woman excited about chocolate cake
by Stingray

What has chocolate cake got to do with deliberate manifesting and the Law of Attraction? Well, everything. And I'm about to explain why....

So, really, who does not love chocolate cake? You might think that chocolate cake has nothing to do with manifesting, but it does. It goes right to the core of everything.

Chocolate cake rules manifesting (as well as waistlines). Let me explain how.


When you see that chocolate cake and you want to eat it, but you don't allow yourself to eat it, you put yourself in a state that's called yearning.

It's like there's a tinge of sadness about wanting it but not being able to have it.

Now that yearning is different to appreciating.

Appreciating is when you stare at that chocolate cake and you appreciate the look of it, the deliciousness of the taste, the beautiful way it's been created. So many things to appreciate about it.

But there's no tinge of sadness about it. It's not that you are upset in any way that you're not eating it. And that comes down to the absolute core of manifesting.

Yearning blocks manifestations

When you are yearning after that chocolate cake, when you want it but tell yourself that you can't have it, that is blocking not only the manifestation of your chocolate cake, but the manifestation of so many other things in your life.

The attitude of yearning blocks manifestations. 

When you appreciate that chocolate cake instead, you are in a flow state where you are allowing the manifestation of eating that chocolate cake to enter your reality. And you're allowing other things into your reality as well. 

Yearning vs Appreciating is the same as Absence (of what you want) vs Presence (of what you want) in manifesting.

The next time you take a look at something you want but you have a tinge of sadness about not being able to have it yet, switch it over to the appreciation side. Just appreciate the thing instead - don't yearn after it.

And then watch how much your manifestations improve in all areas of your life.

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