by Stingray

I've been using Law of Attraction manifesting processes like this one quite successfully for a number of years now, often with amazing results.

Try it for yourself and see what happens.


Things you will need

To try out this method, you will need:

  • A box
  • Some paper
  • A pen (or you can use word processing software and a printer)

The Steps

STEP 1Decide what you want and why you want it, and write that on a piece of paper

STEP 2Put the paper in the box

STEP 3Forget about it

STEP 4Record your Vibrational Matches

A few words before starting ...

I think the main reason that people believe that the Universe doesn't give them what they want is that the way that your desires manifest is often different to the way you asked for them.

Let me explain what I mean by that.

You are actually deciding what you want every day just by living your life.

  • If someone is rude to you, you are launching a desire for more pleasant people in your life.
  • If you feel that your life is too serious, you are launching a desire to laugh a bit more and lighten up
  • If travelling on the train to work feels tedious and boring to you, you are launching a desire for a more interesting journey
  • If you are lonely and want to be involved in a romantic relationship, you are launching a desire for a lover or life partner

The universe is a blender

To you, those four desires might seem like four separate desires but the Universe automatically blends multiple desires together (often in surprising ways) and what you get in return is a blended manifestation.

So, to take the above desires as an example, you might be on the train to work one morning and you end up by accident (it seems to you) in conversation with a pleasant, happy person who seems quite attractive to you. You laugh and joke with this person and don't think anything more of it.

The next day, the same thing happens, and the day after that, and the day after that - and you start to realize that this person always seems to be catching the same train as you...the train journeys seem so much less boring now. 

You discover from your conversations that you actually work nearby to each other and you start meeting up for lunch as well, and then perhaps after work as well. And eventually, you become involved in a romantic relationship, perhaps getting married.

All of this might seem like a series of random events to you but they were not. The Universe has actually manifested multiple desires of yours but you didn't notice that happening because those desires were launched incrementally even though they might have manifested simultaneously.

You forget what you asked for

The other factor is that you didn't write those desires down, or even give any thought to them consciously, so it's easy to forget that this is what you were asking for if it actually manifests years later.

These days there are many things I am living that I wanted many years ago but just forgot that I wanted. It's only after looking back and thinking deeply about the sorts of things I wanted back then that I've realized that I've got them now.

This is why sometimes I like to be quite precise about what I want and I like to track those manifestations.

Over a period of time of doing this, you start to see the precise correlation between what you are asking for and what you are getting. And it just becomes obvious that you are always getting what you are asking for - and you will then start to wonder why no-one else can see that too.

Have you ever done anything as systematic as this before? No?

Well then, it's hardly surprising that you might not be convinced that the Universe is steadily responding to your requests.

This method might help to change your view about that.

Now let's look at each of the process steps mentioned above in more detail...


Decide What You Want And Why You Want It, And Write That On A Piece Of Paper

It may surprise you to know that this is probably the hardest step in the process to do. I have sometimes spent days, even weeks, trying to decide exactly what I really want.

It's not as easy as it sounds. You may think you know what you want, but you will often discover that you really don't.

The problem is that most of us - for most of the things we want - carry vague ideas around in our heads. We just kind of assume what we want is obvious. But is it?

Have you ever tried to explain precisely to someone else exactly what it is that you want?

It is often only when we are forced to do something like this that we realize how vague our desires and wishes really are. So is it any surprise that we don't get them, or we don't notice when we get them?

Guideline for request writing

Here is the guideline that I use when writing out a request for what I want...

Write your request in such a way that you can hand it straight over to a reasonably-intelligent person who is going to go and get it or do it for you. But the single condition is that once you have given them your request you cannot contact them again about it or give them further information.

This means that you need to give them enough information up-front in the request to know exactly what it is that you want. And since you can't contact them again afterwards, it is a good idea to tell them why you want it as well. Because if they can't get exactly what you want, then they can at least get you an acceptable substitute if they understand why you want it.

I suggest you also date your requests. It is often interesting to look back and see how the things you have wanted have changed over time, and it also gives you some idea of how long things can take to manifest. Often, it is sooner than you remember.

Don't limit yourself

Another thing to bear in mind is that this person can get you anything you want, so why limit yourself?

