by Stingray

Why is it important that you don't get used to feeling good? There's nothing wrong with that, if you want to get used to feeling good and you don't really have any excitement from feeling good.

But there is something I've noticed again and again, a little cycle that occurs. And I've noticed it within myself. I've noticed it within other people. I don't spend a lot of time thinking about names. This one I literally spent one second thinking about. So, let's call it the Crisis-Thrill Cycle.

The Crisis-Thrill Cycle is a cycle where you go from crisis to thrill. So what happens is, you're living your life and it's kind of a typical life. You do whatever you do during the day and you come back and do whatever you do and then go to sleep and then get up the next day and do whatever. And that's fine. Most of the world lives that way. You don't need to know any vibrational stuff. You're just living your life.

But I suspect you, and certainly me, the only reason that we're interested in these ideas is because at some point, a crisis of some kind has occurred. And that crisis is where your life usually is in some turmoil to such an extent that even though the rest of the world, the rest of the people around you are telling you that all there is to life is getting up, making some money and going on holiday and eating this and drinking that and then going back to bed and waking up and doing the same thing.

For you, that answer is not good enough. There's something within you that says there's something more to it.

So the crisis causes you to go on this search. And for most people, or at least for the people in the Manifesting Lab, that search has led them to these metaphysical ideas, these Law of Attraction ideas, that are not new. They've existed since human thought has existed. 

They've just been rebranded as Law of Attraction but really these are eternal ideas. This crisis takes you to this idea of 'You create your reality' and you start to delve into reality creation. You tend to get involved with all these methods and you go around the internet and everyone's saying that my technique will get you this stuff. You sign up for that thing and then next person says, oh, but mine will do this. You sign up to the next thing and then you go around and you can spend years finding all these little methods.

I kind of call them hacks to fix little things in your life. So you've got a hack to get a new relationship, a hack to get more money, whatever. There's all these little hacks. Sooner or later, you may end up in a place like the Manifesting Lab and someone like me moaning at you saying there's more to life than even these hacks.

You then start to get involved in this Law of Attraction stuff and maybe you then start to do some vibrational work as we like to call it, which is nothing more than feeling good and just getting tuned into who you really are.

You do this vibrational work and you start to get good at it. Then literally your life becomes thrilling. So you've gone from the idea of the crisis to the idea of the thrill because as you do your vibrational work, stuff starts to manifest.

Things you've wanted for many years start to appear in your life. You start to really get an idea of how this reality creation stuff works and you finally get your manifestations, you get the relationships, the money, the health, whatever it is you're after.

And then what happens? Well, because you've got all your stuff and your current reality looks really good now, you start to observe current reality a lot more than you should. You let your vibrational work slip and without you even knowing it, things start to get off a little bit. But you don't really notice it because you're just now drawn completely into current reality because your manifestations were so good and you kind of drop this vibrational work stuff.

I've seen it happen many, many times with people, not just on the Manifesting Lab, but in other organizations I've been involved with where people come, they get advice, they get the thing eventually that they want, they forget about all the stuff you told them. 

That current reality sucks them back in. They start noticing things they don't like about the current reality because you're always going to generate new desires in the current reality. And what will happen eventually is you come back to a crisis.

So we have the Crisis-Thrill Cycle. You have a crisis. You do something about it. You get more deliberate about your life. You're feeling thrilled because everything's going well. Then you get lazy again because you're just observing current reality and going to another crisis.

So why does this happen?

It happens because of this thrill you get is only thrilling until you get used to it. You get bored of it. It's a thrill when things start to go right for you. It's a thrill when coincidences happen. It's a thrill when you manifest your stuff. But as you get used to it...the thrill subsides and it just becomes your normal life and now you start to get bored by it.

As you start to get bored, you start to get a bit lazy with your alignments and you start to look at current reality more and more and you start to slide back down.

It's that boredom because there is no thrill anymore. Why would you put the effort in? Why not just coast, coast down the hill? And that's what people do. And I've done it myself many, many times and I see other people doing it.

So my theory, which I've had for some years now and I do think it is accurate, is that if you were to bring the thrill back and keep giving yourself a thrill when you do your vibrational work, then you'd never go back into another crisis.

To me, this is the true value of Vibrational World Exploration. It's to keep that thrill fresh, to keep you coming back for more. So even when you've got all your stuff, the thrill, the emotional thrill you get from doing this process is so strong and so powerful, it just draws you back to keep using the process.

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