, see Step 4 below which looks at the Emotional Guidance Scale).

If you want to continue with the method for this Focus Block Topic, just consider your Best-Feeling Thought to be the starting point for the next Focus Block on this subject.

Each Focus Block is a little reusable vibrational tool that, if you ever fall back to feeling as though the starting statement is true again, then by reading the statements in this block, you will always be able to quickly lift your vibration back up to the Best-Feeling Thought again.

alt text

Step 4

alt text

If the Best-Feeling Thought you have just written leaves you feeling good, what you want is on its way to manifesting. The better you feel, the quicker it will come. You don't need to do any more work on the Focus Block Topic than this.

You can just go ahead and clean up other feelings on other topics instead.

However, if you want your manifestation to come even faster, you can push your feeling about any particular subject even higher.

Look at the diagram below.

alt text

On the Emotional Guidance Scale diagram above, if you can move your feeling regarding what you want into the Green Zone (Feeling Good area), you are no longer standing in the way of what you want even if you think about it alot.

If you can move your vibration up to Hopefulness, you will now start to see vibrational matches regarding what you want.

Once you move your vibration up to Positive Expectation/Belief and above, it is on the verge of physically manifesting if it hasn't already.

The way you judge where you are on the Emotional Guidance Scale is to look at the best-feeling thought on the last Focus Block you did and think about what emotion it stirs up within you. Then try and see which emotion is closest to it on the Emotional Guidance Scale.

If you are still not sure, write out a few sentences about what you want without thinking too long. Then look over the sentences and consider what overall emotion they are conveying to you. I call it taking an emotional temperature reading 🙂

Another method is to just talk to a friend for a few minutes about what you want. It should be very clear where your emotional setpoint (feeling about the subject) is.

Step 5

alt text

You will never run out of new desires. The Universe is geared up to keep generating them within you.

Unfulfilled desire is good for makes life energy flow through you. It makes you feel energized and alive and passionate. Desire is what life is all about so you might as well get used to the fact that you will always have more and more Focus Blocks to play with. 🙂

And you now have at your disposal one of the most powerful methods for manifesting that exists...even if you don't realize it yet.

A final note

One of the things I've noticed people doing (which I don't do) is only having a few Focus Blocks around a few subjects. I would think this makes the method more difficult to apply.

I don't keep track of exact numbers but I seem to have about 100 available Focus Blocks to play with at any one time so I never quite know what is going to come up and often the same subject doesn't come up for days (perhaps even weeks) depending on the luck of the random selection and how much time I spend with the method.

So, for me, the method is always fresh, fun and surprising. I suspect that if you only had a few Focus Blocks and they kept re-appearing too often, it may get frustrating and annoying to keep dealing with the same few subjects.

If you are having problems with the method try increasing the number of Focus Blocks you have.

Unless you are deliberately shutting yourself off from experiencing everyday life (which I don't recommend), you should have no problem accumulating data for your Blocks.

Happy manifesting!

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