by Stingray

One thing I've discovered over many years of being involved with these Law of Attraction/Manifesting ideas is that the more I keep my big mouth shut about my results, the more results I get 🙂


It's an idea I first heard back in the '90s from Orin and DaBen and Abraham also express the same concept in the form of The Next Logical Step.

First off, there's absolutely nothing wrong with going around telling everyone you manifested this or that.

But if, while you are doing that, you are doing so from a vibration of "This was so amazing" with the inner implication that it was unusual and rare, then you are setting yourself up for it not happening again anytime soon.

Check out that "Next Logical Step" link above for why it's much easier to get things that are "no big deal".

Quit bragging and keep manifesting

I've been at this stuff for quite a long time now and I've never really found a way to "brag" (to use an extreme word) without losing my I just skip the "bragging" and keep the good stuff coming 🙂

I've had stuff manifest for me that has been so outrageous (in a good way) that many people wouldn't believe me even if I told them what happened...truth is sometimes stranger than fiction.

But I've also noticed that if I treat these manifestations as just my ordinary day-to-day life experience, they just become more and more commonplace.

It just becomes my ordinary expectation to have things flow the way I want and, when they don't it's never a surprise because I can always see the link between where I am standing vibrationally on that subject and what's manifesting physically regarding it.

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