by Stingray

Meditation has become so mainstream now that you often come across celebrities who talk openly about doing it.

Contrast that with, say, 40 years ago when it was considered so weird and wacky that you dare not risk mentioning in public that you engage in such an activity ...I speak from personal experience 🙂

In fact, meditation has become so popular these days that some proclaim it as the answer to almost everything. It reminds me of the old saying that "if you all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail".


Some people then like to suggest that whenever there's a problem, meditation alone can be the answer...even when having problems with the deliberate application of the Law of Attraction.

In some respects, I think those people are right.

I think meditation can be a cure-all.

I use the word "can" there because it seems to me there is an indirect link only between meditation and experiencing positive life experiences (physical manifestations).

Here's how it works...

  • You meditate regularly, meaning you regularly remind yourself of what it feels like to be resistance-free. All negative emotion comes about as a result of thinking resistant thoughts and, therefore, if you choose not to think any thoughts at all ("meditate"), you naturally release the negative emotion (for a while) and become who you really are.
  • That regular meditation habit means that you more and more set up a habit of feeling good by default (alignment with Higher Self). This causes you to become more sensitive towards times when you don't feel good.
  • This habit of feeling good makes it more painful to go back to your old habits of resistant thought. You can still force yourself to go back and think those thoughts if you wish but the contradiction in energy flow, oscillating between free-flow and resistance, will make you feel worse than before when thinking those thoughts.
  • Because it's now more painful to go along with the old habits of resistant thought, you naturally start finding ways to release those old thoughts, or you start engaging in methods to release that increased emotional pain. Effectively, the habit of meditation is forcing you to feel better or else experience serious emotional pain.
  • Because you are releasing those resistant thoughts that originally stopped what you wanted from coming, what you want now starts flowing into your life
  • So it now appears that Regular Meditation = Manifesting What You Want Easily ...even though it wasn't quite that straightforward 🙂

As you can see from the process above, this technique relies on you being willing to give up those old habits of resistant thought and not being willing to experience the serious emotional pain that will come about if you don't let go of them.

Some people, however, for whatever reason, are not willing to "let go" of those resistant thoughts. And now the increased contradiction in energy flow (as a result of regular meditation) will eventually manifest itself in their life as painful, sometimes extreme, life situations.

It's like being stuck, as the saying goes, between a rock and a hard place.

Eventually, something has to give and it's usually the physical body that gives out first. So they get manifestations like heart attacks or strokes, or similar extreme stuff, despite their regular meditations.

Or, alternatively, if you are outwardly-focused, you can be involved in serious accidents or major life crises.

The physical manifestations are just mirroring the inner struggle between one part of you that wants more alignment and another part of you that is refusing to "let go".

Is more meditation better?

So, from what I've said above, I would recommend that if anyone starts a process of regular meditation, they should also be willing to engage in some flexibility of thought i.e. be less rigid about what you believe and be willing to try and experiment with new ideas that flow into your life as your vibrational attitude changes.

As for whether more meditation is better, I wouldn't say that it is.

All you really need is a reminder of what the state of resistance-free is like and you can get that within 15 minutes. I don't personally see any value in keeping yourself in a meditative state beyond that. You projected yourself into this physical reality to experience physical reality, not to hide away in meditative states.

It's like going on vacation to a foreign country and then, instead of exploring the wonders of the new country, just sitting in your hotel room watching satellite TV from home.

Doing that kind of defeats the purpose of the original journey 🙂

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