Why are positive thoughts so much stronger then negative ones?
by Stingray

To understand why positive thoughts are so much stronger than negative ones, I find it helpful to think of Big Guys and Little Guys

In the picture above, the Big Guy represents your Broader/Higher Self that is the accumulation of countless lifetimes of experience (i.e. focused thought) and the Little Guy represents the Physical Self in your current incarnation.

Together, the Big Guy and Little Guy make up the whole You - each represents a different focusing perspective.

If the picture was to scale, then the Big Guy would be way bigger than shown here but this is just for purposes of illustration.

If you consider that every 17 seconds, a focused uncontradicted thought expands into something “bigger” then it should be clear that the attractive power - “attraction” as in Law of Attraction - of the Big Guy (and his many lifetimes of focused thought) should absolutely dwarf the attractive power of the Little Guy…and it does.

Consider now what positive thought and negative thoughts actually are…

  • Positive thoughts happen when the Big Guy and Little Guy are focusing together in the same way regarding a particular subject

  • Negative thoughts happen when the Big Guy and Little Guy are focusing in different ways regarding a particular subject

When the Big Guy and Little Guy are focusing differently, the Little Guy is effectively going-it-alone and doesn’t have the support of the Big Guy so his attractive power is massively less.

With the support of the Big Guy, the Little Guy’s attractive power is huge.

Positive thoughts have massively more power behind them than negative thoughts

This is why so many religions and philosophies stress the need for alignment with the bigger, broader “You”. Getting the Big Guy to back you up will always get you what you want more quickly.

But the twist here is that the Big Guy isn’t going to do what the Little Guy wants. He’s always just going to focus in his own way (based upon his lifetimes of accumulated experience) so if the Little Guy wants his help, it’s the Little Guy who will have to change his focus.

In other words…

Your Physical Self has to find ways to align with your Broader Self. It won’t work the other way around

There is more information here.

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