by Stingray

It's confusing, isn't it? Some Law of Attraction gurus tell you that you must focus on what you want to manifest it (perhaps even every day) while others tell you that too much focus will block what you want from coming and so you should forget about it?

Which is it? It can't be both, can it?

To understand what's going on, let's consider an important metaphysical / manifesting principle.


Ask yourself what is the difference between someone who has a million dollars right now and someone who wants to have a million dollars right now?

Seriously, have a think about it now before reading further.

I know you could probably come up with all kinds of things you believe are different between the two people but, if you really do think about it, the only ultimate difference is that the person who has a million dollars right now knows he has a million dollars right now.

And the person who doesn't have a million dollars, knows he doesn't.

You might have to read those last two paragraphs a few times to understand the importance of them 🙂

I've been expecting you

It's all about expectation you see.

Expectation is what truly makes your own personal world the way that it is. Your physical reality mirrors exactly your expectations of it.

And what is really interesting about the way that the universe operates is that the universe doesn't care whether you are worthy or deserving of having one million dollars, it just brings one million dollars to whoever expects to have it.

So how does this apply to your situation?

Well, when you are getting really excited about something that is seemingly about to manifest in your life, are you really in the vibration of having it?

Does someone who knows they have one million dollars get excited because they are about to receive it? No, of course not - because they know they already have it. Sure, they might get excited because they have one million dollars but that's a very different vibration.

Abraham often used to talk about the principle of the Next Logical Step. Basically stated, unless you feel that the thing you are about to manifest feels like the Next Logical Step to you then you are still vibrationally some distance from it so things like screwing up the manifestation of it at the last minute might take place (not always, but often) because you are still a vibrational match to not having the thing you are chasing.

Water levels out

However, when you have practiced and visualized something you are after to the extent that you have become used to having the thing you want in your mind (even though it is not physically there yet) and it just seems obvious to you that you are going to get it (even if physically you are a long way from it), then the universe must find a way to bring it into your reality.

It has to. It has no choice. There are no vibrational discontinuities in this universe. If you feel (or know) you have it, your physical reality must manifest it...even if it takes some seemingly-miraculous coincidences to bring it about.

It's a bit like water always finding it's own level in a pipe - it has no choice, it has to. It's just the way things work.

alt text

I have successfully used this idea of "ignoring physical reality and making vibrational reality so real that physical reality has to conform" so often now in my own life that I know within myself that there are no exceptions to it.

And, as I implied above, one of the key indicators to know you are vibrationally there is that it is no big deal to you that you are getting the thing you are after...which is some way from being excited about getting it.

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