by Stingray

It's time for me to tell you some harsh truths about manifesting.

You're not expecting that, were you?

Perhaps you were expecting me instead to tell you how you could manifest everything in the next five minutes, or something like that - and then sell you a method to do it?

Well, the truth is that 'quick fix' thinking like that can hurt you. Let me explain why.


I've been personally obsessed with the Law of Attraction since the 1970s. That's a long time. It may even have been longer than you've been alive.

And as you might imagine, I've learned a few things about the Law of Attraction in that time. And one of the main things I've learned is that chasing quick fixes is ultimately a waste of time.

Let me tell you some harsh truths about manifesting because I think you deserve to know the truth...

Harsh Truth #1

Learning to manifest deliberately takes time and effort like any worthwhile skill does

If you have ever tried to play a musical instrument, you probably accepted that you wouldn't become an expert in just a few days or weeks. You understood that it would take time and effort.

People spend years at school or university getting educated, and they never question that it takes time and effort to learn.

But when it comes to genuinely learning the skill of manifesting through the power of your focused thoughts, many of the same people expect immediate results. And then those people end up being disappointed again, and again, and again.

If they don't get immediate results from manifesting, they say it doesn't work. Strange, isn't it?

If you picked up a guitar today for the first time, and if you couldn't play it immediately like a rock star, would you blame the guitar? Or would you just accept that it takes some time and effort to learn how to play?

Learning to manifest your physical reality on purpose is a skill just like just like learning to play a musical instrument is a skill.

These are skills that anyone can learn. You don't need special talents to learn them. But you also won't learn them in a day.

But you can learn it. And you can master it. And your manifesting skills will be with you for as long as you live whenever you need them. They are the most important skills in life that you could ever master.

They can just take a bit of time to learn properly, that's all

Harsh Truth #2

You may run into some problems while you are learning

It's quite possible that you may make some mistakes along the way to you learning to manifest deliberately.

It's been said that a person that doesn't make mistakes, doesn't make anything. 

Whenever you learn any new skill, you are going to mess up sometimes. It's not those who mess up who don't succeed; it's those who give up.

As you develop your manifesting skills, your physical reality will start to change around you - sometimes in unexpected ways. But ultimately, it's always in a way that's best for you in the long run.

When you hit roadblocks or start struggling, wouldn't it be great to get helped along while you are learning the skills of manifesting?

That help could be in the form of

  • clearly explained methods to follow
  • discussion forums where you can ask questions, or see the answers to questions others have asked.
  • perhaps some kind of personal coaching, or watching others being coached and learning from what they learn
  • educational webinars that you can attend and participate in

Some kind of ongoing support will help you get through any tricky times as your life adjusts to how you want it to be. And that support will give you more confidence in your own natural abilities.

Law of Attraction training schools like The Manifesting Lab can help you with this.

Harsh Truth #3

You may have to change some aspects of who you are

Does gravity change to suit us?

If you think it does then throw a heavy object into the air and stand underneath it. You'll probably find that gravity will teach you a painful lesson.

We have to learn to comply with the law of gravity. It won't comply with us. 

It's the same the Law of Attraction. If you want it to work for you. You may have to change some aspects of who you are.

If you are serious about wanting to learn to deliberately manifest, it's a truth that you will have to accept at some point.

Summary of the harsh truths

So there you have it.

These are the main reasons why most people never master Law of Attraction manifesting. 

Most people aren't prepared to face up to these truths.

They keep fruitlessly searching for the next magic method, and the next one, and then the next one. And they never find it because that magic method that always works, doesn't exist.

Instead, what works every single time is steady deliberate learning and practice.

If you have been one of those 'quick fix' people, ask yourself now how your life would be if you decided to commit to doing it the right way instead of the quick way?

To learn these Law of Attraction manifesting skills properly you need to decide to keep steadily going with tried and tested approaches even if things get difficult, and even if you have to change yourself in order to comply with Law of Attraction requirements.

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