Instead of asking for a small house in an average place, why not ask for a luxurious house in an expensive area? Why not ask for many houses in different places?

Instead of asking for a thousand dollars, why not ask for at least one thousand dollars? If they are able to get you anything, why place any limits on them?

Do you believe your request is possible?

Bear in mind that the person you are going to hand over your request to does not have magical powers (even though some of your manifestations might seem magical when they come), they are simply doing or arranging something on your behalf. So if what you are asking for is something you personally believe cannot be done, then it is unlikely that they will be able to do it either.

So, let's say you ask for a million dollars by next week but you are currently living in poverty on the streets, do you think this will be a believable request to you?

It might be something you really want or fantasize about, but it is probably not something you believe is really possible. How do I know? Because if you truly believed it, you would already be living it...that's just the way the Universe works.

But if you are a billionaire already, then asking for another million by next week is probably quite a reasonable request to you.

So make your requests believable in terms of what you already believe is possible. You can push the limits of your belief a bit, but you will get an uncomfortable feeling within yourself when you have gone too far.

Ask for what money will bring you, not just money

Even though I have just given you a money example, I try to stay away from asking for specific amounts of money.

After all, what is money? It's just lumps of paper and metal (if you have cash) or it is usually just a number on a bank statement. You can't do much with those lumps of paper and metal (or that printed number) apart from exchange it for something else.

So what you really want is the thing that you believe the money will allow you to buy. So ask for that instead of the money.

Ask for what you want, not what you don't want

Also, ask for things you want, not things you don't want.

If the neighbors are unfriendly and annoying you, and you now want new neighbours, then asking for the current neighbours to go away is not really what you want, is it?

You might end up with new unfriendly and annoying neighbours. What you really want are pleasant and friendly neighbours, even if that means that the current neighbours stay where they are and simply change their behavior.

Write your requests when you are feeling good

Have you ever noticed that when you are feeling upset, you behave in different ways than when you are happy?

It's the same with writing requests. The things you ask for when you are unhappy will be different to the things you ask for when you are feeling happy.

And often, those unhappy things are not going to make you happy even if you get them. Vibrationally speaking, you can't reach a happy destination from an unhappy journey.

So I would strongly advise you to only write out your requests when you are feeling good. In that frame of mind, you'll be able to think more clearly about what it is you really want instead of getting hung up in just getting away from your current (temporary) unhappiness.

Don't ask for things you desperately need

I'm not saying don't ask for things you need, just don't ask for things you desperately need.

What's the difference?

It's tricky sometimes to tell what the difference is. Often you need something, that's why you are making the request. But if you are desperate for it then it is going to cause problems when manifesting the request.

A guideline to consider is how would you feel if you didn't get what you wanted. If it feels like it would be a disaster, or the end of the world, for you to not get it, you're probably in desperation.

If, on the other hand, it would feel like a gentle "oh well, I didn't get it. I'll still manage without it" then you probably have an acceptable attitude.

Don't ask for things you cannot forget about for a while

Let's say you decide to ask for more pleasant neighbors but you just can't bring yourself to ignore the behavior of the current neighbors. 

You keep noticing them every day as you look out of your window and the way they currently behave preys on your mind all day long. Then this is probably not a request that is going to work out for you...because you will keep standing in the way of it. We'll talk about this more in Step 3.

An example of a request

Here is an actual request I used a few years back by way of example. I was living in an apartment and one of the rooms needed some blinds but the landlady was not co-operating.

I've edited out the locations mentioned and the landlady's name. Notice that I have covered both the what and why of my request.

Also note that this is a short and minor request by my standards. Many of my requests are much, much longer, perhaps a full page of text sometimes (I use a word processor).

So you can imagine just how detailed and specific they are. I chose to put this short, minor one here as an example simply to maintain some privacy for myself 🙂

December 12

I am writing about the blinds that were promised for my apartment at [location of apartment].

Please remind my landlady [name of *landlady*] to arrange for some blinds to be fitted in the office and lounge.

They should be vertical hanging Venetian blinds like those already in the kitchen, or like those that were in the [previous apartment] lounge.

