by Stingray

Strange, isn't it?

You want to make something positive happen, but it seems so hard and you really have to force it. But when something negative happens, it seems to happen almost by itself.

Why does this strange imbalance exist where the negative is so powerful in comparison to the positive?


The reason this appears to happen is because of where your habitual thoughts are regarding something you want (and this applies to feeling negative and positive too).

If you want something, you want it because you don't have it (obviously).

This means that you must already have an attitude of negativity (or attitude of absence) about it.

How can I be sure?

Simple, because you don't have it. 🙂

If you had the habitual attitude of positivity (or the attitude of presence) about it, it would be in your life right now. That's just the way the Universe works - you can't avoid it.

Momentum of thought

The reason it feels difficult to manifest something positive (from feeling negative about it) is because of the Law of Attraction. Whatever your habitual focus is, the Law of Attraction tends to perpetuate...there is a momentum built up regarding your existing habitual thoughts (also known as beliefs).

So if you have something, the Law of Attraction tends to keep it in your experience (unless you deliberately change your habits of thought about it).

And if you don't have something, the Law of Attraction tends to keep it out of your experience (unless you deliberately change your habits of thought about it).

If instead of focusing on things you don't have, you were to focus on things you do have already and try to de-manifest them, I would then have to write a blog post about how difficult it is to think negatively about things 🙂

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