by Stingray

If you've previously studied ideas about manifesting your physical reality using the power of your thoughts, you'll understand that we often block ourselves (consciously or non-consciously) from getting what we want.

Our established behavior patterns prevent us from receiving our manifestations.

This method, The Resistance Release Method, aims to set you free from limiting thought patterns so you can neutralize negativity and mental blocks.


The "Resistance-Release" Method is the natural follow-up to:

Why do we need yet another method?

All the previous manifesting methods produce effective results. I know because I use them regularly myself in my own life.

But I've noticed that others sometimes have problems getting what they want.

And that's for one reason...

It happens because you have Blocks ("Resistance") in your life that are stopping permanent change from happening. And you've probably had them so long that you've just grown used to them being there.

If you knew consciously that those Blocks were there, you could probably do something about them but they are usually issues that so deeply-rooted within you (often since childhood) that you just don't have an awareness any more that they are standing in the way of your happiness or preventing you manifesting what you want.

You just know something in that area of your life isn't working but you just can't get enough of a grip on it to know precisely how to deal with it.

It's a bit like wearing a pair of new leather shoes before you have broken them in properly. Even though they are just as painful at the end of the day than when you put them on at the start, you have grown so used to the pain that you no longer notice it until you take them off again.

But the problem is that even though you don't feel the pain any more, it is still having an effect on your life by stopping you get what you want...turning off a noisy, irritating fire alarm doesn't mean that the raging fire which started it has been put out 🙂

alt text

Note that what you want doesn't have to be some physical, material thing. It can be as vague as more friendly people in your life, more time to yourself, more calm in your everyday life, or even world peace...whatever you want is okay...even wanting nothing at all is still a want and you can "have" that as well. After all, the desire to be desireless is still a desire.

So wouldn't it be great to have some systematic mechanical approach to re-discover again what all the resistance is in your life so that you can finally deal with it?

Uncover and clean

The "Resistance Release" Method is all about uncovering and then tackling those issues that have become so much a part of you that you don't even realize any more that you have them, or the effect they are having on your life.

The diagram below broadly represents what the method is all about.

Take a look at it closely for a few moments before reading further so you are clear in your mind about exactly what we are trying to achieve.

alt text

Have you ever worked on some emotional issue in your life only to discover later that it has reverted again to how it was before? Have you ever tried to manifest something in your life only to find that everything else seems to come easily to you, except for this particular thing you desperately want?

Why does this happen?

This issue of a subject that seems to "slip back" again even after it has been molded into a better feeling place is something that I've experienced myself a number of times and is something that I've seen happen to others many times too.

Symptoms vs causes

From my experience and research, I think it happens because we have dealt with a symptom of the problem rather than the cause of the problem itself.

For example, we might want to become more wealthy in our lives but the real core issue might be that we feel unworthy of wealth and guilty about being wealthy. So even though we keep moving our vibrational setpoint regarding wealth into a better place, we still don't attract it because the core blockages have not been dealt with.

There can be many supporting emotional drivers/beliefs and, to be sure the symptomatic issue has been finally and permanently resolved, you really need to clean up all those supporting drivers/beliefs.

Correctly identifying those drivers/beliefs is perhaps the trickiest issue of all in manifesting what you want, or releasing painful emotional issues.

After all, how can you systematically analyze a statement like "I want to be wealthy" and deduce from it that it is being blocked by emotional issues such as "I feel unworthy of wealth" or "I feel guilty about having wealth"? There's no obvious link between those statements and different people will have different core issues.

This is exactly what The Resistance Release Method is about.

Once you've correctly identified those supporting drivers/beliefs, you'll find it should be fairly straightforward to mold them into better-feeling places and, not only will that permanently clean up the subject that is bothering you, it will also clean up many other issues in your life that those drivers/beliefs were supporting.

So you'll find that changing just one thing in your life at a deep level may have a knock-on effect of changing many other things.

And, as a by-product, you'll find that once you have cleared up those "core" issues, other processes you use for manifesting what you want, or for bringing about emotional change, will work far more effectively.

Inspirations and influences for this method

A few words before starting 

I know you're keen to get started and having to read masses more text is probably the last thing you want to do right now but there's a few important things I really have to say first to prepare you for what's coming. So bear with me for a while.

