Can anyone develop superhuman abilities?
by Stingray

Does everyone have superhuman abilities, or can anyone develop them?

From my point of view, the answer is absolutely, yes.

But that answer comes with one condition… once we possess those abilities, we wouldn’t consider them to be superhuman, just human.

It goes back to that idea about making the unusual just a normal everyday thing which was mentioned here:

One thing I’ve discovered over many years of being involved with these Law of Attraction/Manifesting ideas is that the more I keep my big mouth shut about my results, the more results I get It’s an idea I first heard back in the '90s from Orin and DaBen and Abraham also express the same concept in the form of The Next Logical Step. First off, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with going around telling everyone you manifested this or that. But if, while you are doing that, you are doing so from…

When I think of the word superhuman, I tend to think of the Jedi Knights in the original Star Wars film saga (not the new Disney-influenced movies).

Someone once directly asked Bashar if it was possible for us to manifest the abilities of the Jedi.

Here is a snippet of what was said:

How would I do the supernatural things that they [Jedi Knights] do - the things that society would deem supernatural that I…                                      

[ interrupting ] Oh, you mean, the things that they do that come naturally to them when they operate on a higher frequency? Well, operate on a higher frequency.   

And how do I do that?                                                                                          

I already told you                                                                                                       

Follow my highest passion?                                                                                


[Source: Bashar - 15 Minutes & Counting, 2009]

And here is a recent quote from Korolla, another collective of channelled beings:

We are 12th dimensional in nature, and we are aware of "greater universal structures", perhaps is the best way to say it.                                                         

And you are embarking on an opportunity that allows you to bring more Light into your field to connect with some of the universal architecture. When you connect with the architecture, you can run more energy throughout the entire field. You’re completing energetic circuits.                                                              

And yes, this does allow you to have some of the gifts and abilities that appear in your comic books and in your movies. So that you can levitate, so that you can foresee the future because you’re able to shift your energy to another Now moment that perhaps you are not standing on - but yet you’re not moving your body, you’re simply moving your consciousness to this Now moment and it appears that you are psychic or precognitive in nature.                                         

So these are gifts, skills and abilities that you will continue to develop as you heighten your frequency, as you release your fears and worries, doubts, shames, blames, guilt, your judgments in general.                                                 

As you do this, you elevate your overall frequency. And you will know the things that you need to do to purify your body, the kinds of foods that you need, the kinds of behaviors that you need to undertake in order to put your physical body in better alignment with the energies that you begin to access.                             

This is coming within the next several years for you all so know that it’s nothing that will be arduous, it is nothing that will be outrageous. It will simply be the next unfolding moment - the thing that you do for yourself that you don’t think about.                                                                                                                      

[Source: Korolla, March 2022]

Basically, the rule of thumb that Abraham have always stated is that if you can imagine it, you can manifest it, because any thought can made into a dominant thought which then creates your reality according to that thought.

So the fact that we can imagine those abilities must mean that, given sufficient alignment, we must be able to manifest them. It’s just a question of adjusting your vibrational frequency.

The only things we cannot manifest then are those we cannot imagine, but since we cannot imagine them, we probably wouldn’t even know they exist to not be imagined, if you see what I mean.

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