by Stingray

Quite often, with these manifesting methods, it becomes important to get into the feeling of something. 

That's fine if you've had a similar experience before because you can just rekindle the memory of it.

But what if you want to get into the feeling of something when you don't know what it will feel like to experience it?


Personally, I don't find the "standard" answer of "Use Creative Visualization" much help with trying to get into the feeling of what I want.

I prefer to use memories of things that have already happened to me. They feel more real to me.

Everybody has many such usable memories available even if they think they don't, as I'll explain below. Just through being alive, you'll accumulate enough useful memory material.

Memory snippets of 'real life'

For a few years before Focus Blocks, I used to keep many lists of, what Abraham calls, Touchstones to get into the feeling of what I wanted. These are just brief snippets of memories that made me feel (even if just for a brief moment) how I now want to dominantly feel.

For example, let's say I feel poor right now and I want to get into the feeling of being wealthy. I would start coming up with brief snippets of occasions when I felt prosperous...even if unintentionally at the time.

So, for me (and these are real-life touchstones I am remembering right now while writing this), I would have listed memories like:

Paying off bank loan

Phoned up the bank after I suddenly received all that money
Told the cashier over the phone that I wanted to pay off the entire loan now
She said it would be better to keep the loan going because of the interest payments structure
Told her I didn't care. Just pay it off.
She sounded surprised and impressed
Felt really prosperous


Amex Centurion Card

Got home
Large black package waiting for me
It's from American Express
Seems important. Wonder what it is
Oh, they've given me a Black Card. Wow


Hong Kong Holiday

Flying out last-minute to Hong Kong for Christmas
Staying in the best hotel I can find
Everything's so luxurious here
Amazing that all this cost me nothing because of that intuitive stockmarket trade
Life is great

...and so on..there are many, many more coming to mind as I think of them.

Each touchstone is just a few sentences long - just enough to re-evoke the good-feeling memory. You don't linger on them, just grab the good feeling from it and move onto reading or writing the next one. And, thanks to the Law of Attraction, the more you look for them, the more you will find.

Everybody has touchstones

Your own memories will obviously be different to mine but everybody has those moments that make them feel great regarding a subject they are thinking only has to be the briefest moment in time that you are capturing.

So even someone in extremely poor health will have moments when they felt good about their health for some reason (even very, very briefly)...perhaps the Doctor found that a test result was slightly better than expected and it gave you a feeling of relief for just a moment...those are the moments to capture and give attention to.

Your life is a reflection of what you dominantly give your attention to, so by deliberately giving attention to good-feeling things, you must, by universal law, attract more of them.

Remember that you are never after the physical item/thing/manifestation itself, you are always after how it will make you feel.

And, everybody, no matter how miserable or limiting a life they believe they are leading right now will have many such snippets of joy/happiness available to focus on.

Initially, it may be hard to think of them (especially if you are not used to thinking of happy times), but the more you capture them and focus on them, the more will come to mind.

And, doing this, will naturally manifest more such touchstone events into your daily life anyway for you to focus on in future (so note them down when they happen!) the whole process becomes easier and easier as you apply it more and more.

As I hinted at the start, before Focus Blocks, this was my primary way of manifesting what I wanted...just making lists of occasions with similar feelings, reading over them regularly to make me feel great about that subject, and then just letting new good-feeling manifestations come in response to them.

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