by Stingray

If something you want isn't manifesting even if you move your feeling about what you want into a better place then this is an indication that there is a limiting belief in the way of it coming - and you haven't identified what that limiting belief (or beliefs) is yet.

In other words, you are dealing with a symptom and not a cause.


For example, a symptom may be lack of money but the cause may be a belief that you are unworthy, or don't deserve to have money.

Often with vibrational manifesting methods, working on the symptom can also influence and neutralize the cause but I have noticed occasions myself when the cause and symptom are separate enough that working on the symptom alone changes little.

One way around this is to try to uncover the cause of your issue.

Once you've identified the cause (or even causes), you then have something concrete to work with and you can mold those identified limiting beliefs into better-feeling places. You should then notice some significant changes provided you can keep any feelings of need and urgency at bay.

Try jotting down some answers to the following questions (courtesy of Bashar). Don't try to censor or hide what you really feel, just try to be as honest as you can with yourself and see what comes up.

Question 1

What would I have to believe is true about myself and my relationship to this situation in order to be experiencing the emotions that I am?

You may have to ponder this question for a while and keep coming back to it until you have an answer that you think is genuinely true for you. That answer will be the limiting belief (or beliefs) that are in the way

Question 2

Try this if you really get nowhere with Question 1...

  • Part 1: What's the alternative to the current situation I am in? What would I rather choose to happen than what is happening?
  • Part 2: Now if I actually did choose what I say I would prefer to choose, what's the worst possible thing I'm afraid might happen?

The answer to part 2 should reveal the limiting belief that is standing in the way of what you want.

See if those two questions uncover any insights for you regarding your present circumstances that you can then shift into better-feeling places.

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