by Stingray

Getting yourself to do something that you don't feel like doing is tough, isn't it?

Some people who understand Law of Attraction principles will tell you that you should never make yourself do something that you don't feel like doing.

Others who follow massive-physical-action philosophies will tell you that you should always force yourself to do something, even if you don't feel like it.

I think there's a middle ground. Let's investigate. 


Imagine there's you and there's something you need to do.

The hard way of doing it is Just Do It - and yet that's probably what most of the world does.

Yes, you can force yourself to do that "just do it" approach for a while. You may even be able to manage your life that way for a few years. 

But it's quite likely that, eventually, you'll probably get sick of it. You'll resent it. You may even burn out completely. It's hard and painful to do things in your life that way.

Just because most people get things done in their lives in that self-bullying way doesn't mean it's something you should do as well. 

There is an easier way.

Instead, before doing anything physically, just spend some time getting tuned in to that part of you that makes yourself feel good when you are in touch with it.

Admittedly, feeling good may not be something that comes naturally to you. You may still have to bully yourself to do it. But it will be a different kind of bullying.

You are forcing yourself to reach that aligned state rather than forcing yourself to get your original task done.

Once you've reached that feeling-good place and you stay there for a while, you will find that, sooner or later, you'll feel inspired to do the thing that seemed difficult. That inspiration will come to you when it's the best time to get the thing done from a vibrational perspective.

In other words, you have the assistance of something more powerful within you that is now guiding you.

And when you follow that inspiration to get this thing done, you won't burn yourself out. Instead, you may even feel energized from the experience.

You may find that it may actually be fun to do that thing. You may even enjoy doing that thing so much that you feel the urge to do other things that you need to do - all without needing to bully yourself into doing them.

Approaching what you have to do in this way is really the shortest way to reach your goals because that inspiration you received is in harmony with the natural momentum of the Law of Attraction, rather than fighting against it.

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