by Stingray

When you become good at deliberately manifesting your future, it can feel like you're living in two different worlds as your new reality starts to take shape.

In one world, you've got the current reality you are living right now and in the other is the desire you want to manifest.

When you are at that tipping point between worlds, it can seem like your focus is oscillating wildly backwards and forwards.

And it can be surprisingly painful (from an emotional point of view) as you see your world with, and then without your wanted desire.

Some people seem to think that they can actually be living in both those worlds simultaneously. But in Earth-based physical realities, this cannot be true.

You cannot focus here into two different vibrations at once. Your consciousness can only focus on one thing at a time.

Some people claim they can multi-task by having their focus in different places simultaneously, but all they are really doing is switching their attention rapidly.

You can demonstrate this for yourself by trying a little exercise:

  1. Concentrate deeply on your big toe (of either foot).
  2. Feel it getting warmer and warmer as you focus more and more on it.
  3. Start to feel the tingling sensation as blood rushes into your big toe as a result of your attention on it, and gently relaxes it.
  4. Try and feel your entire consciousness actually settling inside it.
  5. It might take you a few minutes of gentle focus and relaxation before you experience this.
  6. Once you get there, stay there (with all your attention on your big toe) for a minute or two before reading on.


Now that your focus has settled on your big toe, shift your concentration to the end of your nose in a similar way as described in the above exercise.

You should now feel quite a definite shift in your (singular) attention as it moves from your big toe to the end of your nose. No matter how hard you try, you won't be able to focus your attention on the end of your nose and your big toe simultaneously.

No amount of multi-tasking will let you focus on both at once.

I hope I've proved my point.

Having established now that you cannot live in two physical realities simultaneously because you cannot focus in two different ways simultaneously, we hit upon a major obstacle that many people encounter when trying to physically manifest what they want.

And that problem is noticing that you don't have what you want yet.

If your focus can only be in one place at a time, you can either be focused on the reality with your manifestation in it (what you want) or the reality that has the absence of your manifestation i.e. your current reality.

But the way that the universe works is that if you keep your focus on the absence of what you want, you manifest more of the absence of what you want i.e. you don't get your manifestation.

It's just the Law of Attraction working perfectly in every moment as it always has, and always will.

So this is quite a problem because it means that in thinking about what we want, we risk blocking it coming.

And what is the solution? Well it's pretty simple really.

Set yourself the goal of only using manifestation processes to feel better about the thing you are trying to manifest, but never to actually manifest it

...or, to put it another way...

Seek your enjoyment from the envisioning of your desire, not the final physical manifestation of it

If your only goal is to feel better about something you want, not to physically manifest it, all the resistance to manifesting what you want vanishes immediately because you are not noticing the absence of your manifestation.

Instead, you are noticing the presence of your good feeling about the manifestation which, in vibrational terms, still has a (hidden) direct link to your manifestation.

So you are focusing on your manifestation without really thinking about it, and thereby avoiding the risk of creating the absence of it i.e. keeping it away.

This is a sneaky way around the problem, don't you think? And it works really well.

In other words, if you enjoy the journey to the thing you want, you'll actually find it easier to manifest the thing you want.

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