To give you as much practical information as quickly as possible, I'm not going to explain much about why this method works but please understand that every step is there for a reason so I recommend you don't skip anything even if you don't see any good reason yet why it is there.

I also recommend you read the entire process through first from beginning to end and understand it thoroughly so you can see where we are heading with this.

Decide upon and practice your clean-up method before you begin

While using this process you are going to need an additional method to help you "clean up" whatever negativity or limitation is uncovered.

And I recommend that after reading this entire process, the first thing you decide is what your "clean up" method is going to be. And then you need to get comfortable with using it quickly and efficiently.

This is important.

Learning to use your clean-up method WHILE you are doing the process will interfere with the effectiveness of the process...


I recommend looking into EFT ("Meridian Tapping") as your primary "clean up" process because it is very fast in neutralizing emotional blocks.

EFT literally takes minutes to learn and there are many places on the internet where you can learn it for free. For example, see all the free videos on YouTube.

The other alternative clean-up approaches, if you are not comfortable with the idea of EFT, are "release" processes like my own Focus Blocks Method. If you are already comfortable with other methods such as The Sedona Method, go ahead and use those.

The point is that once you start on The "Resistance Release" Method, you are going to quickly uncover uncomfortable (perhaps quite painful) limiting beliefs and blocking emotions within yourself and, for best results and least pain, you should clear them out soon after they surface.

Mastering a clearing process at the time you are doing the clearing is only going to get in the way of what you want to do. So prepare now before you start.

Also, for that reason, I recommend you only start the process when you can quietly concentrate and contemplate for at least 30 minutes. As you become familiar with this process, you will be clearing out major problem issues in far less time than that but, for now, take it slow and do it right.

A common pitfall to avoid

This process will quickly uncover and release many "core" negative emotions and limiting beliefs within you, perhaps issues that have kept you feeling trapped for many years in many different parts of your life.

As you do so, you may discover an interesting property of limiting beliefs...they have the power to protect themselves.

You know those situations in your life when you know what you should do but you keep finding reasons not to do it?

Remember those situations where, just as you're about to start, you suddenly find all those interesting TV programmes to watch, people that you feel you need to have a casual chat with right now, seemingly-urgent things you've suddenly discovered need to be done at this exact moment, and so on?

Well, you may encounter many of those "distracting" reasons surfacing as you start studying and implementing this process for different issues in your life.

You're going to start shifting things that have been part of your life for a long, long time - and some of those things have become quite comfortable where they are and will do their best to convince you that they don't need shifting 🙂

You may find yourself telling yourself that this process takes too long, there's too much to read, it's too complicated, or you don't feel like doing it right now, or you're just too tired, or you're just too busy, or....whatever. The diversionary reasons we generate within ourselves can be quite creative!

Anyone else looking at your life situation from the outside would be able to clearly see that you're just avoiding the process for no good reason (because of that ability for limiting beliefs to protect themselves) but to you, in the moment, they will seem like absolutely 100% valid reasons. And those reasons will result in you continually putting off implementing positive changes within yourself and your life.

If you notice this happening to you, don't be concerned.

It's natural.

It happens to a lot of people, including myself.

Just be aware that the reasons you are coming up with for avoiding change within yourself are just "illusions", and push on with this process regardless of them.

Take it one step at a time

I've made this entire process into a step-by-step systematic approach. So just ignore these diversionary tactics within yourself and just focus on getting through the process one step at a time.

Make it your goal to complete the entire process in one go, for each individual issue you have, every time you start it. Don't stop until you complete it for that issue you are trying to tackle.

And don't even start it unless you are willing to make that commitment within yourself and you're able to devote some quiet time to really thinking about the answers to the questions within the process.

You want to create a "habit of completion" for this approach. Whenever you start it, you are going to make yourself finish it, even if you have to force yourself at first.

But if you still find yourself day-after-day constantly putting off doing this process, the limiting belief protection mechanism has probably got you well trapped.

alt text

If that happens to you, don't worry or get upset about it.

That's just the way it goes sometimes.

Try this little trick to give yourself a chance at side-stepping those blocking limitations...

As you fall asleep tonight, vividly imagine yourself getting up tomorrow morning and working through the process. Try and imagine yourself in the picture looking through your own eyes and working through the change process. After a few moments of seeing that image clearly, let it go and fall asleep.

