by Stingray

A question that comes up sometimes is why should we need to use manifesting methods and techniques at all? Shouldn’t manifesting be a natural, automatic thing? Why do we have to put in any effort?

I think these are all fair and valid points.

And the truth is that if you did nothing else but stay predominantly good-feeling by being appreciative of the things already in your life, all your desires would eventually manifest and you wouldn't even need to think about what you want.

Solutions would just appear as soon as problems did. The physical things you need would come to you as soon as you realized you needed them, and so on.

So really, we don't need manifesting techniques at all. Or, at least, that’s the theory.


However, the problem is that we, as humans, have become so action-based and work-oriented that the idea of "Get happy and you'll get everything you want" just doesn't seem to resonate.

It just seems too easy an idea for most people to take seriously. It's like we need to do something towards what we want to justify getting what we want.

I have even had people tell me directly that they don't want things to come too easily for them, they want to work hard for them. Each to their own, I guess 🙂

For years, I've been telling people in the non-internet world (the real world!) that life takes care of itself if you just get happy. And I really struggle to get taken seriously. 

But as soon as I mention some mysterious process that people have to do, then it grabs their attention and they want to know more.


If I put up a process like the Manifesting Box, it catches people's attention and they take it seriously. And just by having that deliberate attitude about it, they will get excellent results from it.

But telling those same people that being joyful and happy in your life also brings you everything effortlessly just seems to lead to argument and debate.

But that doesn't mean that there is anything inappropriate about a manifesting process.

Most people, I think, are not ready just to be happy in their lives for no reason at all. 

People want their “stuff” first and then, once they've got enough “stuff”, they'll allow themselves to be predominantly happy and then they’ll naturally start thinking at a more metaphysically-oriented level to understand more about how their stuff (and happy life) has come to them.

And I don't think there is anything wrong with that.


I think manifesting processes help serve a valuable purpose in bridging that gap between an action-oriented attitude and the more spiritually-oriented thoughts that may follow years later after enough stuff has been manifested.

To me, what is important is that people gradually start to (re)awaken to the powerful beings they really are. There are too many influences in this physical reality that can cause people to mistakenly believe that life is random and uncontrollable.

And it can take a bit of coaxing (and maybe the allure of piles of stuff) before some will start to consider that they might really be the unique, multi-dimensional beings of consciousness that many powerful spiritual teachers have been trying to tell them for millennia.

But, yes, it is quite possible for a wonderful life to manifest itself without any methods. It really comes down to two words...


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