by Stingray

You're reading this because you want some inspiring Law of Attraction success stories?

Admit it, that's the reason can't get away with lying to me, you know.

Okay then, I'll give you some manifesting success stories but, as is usually the case on this website, there's a twist.


Yes, it can be fun to read about other peoples' successes however don't forget that the Law of Attraction operates in your life every single moment of every single day so every waking moment in your (or anyone else's life) is also a success story.

  • If you're driving to work and another driver cuts you up in traffic, then shouts, swears and rants at you as he passes...that's a Law of Attraction success story.
  • If you are on the verge of financial bankruptcy and today you are spending your last dollar on a hamburger and, as you are about to bite into it, it slips out of your hand and falls to the floor...that's a Law of Attraction success story.
  • If your children return home from school and blame you for the bad day they have had...that's a Law of Attraction success story.
  • If you are walking down the street, get distracted for a moment and then trip over a piece of street garbage and break your leg...that's a Law of Attraction success story.

Okay, I'll stop there - I'm sure you get the idea...and the hamburger one is actually a true story for me.

It's all a success story

The point I'm making is that there can be a tendency for people to think they are just living their lives from day to day with random things happening to them...and then every so often they can focus in some way and the Law of Attraction manifests something amazing.

But if you look around in any moment in any day of your own, you'll see a perfect correspondence between what has happened to you and how you were feeling about it when it happened.

Sometimes they are things you wanted to happen to you, sometimes they are things you would have preferred happened differently.

But there are no exceptions you feel and what you get is always a perfect match. that's the ultimate Law of Attraction success story to me 🙂

Photo by mario.hieber

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