by Stingray

I was watching the movie Batman Begins the other day. I wasn't watching it for any particular reason, it just happened to be on the TV, my wife said she hadn't seen it, and I had some free time.

There was a quote in the movie that struck me as particularly meaningful to much that is going on in people's lives right now. I often get spiritual advice from songs, movies, etc. so when something catches my attention in that way, I take notice.


The quote from the film was this:

Why do we fall? we can learn to pick ourselves up

I've heard from many sources (Abraham included) that often those who come forth to impart a message to others ("to teach") deliberately put themselves in situations where they fall over so they can learn to pick themselves up again.

Enormous clarity can come from that process of learning to "pick ourselves up".

If I lived a perfect life from the start where everything had always gone the way I wanted then I wouldn't be here now trying to help others gain some of the insights I've had. And I'm sure it's the same for many others who contribute wisdom here.

From learning to pick myself up, I've become more of who I really am.

I've gained something from the experience of falling.

This idea doesn't defy the laws of manifesting, or the Law of Attraction. I think what happens is that sometimes a broader part of ourselves sets up a situation that will cause the physical part of ourselves to gain some wanted experience.

The laws still operate as before - it's just that now our previous clarity regarding how they operate seems to be temporarily clouded, for want of a better word, so we are not applying them in a way that will work...even though we might be thinking that we are. But the end-benefit is well worth the temporary discomfort of the new desire.

A meeting with Abraham

Let me tell you a quick story to illustrate the point I'm making.

Some years ago I went to speak to Abraham in person (in New York State in the US) and, on the night before the seminar, I realized I had lost my passport. I don't originate from or live in the US, so this was a major problem for me because I was supposed to leave the country again within the next few days and losing my passport was going to have major knock-on effects for all my travel plans and much else.

I just couldn't believe I had been so careless.

That night as I fell asleep in the hotel where the Abraham seminar was being held, I had the choice of worrying about the situation or just truly learning to trust that the Universe would deliver...and that's what I did...I deliberately trusted.

The next morning I attended the Abraham seminar and tried to put my hand up a few times to get picked by them to sit in the question-asking hot seat. But I seemed to be invisible to them...there was a part of me that was still concerned about my passport loss and I really wasn't myself.

Lunchtime inspiration

At lunch, I truly made peace with the situation and decided to just enjoy the rest of the day regardless of whatever was going to happen next. I went to a restaurant near the hotel where the seminar was and just "let go" of all my concerns.

Within minutes, I had an inspiration to ring a location I had stopped at while travelling across New York State. A man answered the phone and I explained about my missing passport (and other items that were with it). He went off for a few moments to check "Lost Property" and then told me that they had found them and I would be able to collect them on my drive back to New York City - the location was a few hundred miles away. I was amazed at the response from the Universe at this.

Soon it was time to restart the Abraham seminar. I was feeling absolutely joyous at the rediscovery of my passport. I put my hand up to ask the first question of the afternoon, and was picked immediately by Abraham to come up and ask.

So naturally the first question I asked was regarding the loss and rediscovery of my passport.

And Abraham told me something quite unexpected. They said that, even though I had been assuming I had made a silly mistake in leaving my passport behind at another location, they said that it was not a mistake.

They pointed out to me that at that moment, while I was sitting in the "hot seat" talking to them, they could sense I was feeling invincible. And they were absolutely right. Having relocated my passport a few minutes earlier through my deliberate letting-go, I felt like there was nothing in this universe I couldn't do.

Lost a passport, found joy

And Abraham pointed out to me that, feeling the way I did right now, did I really think that losing my passport was a mistake or was it an excuse that had allowed me to experience these moments of total and absolute joy?

They told me that the broader part of me was providing opportunities for the physical part of me to learn to "feel good under any and all conditions" (their words).

That was a revelation to me at the time. And it made sense when they explained it.

After all, how do you know you are a masterful creator of your life when everything is already perfectly created? How you do exercise your talents when all is well all the time? How does a (vibrational) artist create a work of (vibrational) art when there is no inspiration?

I've found in my own life that, even though I have a reasonable understanding of manifesting principles, a part of me keeps pushing, pushing, pushing the limits of what I believe is possible and I often make myself fall from time to time. But the difference now is that I don't fear falling.

Every time I pick myself up again by systematically applying the principles I've gained clarity from before, and thereby gain even more clarity. And perhaps others around me (or even perhaps on this website) benefit from that clarity themselves when they interact with me.

Why do we fall? we can learn to pick ourselves up

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