by Stingray

It's a frustrating situation, isn't it? ...when what you want just doesn't seem to manifest.

I've been there many times and have had to learn this one the hard way.

If you've already been applying manifesting techniques systematically then you've probably already got a fair amount of experience with manifesting so I'll just be as brief as I can be, and give you the bottom line as succinctly as possible. 🙂


It comes down to this.

There are two major manifestation-killers...

  1. Noticing that you haven't got what you want yet
  2. Desperately needing the manifestation to come

If what you want isn't coming then it's quite likely that one or both of these might be present in your thoughts regarding this manifestation.

The solution

The solution to getting around both these obstacles is actually fairly straightforward...

Whatever process you use, do the process only because it is fun to do the process and that's all...not to manifest the thing you want.

So if you are using visualization as a technique, just visualize purely for the fun of doing the visualization - and that's all.

If you are using affirmations, just enjoy the feeling that the affirmations bring you as you say or think them - and that's all.

If you are molding beliefs, just enjoy molding the beliefs because it makes you feel better to have those new beliefs - and that's all.

If you can keep your application of your manifestation process to purely this fun and enjoyment level (and just give up trying to physically manifest the thing you want for now) then, paradoxically, your manifestation will come sooner than you think.

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