by Stingray

It is my view that The Focus Wheel Process (from Abraham-Hicks) is probably the most powerful deliberate focusing method that exists for changing your feeling (or vibrational offering) on a topic.

I've been using them for nearly two decades and am still amazed at the effectiveness of them.


If you were to learn no other vibrational process than The Focus Wheel Process and apply it consistently, you would rapidly transform your life.

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The Focus Blocks Method is an extension to The Focus Wheel Process that makes it easier to integrate the systematic use of Focus Wheels into your daily life. The method doesn't replace Focus Wheels, it enhances the way you can use them.

But, in order to use Focus Blocks effectively, it is essential that you first learn to become comfortable and effective with creating and using Focus Wheels.

Abraham introduced the idea of Focus Wheels back in the mid-90s, if I remember correctly, and spoke about them consistently to the end of the 1990s. They then moved on to discussing other vibrational processes.

However, it is interesting to me that, on occasion, Abraham have re-introduced discussion of Focus Wheels back into their seminars - the first time they have ever re-introduced a process like this as far as I am aware. I think this is perhaps a further illustration of just how powerful a process it is.

So, to summarize...

  • The Focus Wheel Process is awesome 🙂 ..and anyone who wants to get involved with deliberately focusing their thoughts into better places should really spend the time in getting to grips with the method
  • The process is the basis of The Focus Blocks Method which I've gradually been evolving over the past decade or so. This method is a way of systematically applying The Focus Wheel Process in your daily life.
  • If you were to do nothing else in your life but learn and apply The Focus Wheel Process, you would rapidly transform your world

With all that in mind, it would probably be a good idea if I provided a way for you to learn how to create and use Focus Wheels. 🙂

While The Focus Wheel Process is mentioned and explained in the Abraham book Ask & It Is Given, the book is not free and it doesn't really give you many examples of how to do them.

So I thought it would be useful to provide a few resources that will help you learn to create and use Focus Wheels.

To get you started, here are a few of the best Focus Wheel resources that I have come across so far...

This is an excellent introduction to Focus Wheels. You won't learn how to create them from this video but at least you'll see what they look like.

This is the best overall introduction to Focus Wheels that I have yet come across from Abraham and is a great place to start to learn about them after you've watched the above video.

A good example of Focus Wheel creation.

Another great discussion from Abraham explaining the differences between Meditation and Focus Wheels, and the joy of playing with your own focus.

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