by Stingray

The question sometimes arises as to when to take action in relation to something you are trying to manifest.

In other words, what's the difference between an inspired action and a random fleeting thought about whether to do something or not?


My own personal rule for when to take action comes from Abraham.

When asked about this matter they quoted the following rule of thumb (from someone else, can't remember who)...

If it doesn't feel like "Hell, Yeah!" then it's "Hell, No!"

In other words, true inspired action is so compelling and irresistible that you almost cannot stop yourself acting on it. It just feels obviously like the thing to do at that moment, even if you don't know why.

If you really don't act until you feel that level of enthusiasm then you'll probably find that you don't really take a lot of inspired action at all. Most of the time, you are just doing other things that make you happy instead while you let the universe get on with doing what it needs to do behind the scenes.

I think the major obstacle that people encounter when waiting for this level of inspiration to happen is that they fear they may be missing opportunities.

Push the limits

But you need never be concerned about that. Even if you miss what was intended to be an inspired action, the Universe has a backup plan to give you another, and another, and another, and another, and another...and so on.

In fact, on many occasions (because I like pushing the limits!), I've actually increased my level of filtering of what I consider to be an inspired action i.e. I've told myself that I won't act until I feel really, really, really inspired instead of just inspired but still without feeling any fear that I am missing anything.

In those cases, either I have actually received an action that was really, really, really inspired, or else I have received the next vibrational match (or manifestation) without taking any action at all.

Never be afraid to play, test and have fun with these ideas. If you are in alignment with what you want then it cannot not come to you. It will find a way even if you try your best to stop it! 🙂

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