by Stingray

It's an interesting question.

And, in my opinion, it comes down to a combination of resistance (restricting beliefs) and desire...both of which (for most people) tend to increase as they get older.


When you have just incarnated, you are closer to the Source from which you came. You have built up little resistance in your life and at the same time you have little physically-based desire anyway with which that resistance can cause a problem. This is a sure combination for a happy existence.

Have a read of the following post to get some more background into this idea: Why do bad things happen when you're feeling positive

As you get older, most people tend to accumulate more habits of resistance-based thinking and, at the same time, just through living life, they also accumulate more desires for things they want.

This becomes like an irresistible force meeting an immovable object.

Irresistible Force vs Immovable Object

So, assuming you read the post I was referring to above (the one about the battered old cars), then older people's cars are getting more battered (because of the increasing resistance) but they are still trying to drive them faster (because of the growing desires).

It's a sure recipe for a bumpier and bumpier ride. This increasingly bumpy ride tends to manifest in older people becoming grumpier and more cynical as life goes on as they thwart the flow of the energy that animates them.

And in that last phrase of that last sentence also lies the explanation why most people also decline as they get older.

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