by Stingray

Sometimes people will want to know where non-physical beings actually come from, as though they are living in some particular place and pop out every so often to answer questions from us humans.

The problem with asking a question like this comes about from trying to overlay physical ideas upon a medium that isn’t suited to them.

I think that there are three (at least) underlying concepts here that just don’t translate well to “non-physical”.

1. Non-physical is not a place

In mathematics and physics, the location (or dimension) of a space or object is informally defined as the minimum number of coordinates needed to specify each point within it.

It’s an idea that only works on the physical plane into which we project our non-physical selves.

2. Consciousness is a stream, not a clump

When you look at a physical being, that clump of physical material making up that being causes us to think that there is a non-physical consciousness residing within in it and attached to it. But a more accurate interpretation would be that there is non-physical consciousness streaming into it.

So what you consider to be You can just as easily simultaneously stream into, say, a dog while it is also projecting into you. And, furthermore, it can (and does) experience many other lives (in different times and places, perhaps non-terrestrial ones) simultaneously with your own lifetime.

3. Non-physical groups ebb and flow

The group consciousness known as Abraham (or any other group entity) alters in response to the question being asked of them.

While there might be a generally stable core group of consciousnesses focused together, different questions will attract different consciousnesses to join that group to offer a more suitable vibrational response to what is being asked.

Since there is no “place” in non-physical, consciousnesses come together (instantly) based on interest and intent rather than us humans who tend to come together based on location - though the internet is making humanity more non-physical-like, in my view.

So what’s the answer?

So coming back to the original question…

Where does Abraham come from?

  • They don’t come from any place ( see point 1 )
  • They don’t come from any place ( see point 2 )
  • They don’t come from any place ( see point 3 )

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