Tomorrow morning as you wake up, you should feel a strong urge for a short time to want to work on the process. Follow that urge as soon as you feel it. Don't allow yourself to be distracted by anything else until you've completed the entire process.

If you don't succeed tomorrow morning, repeat the imagining process again tomorrow night and try again the next morning. And keep trying until you succeed. And make sure that one of the first issues you tackle within yourself is your resistance to doing this "Resistance Release" Method.

No matter how "trapped" you currently feel in your current life circumstances, take heart that you do have the power within yourself to pull yourself out of it.

No matter how much you doubt yourself right now and how bad things in your life seem right now, believe me that it is possible for you to regain absolute total control, transform your life beyond what you ever dreamed was possible, and become whoever you want to be.

I know because I've been there and done it myself ...and I know you can too.

So, with all that said, let's get on with getting what we want...

Flowchart of the method

The flowchart diagram below shows the detailed step-by-step instructions for carrying out the "Resistance Release" Method if you want to do it yourself on paper.

Looks complicated, doesn't it?

That probably looks like the most scary and complex thing you've seen for a long, long time - and you're now probably feeling like you already want to give up before you even begin 🙂

But don't worry!

You probably won't even ever need to look at that diagram in detail because I've created a free online spreadsheet that will take you step-by-step through the process.

All you have to do to use it is fill in the gaps.

It will work for anyone with a normal web browser (you're using one now, aren't you?) so it will work anywhere that you have internet, home, anywhere.

All you need to use the online Resistance Release spreadsheet is a free Google account, which you can set up in a few minutes if you don't already have one. (Google will give you the opportunity to set one up when you try to access the spreadsheet)

This is what the online spreadsheet looks like...

Click here to see this picture at full size 

Resistance Release method blank spreadsheet

And this is where to get your own copy...

➔ You have your own copy of your Resistance Release Method online spreadsheet  ready, which should be found in your own Google Documents area 

➔ You have about 30 minutes to yourself in a quiet place so you can think and feel deeply without distraction or interruption

➔ You are ready to finally change for good. Don't approach this process with a casual attitude. If you are going to use it, use it properly and treat it seriously. Yes, there is going to be a period of discomfort as you become aware of what is holding you back but once it's cleared up, it's cleared up permanently. So you will only have to do this process once for the change you want to bring about - and even that change will affect many others areas of your life. Trading 30 minutes of serious concentration and contemplation now against a future life of peace, joy and happiness is worth the time investment, don't you think?

➔ You've already carefully read through all these instructions at least once from start to finish so you know what to expect

The "optional" column

Optional step

Before beginning Step 1, a quick note about what this optional column in the spreadsheet is about.

As you work your way through this process, thoughts may pop into your head that give you further insights into your situation but are not directly related to this process. It is vital that you don't allow these thoughts to distract you from working systematically through the process but, at the same time, you may want to look at them later because they may contain valuable information.

If unrelated, but important, thoughts such as insights about your life, things you need to do, or vibrational matches you've remembered, do crop up then just type them into this column just to get them off your mind for now. You can look at this column again once you reach Step 8 and are feeling neutral/good about your issue.

Step 1

Step 1

These first questions are all about you being honest with yourself about where you currently stand. They set the scene for the vibrational work that is to come.

There are four questions shown here but, at any time, you will answer only three because the first question is different depending on whether you are trying to manifest something in particular or if you are just trying to feel better about something in your life.

For example, if you are trying to manifest the money to buy a new house, you would answer question (a) and treat the first question as "Why don't I have the money to buy my new house yet?" and list all the reasons why you believe you don't have the money yet

But if you were, say, trying to feel better about your boss shouting at you at work, you would answer question (b) and treat the first question as "How do I know I have a problem with my boss shouting at me?" and you would then list all the ways this behavior affects your life.

Step 2

Step 2

Now for each of the statements you wrote down in the previous step, you now examine what feelings those statements stir up within you.

And, if you can, try and be specific about exactly what that feeling in your body, or emotion is?

For example, does it have a color? A shape? Is it spinning? Use whatever words seem appropriate, there is no right or wrong.

Here you want to give more power to the emotion by clearly focusing upon it so that you get "more into it". We are doing this so that we really get ourselves focused on the issue, just for the duration of this process.

