Are Hollywood disaster movies creating world catastrophes?
by Stingray

When people first hear about the Law of Attraction which states that you get in life what you predominantly focus upon, they become concerned (obviously) about what they are focusing upon.

And then, inevitably, they look at what they are watching on the TV and in the cinema.

So the question often comes up as to whether bad-feeling movies, such as disaster/horror movies, can create a world catastrophe if enough people watch them.

In other words, can enough bad-feeling-focused people destroy the world?

The truth is that there is nothing to worry about. Hollywood can create endless disaster and horror movies and it won’t make much difference at all.

Here’s why.

When people are watching these movies, they are not in alignment with their broader selves and therefore the attractive power of those non-aligned thoughts is minimal. Abraham estimate that one person thinking aligned thoughts is worth millions who are not.

If people were watching disaster and horror movies and feeling joyful about them, then it would be a different matter.

To understand what I’m saying about non-aligned thoughts having minimal power, you have to understand that the conscious You actually consists of two parts.

There is a broader You which is the accumulation of lifetimes of physical (and non-physical) experience.

And there is the projection of that broader You onto the physical plane. It is a more limited, but much more focused, You that is basically just an accumulation of the thoughts and thinking in your life up to now. It’s the You that is reading these words on your computer screen right now.

Yes, the Law of Attraction responds to both versions of You but the broader You wins every time in power of attraction. The power that the limited You has access to is insignificant when viewed side-by-side with the attractive power of that broader You.

It is effectively like a giant standing next to a small person, except the giant is way larger than the picture below suggests.

This explains why so much of the application of the Law of Attraction is focused around aligning the limited You with the broader You. It’s a much easier way to get to what you want than trying to use the limited attractive power that the limited You has.

The broader You is already enjoying all the good stuff and all that the limited You has to do to get it too (on the physical level) is align with that broader You which is pointing the way.

Yes, the limited You can, through conscious mis-focus, stay out of alignment and thereby not benefit from the good stuff that the broader You already has. And that is what much of deliberate manifesting is about.

The indication of alignment with the broader You is good-feeling emotion. This is why feeling good is so important to getting what you want in life.

Now when you are feeling bad while watching a disaster/horror movie, it is an indication that the broader You (which has, by far, the most significant attracting power) is focused elsewhere. Remember, good-feeling indicates alignment while bad-feeling indicates lack of alignment.

So this is why the attractive power of even millions of people focused on disaster is negligible. They are doing all that attraction from their limited selves, not their broader selves.

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