by Stingray

It is sometimes shocking to people when they first realize what the limits to manifesting really are.

And that's because there are none 🙂

The rule of thumb concerning manifestational limits is this...

If you can imagine it, you can manifest it.


Yes, that might at first seem shocking or outrageous but if you think it through logically it must be the case.

All that a physical manifestation is, is a thought with which you have come so into alignment that the physical representation of it materializes within your physical reality.

In other words, it is a thought that you have thought so often that it has become dominant within your has become a belief.

Your physical reality is an exact, absolutely exact, mirror of the beliefs you hold about it.

Now the thing is that any thought can become a dominant thought (i.e. a belief) just need to apply your favorite manifesting process to come into alignment with it.

So if any thought can become dominant, it must mean you can manifest whatever you can think i.e. whatever you can imagine. You can't escape this conclusion if you think it through.

Where are the impossibles?

So why don't we see people manifesting the impossible all around us?

It's simply because that to meet those people and experience the evidence of their manifestational impossibilities, you need to be a vibrational match to them first.

And if you already believe certain things are not possible, then you are not a vibrational match to those people who can do them, and you won't see them so you won't believe they exist even more, and so the Law of Attraction will simply bring you more evidence of your belief that they don't exist.

That property of the Law of Attraction, that it brings you evidence of any belief you hold about anything, makes it rather tricky to prove anything conclusively in this world, don't you think? 🙂

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