by Stingray

Manifesting something you really need is a difficult and tricky business. I would classify it as the advanced level of manifesting.

It’s like the difference between practicing a shot in tennis when you are by yourself and you can take your time with it, repeating it again and again until you get it right, compared to performing the same shot when there’s a huge global crowd focused on you while playing in a televised championship final against a world-class opponent.

It’s always better to start manifesting with easy, simple things and then gradually build up to “championship” standard.

I started off many years ago, as many people do, with manifesting simple things like parking places in busy areas. Once you get good at this, you start manifesting empty tables at busy restaurants or empty seats on busy trains.

Then gradually move your skill level up to things that you believe are harder to manifest. (Those things are not really harder to manifest from the Universe’s perspective, it’s just that you believe they are)

One time, I saw a great-looking expensive sports car in a movie. To buy it would have cost me more than my annual salary at the time but I decided I wanted to manifest it.

And it did eventually come a few years later (I was still getting the hang of the various processes that today are second nature to me), and I happily drove that car for years. 

It was a constant reminder to me that nothing is impossible, even if you think it is at the moment of having the desire.


The ability to shift beliefs so that things that feel “impossible” can start to feel “possible” is perhaps one of the greatest manifesting skills you can develop. 

That attitude-shift can bring you anything you want in life. But it can take some time (and practice) to become good at it.

Most people will accept they have to spend years of systematic practice and training to play a musical instrument well. But when it comes to creating a wonderful life through focused thought, they expect it to come by doing nothing at all (regarding their habitual thought patterns). 

And they often also expect it all to come immediately. And when it doesn't all come immediately by doing nothing, they will invest much more time in telling everyone else that the manifesting processes don't work 🙂

Start small, take it easy, and take your time. Get good at the little things and the big things (when you really need them) will take care of themselves.

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