by Stingray

I think the thing that often "goes wrong" for people who understand they create their own reality is that they tend to blame themselves whenever their current reality is not how they want it to be.

We tend to beat ourselves up for anything in our lives that doesn't measure up to what we expected. We tend to castigate and punish ourselves because we feel we should be doing better.

It's understandable because you understand you are doing it to yourself and now you are furious with yourself for doing it to yourself 🙂


So the first step in getting back on your vibrational feet again is...acceptance of your current situation.

Acceptance doesn't mean you have to like where you are, or be prepared to be where you currently are forever more. Acceptance just means you are going to let go of any blame you attach to yourself for the situation you are in.

You are where you are right now and that's that. It doesn't matter how you got here, because how you got here has no power over you right now. Only NOW matters.

Genuine acceptance frees you up to be open to something changing even if it is not physically visible yet. Denial, frustration, anger etc. just hold you firmly where you are.

Don't try so hard

I would say the next thing to do would be to not try to change your situation when you are particularly feeling bad or depressed about it. Give yourself a break and just give up trying so hard for a while.

Yes, you could try tackling your current circumstances "head-on" using Focus Blocks or similar methods but if you are feeling that bad and these methods are still fairly new to you then you may be better off just waiting until the vibrational tide turns and you are feeling better again. See How do you raise your vibrational level when you’re ill? for more information on the idea of timing your vibrational work.

Now the next stage in my view is the crucial one for getting yourself back on your feet again...(and this idea comes from Bashar)...

Whenever you are attempting to deliberately change your circumstances, there will be a test.

If you "pass" the test, your circumstances will change. If you "fail" the test, you are probably still going to carry on manifesting where you are.

Now I don't mean test here in the sense of someone else or something else testing your worthiness or willingness to change - there is nothing and no-one "out there" judging you or punishing you. It is an impersonal, non-judgemental vibrational test.

To explain this idea of the test, let's look at an example.

alt text

Let's say I want to change my relationship with someone. And let's say that currently we always fight and argue every time we meet. So I now do some vibrational work using my favorite method and then, sooner or later, the test will come.

What will happen with the test is that the person who I have a bad relationship with will still behave in the same way with me that they always have in some may be to a much lesser extent than "normal" because of the vibrational work that has been done but it will still be enough to generate the possibility of the old vibrational reaction within you resurfacing.

Now if you have genuinely shifted your vibration into a better place, you will "pass" the will remain unaffected by the remnants of old behavior they offer you and the endlessly re-creating vibrational loop you were previously trapped in is now broken - and things will probably change dramatically.

'The test' is a natural thing

On the other hand, you may not be stable enough within your current new vibration to deal with the "test" so it throws you back to where you previously were and now you are back embroiled in self-blame for where you now are again.

The "test" naturally comes about whenever you attempt a change in a habitual vibration and the way I always advocate dealing with it is to only do vibrational work for the fun of it and not to try to make things happen. That way you won't notice that external circumstances haven't changed yet, which causes your "old" vibration to re-dominate, and thereby make you "fail" the test.

Again I must repeat that this "test" that occurs is not imposed by some mysterious external force or entity.

You could instead think of it as the boundary that surrounds the habitual vibration you are currently in - once you break out of that boundary, you are free to move vibrationally and your physical circumstances will change rapidly to match your improved vibration.

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