by Stingray

Looking for a mental workout that will boost your mind power?

I’m going to suggest something that you may not have considered but, hopefully, after a bit of explanation, you’ll see the importance of it.

It is, after all, pretty much what I do in all my spare time…and I’ve been doing it for years…and it has worked wonders for me in giving myself good “mental workouts” and thereby growing stronger (mentally) everyday.

Here is the ultimate mind-power-boosting strategy…

Learn something about everything

Yes, Thomas Huxley, you really could learn everything about something as well, if you want…but that may take up a little more time than you currently have available.

The question then is why will doing this contribute to “working out” your mind?

Consider that the Brain and the Mind are actually two separate components, even though most people use the words interchangeably.

Your Brain is actually the physical organ of the Mind.

It is actually the transmitter and receiver of “Mind”. And how well the “Mind” is transmitted/received depends on the quality of that transmitter/receiver i.e. the physical brain.

It’s like a good quality TV being able to display a better picture than a poor quality TV even though they are both tuned into the same channel.

And how do you improve the quality of the Brain’s transmitting/receiving apparatus?


Focus it on as many different subjects as possible.

Stimulating your brain by focusing it upon many varied subjects stimulates different parts of its sending/receiving apparatus.

You can think of it as opening up different wavelengths that were not available before. It is like having more channels to tune into…you have more “Mind” transmissions available to watch on your mental TV set.

As the Brain allows more “Mind” to flow easily through it, you effectively become “smarter”.

Just pick subjects you know nothing about and learn something about them…the more different and diverse the subjects are, the better.

I’ve specialized in everything (to name a few) from Quantum Mechanics to Ancient Greek History, from Composing Music to Mountain Biking, from Creative Writing to 10-Pin Bowling. The list is ever-growing. 

Don't be intimidated if some of the subjects you pick are quite tricky at first to get your head around. Difficult things can be good for you.

The more different parts of your brain that become active (through exposing it to different subjects and ideas), the more “Brain Power” you’ll find manifesting for yourself.

So that’s my suggestion for your mental workouts… study anything and everything that remotely catches your interest, and especially if it is something you know little or nothing about.

If nothing else, you’ll become a more interesting person at parties.

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