This is crucial for changing it permanently. To change something within yourself for good, you need to get an emotional taste of it first. And by focusing on it in more detail, you bring yourself more and more into alignment with it

Step 3

Step 3

This is going to sound bizarre but if you are doing this process correctly up to now, you should actually be feeling pretty bad right at this moment and this step may make you feel even worse!

It's important that you engage with these blocking feelings and beliefs because, in doing so, you are now in the perfect place to clean them out for good.

While doing this step, and the other steps, memories may suddenly pop up of other occasions that feel similar to this one, or other times in your life that feel similar to now.

It's important to add those memories to List 1 (the first step) and then also ask yourself how each of those memories makes you feel (the second step).

During this process, don't feel you cannot go back to a previous step if you suddenly remember something you want to add. It's important that you record and deal with everything that gets stirred up within you.

It's also important to realize that you don't have to name those feelings. You don't have to describe them using definite words. You can just use whatever phrase sums it up for you (e.g. "that yucky feeling" - or any other appropriate label) just as a placeholder for now

Don't rush through any of these questions because this is where you will get to the absolute root of your "problem"...what your limiting beliefs actually are.

By doing all these steps together in one concentrated session, we are layering painful emotion upon painful emotion, and limiting belief upon limiting belief, and then this puts us in the perfect position to just knock them all down together in one go.

And especially take your time over the following question...

What would I have to believe is true about myself and my relationship to this situation in order to be experiencing these emotions?

It's important with this question that you give yourself adequate time for a response to come.

Spend at least a few minutes pondering this question. If you need to pause this process for a while so you can just quietly reflect on this question then go ahead and do so. The better you answer it, the more effective this process will be.

Just bear in mind that you have probably already stirred up some negativity within yourself so now is not a good time to leave yourself in that state and go do other things in your life.

But if, after a few minutes, you feel within yourself that you really need more time to reflect on this question then stop the process right now and just clean up whatever emotions you have already stirred up.

And then take as long as you need (days, if you must) to allow an answer to this question to come to you from within. The answer is definitely there within you, you just have to let yourself open up to seeing/hearing/feeling it.

This applies to the following two steps also. If you feel within yourself that you need more time to really answer them, follow that inner urging and give yourself more time to reflect.

But be sure that pausing that process though is a rare exception, not what you typically do, otherwise it may just be a symptom of those limiting beliefs protecting themselves again, as mentioned earlier.

Step 4

Step 4

This step, Step 4, and the next one go hand in hand.

This question looks at what you really want to happen in your life right now.

Just be honest with yourself and put down your ideal outcomes. You never need to show these answers to anyone else so just allow yourself to let whatever comes out, come out.

You might even be surprised that, when you really think about it, what you thought you wanted is not what you really wanted.

Step 5

Step 5

Following on from Step 4, this question adds an interesting twist.

Now that we know what you really want to happen, we're now probing to see if you fear anything coming about as a result of you getting what you want.

We often take it for granted that we will always feel good about getting what we want, for example, more money and material things. But is there something deep within yourself that is resisting that?

Again, just be honest and list down anything that comes to mind. Allow that inner part of you to feel safe in saying what it really thinks.

Step 6

Step 6

This step is now a repeat of Step 3 but we are now asking the question about the statements you have written in List 5 from the previous step.

So just add more beliefs here that spring to mind as you contemplate those statements.

Step 7

Step 7

Step 7 is just a repeat of Step 2 but this time is related to what you've come up with in List 3 - the step just before this one.

Feel free to add more items to List 3 if more occur to you while filling in List 2. These two lists really go hand in hand so don't be surprised if they fill up side by side.

Now go ahead and complete both those lists as thoroughly as you can, before reading on.... 

If you've done all this correctly, you now have a complete list of statements (List 3) that don't feel good to you and a list of emotions (List 2) that don't feel good to you, and also a description of those emotions

And, also, if you've done all the previous steps correctly, you will be probably be feeling pretty terrible at this moment!

This is an important checkpoint...if you are not feeling good right now then that is because you are exactly tuned into the "blockage" that has been at the heart of this particular issue in your life

If you are not feeling bad at this point, you're doing something wrong with this process.

