by Stingray

When manifestations happen that include other people, sometimes people wonder who was really responsible for it.

The short answer is…everyone.

The manifestation is your manifestation because it is in your reality - but it is also the manifestation of everyone else involved.

There is an idea called Culmination Points that explains this concept.

Instead of thinking of manifestations as things that have happened or not happened, try to start thinking of them in terms of culminations of vibrations.

You can actually think of the Law of Attraction as a multi-dimensional sorting machine, like the mechanical ones they used to have to sort letters.


The Law of Attraction is constantly at work sorting and sifting all vibrational projections that are being offered by your consciousness (and the consciousnesses of others), and grouping similar vibrational offerings together.

Every so often, when enough energy has been flowed towards a particular thought (or thought-form, if you like), a physical manifestation results that satisfies many of those vibrational offerings simultaneously - a Culmination Point of many different vibrational projections.

It’s like a vibrational intersecting point of various realities - a bit like different roads going in different directions and meeting as they cross over.


So whose manifestation was it then when there’s more than one person involved?

Well, it manifested for each person involved so it was each individual person’s. But it also couldn’t have happened in this particular form of culmination without each person being involved in some way so it must have been a manifestation for all of them collectively as well.

Ultimately, who gets the credit is an impossible thing to decipher but the idea to take away from this is that manifestations are not so much about you creating something but more about you rendezvous-ing with something.

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