I have asked the landlady on a number of occasions to provide some blinds and she has previously agreed to do so at her expense. However, nothing has yet happened and we have little privacy in these rooms as a result.

From what I remember this request manifested in a few weeks, perhaps sooner.

The landlady called me out of the blue one day for some unrelated reason and I felt inspired to re-mention the blinds again and she felt inspired to deal with it immediately after that phone call

That's basically it. Just write the request as though someone else is going to do it for you.

I used to write lines such as "Please give me this or something better" but I don't do that these days and I still get things that are better so it's up to you if you want to add any closing lines.

Some people like to add lines like "Please bring this about for the greater good of all."

If your particular belief system is such that you wouldn't feel okay about requesting things for yourself without it being of benefit to others, then add those lines as well. It's really all about you being comfortable about making the request.

If you do feel any resistance towards just asking for what you want - whether for moral or religious reasons - just look more broadly at what we are doing here...

...we are simply taking pieces of paper, writing on them, and putting them in a box. If this is something wrong or evil then we should probably outlaw the use of filing cabinets 🙂


Put The Paper In The Box

Why do I need a whole step just to tell you to put your request in a box?

Because in many ways, this is the most critical step.

When you put your request in the box, you are now handing it over to the person (the Universe) who is going to manifest your request for you.

Think about it for a moment. If, in real life, you told someone you trusted to go off and do something for you, how would you feel after they left to go off and do it?

Remember that you trust this person, so wouldn't you feel rather confident and expectant now that your request is being worked on and is in good hands?

Wouldn't you feel at least a bit better that you don't have to do this thing yourself and someone competent is carrying out your wishes on your behalf?

If you don't feel at least a bit better for handing over your request, then doesn't that imply that something is not right?

Perhaps it indicates you don't really trust them after all? Or perhaps it indicates that you don't really feel you've given them enough information to get exactly what you want? Or perhaps it indicates that you are feeling too needy or impatient?

All the same things that would apply in the real world apply also to putting your paper in the request box.

If you don't feel some feeling of relief, or perhaps positive expectation, then something is wrong somewhere in the way you are approaching the process.

You will need to think carefully about what it is you are doing (or not doing) that is not making you feel better about handing over your request.

If, on the other hand, you do definitely feel better once you have handed over your request then everything is going just like it should.

Don't rush

There can be a great temptation with this method to just rapidly write out everything you've ever wanted and dump them all in the box. That's not what I do and I'm not sure if you will get reliable results if you apply that level of impatience to this approach.

Take it easy with your requests.

I generally leave a gap of at least one sleep cycle for each request. So that means that if I wrote the request today and it feels ready, I will not put it in the box until tomorrow.

This gives me a chance to make any last minute amendments. Often, you can feel a slight pressure to put the request in the box as soon as possible, and once you force yourself to delay the request, this pressure goes away and you will perhaps think of other things that should be added to the request.

When the time finally comes to put the request in the box, I like to be feeling fairly relaxed about it. I want to have the feeling that the request is as complete and clear as I can make it, so that I can have confidence in handing it over to someone else knowing that they will understand clearly what I want.

What kind of box to use?

It will probably help to have a box that is special in some way to you. The idea is for you to think of this box as a place where, once you put a request, it is being worked on without any further input from you.

So pick some kind of a box that gives you that kind of feeling. It doesn't even need to be a box really. It can be a file or folder, or container...what it is doesn't really matter, it's the feeling it gives you when you put things inside it that matters.

I personally just use a metal bankers cash box with a lockable lid. Once I put the request in the box, and lock the lid, it feels to me like the request is out of my hands.


Forget About It

This is another step that seems like it doesn't need to be a full step by itself. But again, it is a critical step.

Every time you think about your request again, you are are effectively stopping work on the request and taking it out of the box again. I know you are not physically taking it out of the box, but you are mentally doing so.

In the real world, how is anyone supposed to get anything done if you keep interrupting them? How is a seed supposed to grow, if the gardener keeps digging it up to check if anything has happened?

You are reading this article because I presume you want these things effortlessly so why not just let it all go and go do something else instead while your request is being worked on?

If you really want to put in lots of effort towards getting the thing you want, then why are you using this process?

