by Stingray

For some years, I've almost been living my life by an Abraham quote.

Whenever I'm deciding what to do next in my day, I think about the quote.

Whenever I'm thinking about whether I'm doing the right thing right now, I think about the quote.

Whenever I'm doing nothing at all, but feeling like I should do something, I think about the quote.

I guess I had better tell you the quote... 🙂


The ultimate quote?

Joy first. And anything else you have time for.                                                  

Abraham-Hicks - Seattle, Washington, USA - July 2, 2005

Thank you, thank you, thank you - I'll take my well-earned round of applause now.

Hmmm, ok, then...maybe just giving you that quote isn't quite enough 🙂 

So it's probably a good idea for me to add a few extra words to this posting in case anyone misses the enormous power that is hidden within the above quote.

The basic reason why that quote is so important is explained in this previous posting.

Basically, when you are feeling bad and you make decisions or take actions in your life from that bad-feeling state-of-being, you will be inspired (through the Law of Attraction) towards life situations that will match that bad feeling eventually. Abraham say: An unhappy journey leads to an unhappy destination.

But if you make it your priority to get yourself into a good-feeling place first, and then make your decisions or take your actions, you will often find that they are very different decisions or actions...they will be inspired ones - and you will find that they naturally lead the way to increasing joy and happiness.

In a nutshell, put your state-of-being first and let everything else in life flow from that.

It's a never-fail system...perhaps the ultimate system...perhaps even the ultimate answer.

Do you get it now?

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