by Stingray

The idea does get floated around from time to time that life should not be difficult...probably by people like me 🙂

But, in my case at least, I certainly would never say that life shouldn't be challenging.


I live a general lifestyle that many materially-focused outsiders would consider unstable, insecure, risky and probably a bit chaotic, if not downright mad, at times.

Without an understanding of the Law of Attraction ("your thoughts create your reality"), it wouldn't make any sense not to stick to a life experience that is built on safety, security and the approval of others.

But with an understanding of reality creation, you know you cannot fail no matter how things look to other people...and then life becomes the excitement-filled living-on-the-edge experience that it was always intended to be.

(How you define excitement is an individual matter, of course.)

Abraham, in one of their many profound quotes, once summed up the state of being of someone tuned into who they really are, and it's a phrase I really love.

Simply this: 

You become a loving being who feels invincible

It's true that you learn (I would use the word experience) most when you are challenged but if you undertake those challenges with a background feeling of fear, it is a very different experience to when you do them with the backing feeling of invincibility.

Boldly go

Live life with an invincible attitude and you naturally start to seek out new desires and challenges just to see where they take you.

And your life starts twisting and turning in unexpected directions as you gain confidence in following your intuitive impulses no matter how bizarre they may appear to others.

Sure, there are times when dancing on the cliff edge can lead to you falling off the cliff. But it's always a soft landing because, through understanding reality creation principles, you realize that regaining your balance again is only a matter of stabilizing your thoughts again. And you always gain something from each experience, not least a growing confidence in your own abilities to mold your reality.

Yes, difficulty in life from resistance is unnecessary, but difficulty in life from a challenge is where you truly find out who you are.

As the saying goes...

Ships are safe in port but that's not what ships are for

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