by Stingray

This is probably going to be one of my more mind-stretching postings - so you have been warned 🙂

Here's my one line answer to the question, just so you know where I'm going with this.

Yes, it is possible to live indefinitely in this physical body - and this is how you do it...


Back in the 90s, while I was still intensively searching for answers, I was involved in the running of a large spiritual/mystical organization. Working there brought me in touch with many interesting spiritual people who have contributed much in many ways to my current view of Life, The Universe and Everything.

One time, I had the good fortune to meet a long-standing member of that organization in his 40-50's, or so I thought, who just happened to be visiting one day. He seemed to take an instant liking to me for some reason and we got to talking about various things.

After a while, for some reason, he asked me suddenly how old I thought he was. I can't remember exactly what I said but I think I didn't want to be impolite suggesting he was in his 40-50's if it turned out he was actually much younger, so I probably managed to avoid answering the question. 🙂

Anyway, he told me...he was actually in his 90's!

Even today, I remember my belief system turning inside-out and upside-down trying to comprehend something like this.

Anthony Robbins has an interesting demonstration of how people's belief systems have been conditioned regarding age. He asks the audience to imagine in their minds someone in their sixties. Most people imagine a frail old person, perhaps with a walking stick hobbling across the stage. A few minutes later, he brings onto the stage...a bodybuilder in his sixties.

Robbins' point with this is that you are heading towards the image you have in your mind. If you believe that it is normal to be frail and hobbling in your sixties, that's the image that is going to manifest for you.

Abraham have said that in today's society, you really need to step out of the age game because there are so many who are going to judge and pigeon-hole you depending on that number and you can subtly condition yourself that way as well.

They talk about becoming ageless as a way to do that...just pick an age you like and becomethat age. Just decide that's what you are going to be (if your belief system allows it) and don't tell anyone else the truth. For me, late 20's has been working pretty well for some years now. Many people think that's how old I actually am from the way I physically appear.

Two steps to immortality

But the key to achieving that physical age shift and extending your physical life indefinitely is from another Abraham idea I came across some years ago.

Abraham have implied a number of times - it's there if you listen closely - that it is possible to live indefinitely within the same physical body if you can manage to do two things...

  1. Launch a constant stream of new desires
  2. Consciously release resistance

The combination of those two factors will draw an on-going stream of life energy through you forever energizing you and keep you youthful.

For me, a constant stream of new desire is something I don't have to work at much. 🙂 I've always got many projects going on in vastly different subject areas. And I always enjoy trying out new experiences and knowledge. Once you develop that feeling of invincibility, you really have no reason not to get involved in everything in life that you possibly's always going to end up being fun, or else you'll learn something new about yourself and your life...either way, it will be worth it.

The Consciously Release Resistance requirement is something that has taken a few years to figure out. I reasoned that I needed some systematic way to release the resistance that accumulates on a daily basis, because if there is no resistance to the energy-flow that is generated from the new desires, there can be no age-related bodily decline. I needed a method that would deal simultaneously with many issues but still be something that I could easily integrate into everyday life. But I needed a systematic method that would work in any life circumstances and one that would be easy and fun to continue using for many, many years.

The systematic resistance-releasing method for daily use that I eventually came up with is what I've posted on Inward Quest under the name of Focus Blocks. So there's the truth, Focus Blocks is not a manifesting method at all in my own life (though it does that too as a by-product), I use it as a resistance-releasing method to satisfy the second requirement for agelessness 🙂


So, let's sum up what I'm suggesting to you, for physical immortality...

  • Get involved in life as much as you can. Stir it up. Enjoy it. Experience it...and keep on doing it.
  • Use Focus Blocks (or any similar method) to systematically release resistance daily to anything uncomfortable that arises
  • Watch how your attitude to life (and your physical body) responds to having all this unrestricted life energy flooding through you
  • Step outside of the age-conditioning prison we like to put each other into. I personally just lie about my age to anyone that insists on knowing. I have no moral qualms about doing this because it's really none of their business anyway. In fact, I would have to think for a few moments right now to even figure out how old I actually am 🙂

The question that might arise in your mind now from all this stuff is that surely I can't be the first who has this approach to life and, if this is true, there must be many seemingly immortalpeople wandering this planet?

Well, yes there are.

...if Bashar is to be believed.

I came across one recording recently where someone had asked Bashar if there were human-beings currently living (and raised) on this planet who were in excess of 200 years old.

Here is what Bashar said.

At this time, on this planet...

  • There is one (only one at present) human being who is in excess of 1,000 years old
  • There are a number between 300 years-old and 500 years-old.
  • There are many more between 100 years-old and 300 years-old
  • There are quite a few between 100 years-old and 200 years-old

He also stated that they tend to live in remote locations and/or small villages though occasionally some may visit city populations.

If I'm still posting on this website in 500 years, you'll know I was on the right track about all of this 🙂

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