Resistance always feels bad

It could be that you've not identified the resistance properly (go back and check you've fully answered the questions) or it could be that you are not allowing yourself to feel the negative emotion for some reason.

If you find yourself dissociating from the pain, just be aware that even though you may not be allowing yourself to feel it, it will still be responsible for attracting and manifesting in your life.

It's like hearing a fire alarm going off in the building you are in and putting in ear plugs to block the noise. Just because you're not allowing yourself to hear the alarm, it doesn't mean that the building is not burning down around you 🙂

If you really want to change for good, you've got to let the "blockage" surface for a short time so it can be cleared out. The relief of finally letting it go will be well worth the small period of discomfort.

Remember that you've already prepared yourself before you started this process with your change method, like EFT or Focus Blocks, so the discomfort should really be short-lived

If you are genuinely feeling bad right now then that's good news because that feeling tells you that you are now looking directly at the things that have kept you imprisoned up to now

Now break away from this process for a while to apply your chosen clean-up method and let all those limiting beliefs (and emotions) go!

Once you're able to read back all the statements in List 2 (Step 2 / Step 7) and all the emotions in List 3 (Step 3/ Step 6) and still feel neutral about them, you're done with this step.

Feeling neutral doesn't mean you have to like what is written there, it just means you must have no negative emotional reaction to the words. If they have been neutralized, they will feel like just hollow words (like at a distance from you) instead of words that have some power over you.

EFT is a particularly good process for applying to List 2 while Focus Blocks is ideal for List 3.

You should find that clearing just one of the lists should usually clear everything in the other list too.

Keep repeating your clearing process until you reach this state of neutrality about the lists.

After that, carry on with Step 8

The "real" step 7

This section is optional reading. Just go straight to Step 8 below if you want to skip it

This section is not essential to know to use the "Resistance Release" process. You are free to skip it now and never even read it at all

You might have noticed something a little puzzling about this whole "Resistance Release" Method.

Isn't it strange that this method apparently relies on some other method to work, such as EFT or Focus Blocks?

"So what's going on here?", you might be saying. "What kind of a con trick is Stingray trying to pull on us?! He's just wrapped a few questions around an existing method and is claiming it is something new. What's the deal here?? I want my money back!"

It certainly does look a bit fishy, doesn't it? 🙂

Well, let me explain.

When you first start doing changework of this kind, it's easy to approach methods like this one with preconceived notions and ideas that there is effort involved in getting results.

In our action-oriented world, we have been so conditioned (more like brainwashed actually) to believe that to achieve some kind of change, we must do something that involves some kind of effort. "No pain, no gain", they tell you.

And some people who are new to these kinds of ideas (you might even be one of them) are going to have that "gain equals pain" belief fairly well ingrained within'll know if that's you because you'll find yourself looking for something to do in order to change the beliefs and emotions you have identified.

In other words, it won't be enough for you to just have identified the beliefs and just have me tell you to "let them go".

But nevertheless, I have to say, that is honestly all you really need to do, just let them go 🙂

Your intent is everything

Everything else you do in addition to that is really just one part of you giving permission to another part of you for a change to occur.

Pretty deep, huh?

And it might be making your mind spin just thinking about it. I did mention that this section was optional reading, didn't I? 🙂

You see it is quite possible to reach a stage where once you simply notice that you have a limiting belief, you just decide that it no longer serves you and you release it immediately...all in the wink of an eye...all without any effort whatsoever.

Just the mere act of noticing a limiting belief and noticing how absurd it is that this belief should play any part in your life is all that you really need to kick off this automatic releasing process.

You might even find this happening to you right now in the original Step 7 (above) when on discovering the limiting beliefs you have identified, they seem so silly to you that you just decide within yourself there and then that they have no further part to play in your life.

In that case, you'll find that you are free of them in an instant without even applying EFT or Focus Blocks (or anything else). You might not see any physical evidence there and then that they are gone, but they have.

When you reach this stage, you'll be using the real Step 7...Effortless Change...That is the real "Resistance Release" Method at work.

So then, you see, this Resistance Release Method is actually a complete method in itself.

Other methods such as EFT or Focus Blocks are actually just training wheels to eventually help you reach the point where you can instantly let go of limiting beliefs as soon as you notice you have just identify, release and move on...effortlessly.

But don't berate yourself if you are not there yet, or if you don't get there for a while, or even if you never get there at all.

