by Stingray

Wouldn't it be great to feel "infinite intelligence" flowing strongly through you?

Rather than life feeling like a boring intellectual exercise in daily survival, wouldn't it be great to really feel like you are a powerful force in the Universe - like you are really making a difference?

One approach I've evolved into over the years which lets me feel that way is what, if I had to name it, I would call the Superhero Method.


You just basically go through your life as usual and, should the opportunity arise to do a random act of kindness for a complete stranger, just do it.

You could help an old lady with her shopping bags, maybe flag down a taxi for someone who isn't getting noticed, give a beggar an unexpectedly large sum of money, or even write a particularly helpful message on this website!

Do it when you feel inspired, not out of a sense of sacrifice or obligation.

Who was that?

But the twist is that you then vanish without trace before being thanked (if you do it in person) or otherwise do it completely anonymously.

At first when you do this sort of thing it causes your ego, the "I", or the part that separates you from that feeling of Infinite Intelligence, to really get confused. After all, you are doing these things with absolutely no possibility of being recognized or being thanked or being given any credit.

In essence, you are acting just like Infinite Intelligence would act.

Keep this up and, over a period of time, you can really start to feel a much broader part of you shining through you in everything you do - that "Infinite Intelligence" ...and you can even find yourself just acting as a conduit for Infinite Intelligence to flow through and manifest things on behalf of others.

Interesting things can start happening in your life when you take yourself or your-Self out of it.

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