parallel realities
by Stingray

All of reality is static - in all dimensions, not just 2D or 3D.

It is your consciousness perceiving static frames in succession that gives an illusion of movement.

All those parallel reality lives are living their own independent parallel reality lives even though your consciousness is not engaging with them.

For example, think of a satellite/cable TV broadcast service where there are hundreds/thousands of channels being broadcast.

Even though you are not tuned into the hundreds/thousands of TV channel broadcasts, they are still broadcasting.

At any moment, you can choose to switch your TV to one of those broadcasts and engage your consciousness with it (“watch the programme”) but when you switch to another channel, the original channel carries on broadcasting.

It is your choice in what order you wish to view the channels (if at all). So you can have an entire day’s worth of TV watching that is unique to you because you viewed the channels in your own unique order e.g. maybe you watched game show, after watching the news, after watching a film.

Another person might have a completely different experience with the same set of channels e.g. watching a film, after a game show, after the news.

So to come back to the main point, all those static frames form part of a theoretically-infinite set of parallel reality lives all existing simultaneously with your own, and having their own experiences. It is your consciousness that dictates what you personally experience with any of them and for how long.

The way I try to simplify these ideas for people is to relate it to an old TV show called Quantum Leap:

In the TV series, the hero’s consciousness keeps leaping into others’ lives for a while, engages with that life, and then leaps to another life. But the original life carries on living - it doesn’t need his consciousness to be there to keep it going.

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