by Stingray

Yes, it can be overwhelming to get started with all this stuff about Law of Attraction, Reality Creation and Manifesting.

The ideas seem so simple, yet there's also a lot of subtleties involved that can trip you up if you are not paying attention.

It's understandable if you're feeling confused and uncertain about where to begin.

So let's get back to basics and figure out what a good starting point for you would be.


The main idea to understand is that whenever you are feeling lost or confused or uncertain or anything other than positive, it's for one reason only...

...there is a "disconnect" between the physical You and the non-physical You.

Every Law of Attraction process that exists, or will ever exist, is about helping you "reconnect" the two You's.

I put the words "disconnect" and "reconnect" in quotes because you can never really completely disconnect and, because of the way physical reality is set up, you can never really completely reconnect.

But bearing in mind that basic strategy, you now need to find some way of thinking or something to do that helps you with that reconnection. Because when you are reconnected, your life starts to magically sort itself out and clear itself up with relatively little physical effort on your just naturally happens.

When one holds the frequency of a connected and harmonized Self, your world around you must re-condense and re-mold automatically to match that new frequency.

So your question now becomes something along the lines of "What should I do to manage that reconnection most effectively?"

Dr Stingray's prescription

It's hard to prescribe a particular process to you without talking with you directly, but the key is that whatever process works for you (for now) will make you feel a lot better, very quickly.

If you don't feel better quickly from using a process, ditch it for now and try something else. As you gradually feel better and better, different processes will seem to fit you better...just stick to the same principle of using whatever works quickly for you.

If I was to choose just one process out of all the ones I know that would work most effectively for the most people when starting out, it would be daily meditation....meditation in this sense meaning just slowing down or stopping your thoughts for a short period of time (not more than 10-15 minutes a day).

Applied correctly, meditation will almost force you to find other companion processes to help you stay in the good-feeling place that the meditation habit will lead you into.

Meditation, carrots & sticks

Meditation in that sense becomes both a carrot and a stick. The carrot is the promise of feeling good for periods during the day, the stick is the extra pain you will feel from allowing yourself to sink back into previous disempowering habits of thought.

To understand why this happens, take a look at the post on Meditation and Manifesting

An unexpected further bonus of meditation is that it starts to increase your intuitive abilities because you are strengthening the connection between the two Yous.

And as your intuitive faculties improve, you start to get impressions and ideas as to which way to go next on your path of (re)awakening to who you really are. You start to trust your inner guidance more and you start to develop an unshakeable faith in your own abilities to make your life the way you want it.

That's not a bad place to end up ...and, over a period of time, it makes you feel invincible 🙂

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