What's important is that you now have a systematic method for releasing limiting beliefs even if it takes you a little bit longer because you need to use an additional method like EFT or Focus Blocks to clear them out.

Be kind to yourself - it's better to be able to gently and methodically change into whatever person you wish to be than to be constantly angry or frustrated at yourself for not being able to do it instantly.

This is not a race. There's no prize for getting there a few minutes earlier than everyone else.

What's important is that you get there at all!

In any case, there's something else to consider regarding these beliefs of yours that you are wanting to eliminate. You see, your limiting beliefs are not really the enemies you might think they are. They exist because at some point in your life, they had something to offer you.

If you really look into them closely, you might even see that what is limiting to you now might have actually been supporting you back then in some way through some, perhaps painful, life experience.

It's just that you've now moved on from that place in your life and, like old friends with whom you no longer have anything in common, it's just time to move on and let them be.

Step 8

Step 8

This step will change where your thoughts go to by default when you think about this subject and you should only attempt it when you feel clear about your issue.

This is an important step because even though we have now cleared out the "blockage" to what you want or what you want to feel better about, we need to make sure you make it as difficult as possible for yourself to drift back into old habitual thought patterns.

Because you have now released a lot of negativity and limitation, you should now have vibrational access to better-feeling thoughts about this subject that you couldn't access before. So now is the time to take advantage of that.

Start listing, as quickly as you can, anything good you can now see about your current situation. If the process has succeeded, you should find this relatively easy to do.

I find that there are really two kinds of approaches you can take to listing good-feeling thoughts about your current situation.

The first is good-feeling memories from your past that are related to the current situation...TouchstonesTouchstones are described in more detail here.

The second is good-feeling thoughts from your present that are related to the current situation...Positive AspectsPositive Aspects are described in more detail here.

This column is the first one in the spreadsheet because if you ever revisit or reread this issue, this column should be truly representative of how you now feel about this subject.

Next to this column (the "Optional" column) are some of the thoughts that cropped up while you were working your way through this process. Now would also be a good time to reread some of the things you have written in there.

From your new better-feeling place about this topic, you are now well placed to decide whether you wish to follow-up on anything that you've written here or whether you feel those thoughts and actions that occurred to you are now no longer relevant.

Final thoughts

You've now been through the entire process - there is nothing more you need to do for this issue in your life.

If the process has succeeded, you will find that you should feel completely neutral about the things you have typed into List 2 ("Emotions/Body Feelings") and List 3 ("Supporting Beliefs").

And List 6 (Touchstones / Positive Aspects) should be more representative of how you now feel.

You're now free of the resistance!


So what happens now?

If you were using this process to clear out some negativity/limitation towards a Manifesting Box request, you can now finalize that request and release it and you should start seeing vibrational matches in your life quickly...certainly within two weeks.

If you were using this process to change some negativity or negative behavior within yourself, you should similarly see results within a couple of weeks - probably much, much sooner - sometimes hours, sometimes immediately. You might find yourself behaving differently in typical situations that trigger your previously-negative responses, or you might notice others behaving differently towards you.

Just relax and let your life show you the evidence of what has changed when the time is right. I've been playing with these kinds of manifesting ideas for a number of years now and it still often surprises me how unexpectedly things can come about, or how differently I suddenly behave in a previously triggering situation.

So you've done all you need to do now.

Just get on with your life and enjoy whatever happens.

One final tool you may wish to consider using from now on, if you are not already doing so, is committing to an on-going schedule of daily meditation. Just 15 minutes a day of clearing your mind is really all you need to help solidify all the changes that this process is bringing about.

There's really nothing magical or mystical about meditating - you are just stopping all your conscious thoughts for a that includes all the negative/limiting ones as well.

Meditation just gives you time daily to re-experience what it feels like to "feel good" again so that if you should start to "feel bad" for some reason, it becomes more obvious to you much more quickly, so you can do something about it more quickly.

Regular daily meditation is a way of re-sensitizing your emotional system on a daily basis (like giving it a daily clean) and it will enhance the results you get from this Resistance Release Method even further.

If you don't know how to meditate and you wish to learn a bit about it, here are some good instructions.

That's all folks.

Have fun.

Be Happy.

Feel Good For No Reason 🙂

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