The Power of 17 Seconds
by Stingray

Abraham have a manifesting principle that seems incredible, even unbelievable, to many people when they first hear about it.

They say that every 17 seconds, a thought you are focused upon builds in momentum (attractive power), but not in a linear way. Instead, it builds in an exponential way.

Abraham say that…

  • 17 seconds of pure thought is worth 2,000 hours of physical action (about 1 year)

  • 34 seconds of pure thought is worth 20,000 hours of physical action (about 10 years)

  • 51 seconds of pure thought is worth 200,000 hours of physical action (about 100 years)

  • 68 seconds of pure thought is worth 2,000,000 hours of physical action (about 1,000 years)

Once you’ve reached 68 seconds, you’ve gone past the energy requirements for something to physically manifest.

So why are you working so hard?

The Power of 17 Seconds

Remember that these time indications apply to pure (uncontradicted) thought only.

Abraham have said that most people rarely get past the 8 second point without a contradiction in thought. For example: “I want a new red car but I don’t know how to get it”

As regards this principle of 17 seconds of pure thought, I’ve never found any evidence in my life to suggest it isn’t valid.

I even live my life in such a way that bad-feeling thoughts never build in momentum because I don’t focus on them (purely) for more than 17 seconds. I call this approach to life, “17 Second Living”.

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