by Stingray

Ever wished you could take the shortcut in developing the powers of genius-ness?

Here's a method that might help you.

It's quick, easy and effective - so you've nothing to lose by giving it a try.


The "Genius" method

  1. Stand up somewhere alone and with a clear space in front of you.
  2. Think of someone who has the qualities, skills or talents you want (can be fictional)
  3. With your eyes open and looking at the clear space in front of you, imagine that person as vividly as you can in front of you. Try and feel the existence of that person.
  4. When you've made that feeling as strong as possible, take a deep breath and step deliberately into that you are now in their body.
  5. Feel the qualities, skills or talents washing over you as you become that person. Imagine yourself now as that person. There should be no feeling of separation between you and that person.

If you do this properly, you will actually feel that you now have those qualities, skills or talents.

I've used this approach in all sorts of endeavors from playing musical instruments to winning at sports to public speaking.

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