by Stingray

It's only natural. You've done all the "vibrational work" you think you need to do to get what you want.

But where is it? When is it going to come?

What are the requirements for attracting what you want into your life as quickly as possible?


Just in even thinking about that, do you think that indicates that you (regarding your wanted desire) are:

  1. Enjoying the pleasure inherent in your vision of your desire so much that you really don't care whether it comes or not because you are just extracting so much fun in the moment from thinking about it? ...or...
  2. Noticing it hasn't actually come yet, so that the vibration you are sending to the Universe to manifest is "Give me more of the absence of the thing I want" instead of "Give me more of the presence of the thing I want"?

Any subject in the world that you can think of comes down to two vibrational perspectives...

  1. The absence of it
  2. The presence of it

alt text

If you consider absence and presence to be the two sides of a pair of weighing scales then...

  • When your vibration of absence regarding the thing you want is greater than the vibration of presence regarding the thing you want, the scale tips and you have the absence of the thing you want i.e. it doesn't manifest
  • When your vibration of presence regarding the thing you want is greater than the vibration of absence regarding the thing you want, the scale tips the other way and you have the presence of the thing you want i.e. it manifests

It really is that simple.

And there are two major stumbling blocks that make the scale tip heavily towards absence...

  • Needing the thing to come
  • Noticing it hasn't come yet

This might seem like such a trivial, tiny point but it isn't - it is actually a huge point!

In the world of thought, just a tiny, tiny shift in the thought you are projecting can create a massive change in the manifestation that results.

alt text

You can think of it like a radio connected to a huge pair of speakers.

Think of the speakers as being the physical manifestation of what you want, and the radio as being the tiny original thought.

You can use the speakers to blast out at high volume any signal that is received. It could be classical music or heavy rock or the daily news.

But now notice how just by re-tuning the radio even very, very, very slightly changes the radio station to something completely different.

So, in life, it is not the speakers that are important (though most people in the world think that it is), it is actually those seemingly insignificant re-tunings of your own personal radio receiver (your thoughts).

The speakers just output, but the radio chooses what to output.

So where are you on the absence/presence scale? It might be worth a bit of time to figure that out because it's absolutely key to you manifesting what you want as quickly as possible.

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