Sometimes you can't forget about something because you desperately need it.

Well, as I mentioned earlier, asking for things you desperately need is probably going to get in the way of you getting it. In that case, this is probably not the process to be using. 

Inspired Action

Remember I said earlier that you cannot contact the person you are handing your request over to. Notice that I didn't say they couldn't contact you.

Well, they can contact you - and that's through the feeling of inspiration.

Have you ever done something when you've been feeling really inspired? Can you remember how effortless that felt? Often, it felt like fun as well. It just felt like doing the right thing at the right time - it felt effortless.

That's what I mean in the title of this article about manifesting easily.

Sometimes, physical action may be required in order to bring about a manifestation (or vibrational match - we'll talk about vibrational matches next) but it won't feel like physical action to you. It will just feel like doing something inspired or fun.

And, often, you won't even consciously realize that you are taking any physical action towards a desire. Remember the example at the start about someone having a fun conversation on the train with the person that they eventually end up marrying?

This all comes under the category of inspired action and this is really the purpose of physical action in manifestations. It is something enjoyable on the path to what you want.

You can rest assured that if you are in vibrational harmony with what you want (by following the previous instructions) then any action you are required to do will not feel like action, as you normally think of it.

But how can you forget about something and then watch out for any required inspired actions?

The answer is you don't look for inspired actions. Just let them come to you.

You'll be living your life and then something might suddenly grab your attention as being something you really want to do in the moment. In that case, just go along with that sudden inspiration.

And even if you miss that moment of opportunity, don't worry. The Universe has a backup plan, and if you miss that one, don't worry, there'll be another, and another, and another, and so on.

So just relax and trust that if you are required to do something, it will be so obvious that you just cannot miss it and if you do miss it, it will come another way.

Does this mean that all manifestations have some element of conscious action? No, not at all.

Often, things just seem to come out of nowhere and, other times, just through your living life normally, you'll be taking any necessary action without even realizing it.


Record Your Vibrational Matches

So what's a vibrational match?

A vibrational match is just something meaningful (to you) that brings your manifestation closer.

There isn't really a hard and fast definition that I know of. It will mean different things to different people.

For example, let's say you are looking to buy a new car.

A vibrational match to one person might be suddenly realizing exactly what kind of car they want. A vibrational match to another person might be a friend calling them and telling them they have a car for sale, and then the person realizing that this is the kind of car they want to buy. Or, to another person, a vibrational match may be seeing the car you want drive past you on the road.

Whatever seems significant to you as evidence that your manifestation is on its way can be classified as a vibrational match.

You can consider them to be a snippet of manifestational evidence.

So what's the use of noticing (and recording) these vibrational matches?

It's mainly about making you feel better that what you want is on its way to you.

As you see a bit of evidence that the process is working for you, your belief that the process is working will start to increase. In turn, that belief will allow more evidence to manifest itself that the process is really working, which in turn will make you believe even more that the process is working, and so on.

Whenever something meaningful happens in your life related to something you have asked for, just make a note of it somewhere. The note doesn't have to be long, and it can be vague.

So your vibrational match can be as specific as:

Uncle Joe called me today about the Audi R8 sports car I've been looking for. He said a friend of his knows a showroom 15 miles away where I can get one at a huge discount and the discount is so huge that it means I can afford it right now. I am going there tomorrow to take a look

...or as vague as...

Heard about a big discount on something I am looking for

As I said, the point of recording your vibrational matches is to increase your belief in the process (and make your own manifestations come more quickly) so it would be helpful to remind yourself of them from time to time, especially if you start to feel lackful about what you want.

One final point, as with inspired actions, don't go consciously looking for vibrational matches.

Let them come to you. If you go looking for them, you risk thinking about the things you want too much and, as mentioned earlier, repeatedly thinking about what you want - by noticing it hasn't come yet - will interfere with the manifestation of it.

Final words

So there you have it.

Follow these simple steps and you will find that you can easily manifest what you want while making it feel effortless along the way.


STEP 1Decide what you want and why you want it, and write that on a piece of paper

STEP 2Put the paper in the box

STEP 3Forget about it

STEP 4Record your Vibrational Matches

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