by Stingray

I thought I might take this opportunity to throw out one of my more advanced methods for anyone that is already at the stage of fairly easily and steadily manifesting what they want.

With this method, we start aiming towards the Holy Grail of manifesting..."manifesting on demand".


I'm still clarifying my ideas about this approach to some extent but I think I've built up enough experience with it now to throw it out to the world in general and see what happens.

And I have to say that to start applying this idea successfully, you really need to have built up a lot of faith in your ability to manifest reliably. i.e. that the universe will respond to your desires if you get out of the way of them coming.

If you're not at that point, it's probably wise to steer clear of this method...I think it's a little too head-on for someone just starting out in manifesting.

By way of introduction, I hinted at this approach in this post, and it's worth reading to get the gist of it: Manifesting Things In A Hurry

If I had to give this concept a name, I would probably call it Surfing Your Desire.

'Surfing Your Desire' method

What you're going to do for this method is basically use your own desire for an important, quick manifestation to accelerate the manifestation...effectively riding the wave of it into physical reality...a kind of manifesting positive feedback loop.

An example might be the best way to explain this approach...

A possible suitable scenario might be that I desperately need a job by next month because I'm fast running out of cash, but I'm currently unemployed.

  1. Firstly, I know the manifestation will happen because I've now built up enough experience with manifesting to know that they do happen if I don't stand in the way of them coming.
  2. But the urgency of the situation is making me feel nervous or concerned about how the universe is going to make it happen. I can feel that nervousness causing the desire within me to "sharpen" (for want of a better word)
  3. What I do now is immediately soothe that nervousness until I feel confident again that the desire will manifest. Just getting to the "neutral point" is enough, so you can use processes like EFT if you want.
  4. Now we just get on with living our daily life (taking any necessary inspired actions) until the desire sharpens into focus even more because we notice we still haven't got our job yet and the deadline is now closer (assuming the job hasn't manifested yet).
  5. Again, we do some vibrational work and soothe ourselves back to "neutral point" on the subject. One of the main thoughts we can use to assist with that soothing is that we know the universe has no choice but to manifest something if we are not standing in the way.
  6. So we are now going back and forth between letting the desire "sharpen up", because of our concern about the lack of any manifestation yet, and then immediately soothing that concern back to neutral again every time it comes up.
  7. It's like surfing just ahead of the crest of that desire wave, using the wave's own pushing force to bring the manifestation closer...and just barely staying on the vibrational surfboard 🙂
  8. We keep going with this sharpening and soothing until we get our manifestation...and from my experiments so far, the manifestations can turn up in the most extraordinary ways.

Again, it comes down to giving the universe no choice but to comply with its own Law of Attraction that whatever you are a vibrational match to, you must receive...even if physical reality has to perform some vibrational somersaults to make it happen.

As I implied at the start, this is not a method to start learning about manifesting's more like "manifesting for the brave (or foolish!)" because your concerns about your desire not manifesting yet (because of, say, a real deadline) have to be genuine enough to cause this continual sharpening of the desire.

Hope all that makes sense for anyone brave or foolish enough to try this approach.

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