by Stingray

I’ve met many spiritual and religious people over the years - in real life, not just online - and it has always surprised me how there seems to be an implicit assumption that spirituality and religion are serious activities.

I remember once some years ago, on a spiritual internet forum, mentioning in one of my answers that “life is not meant to be taken seriously” and getting the biggest online flaming of my life…and this is from people who label themselves as spiritual.

Yet, most, if not all, of the channelled spiritual teachers we have these days (AbrahamBasharThe Guys and many more) are genuinely funny, and often hilarious, to listen to. They would all be great as stand-up comedians if you could find somewhere for a non-physical being to actually stand, that is.

Myself, I’m often known for just cracking jokes endlessly (perhaps to the point of annoyance), and I love watching and listening to stand-up comedy.

You’ll often find me grinning for no reason when I’m by myself when I notice something absurd or humorous about a life situation that has just happened.

And I’ve even been known to wake up laughing sometimes after some really hilarious dream situation…the problem is that I usually can’t remember what it was after waking up, which I guess is kind of humorous also.

I like to think I have some measure of interest in spiritual topics and I find no contradiction between spirituality (or religion) and humor.

In fact, it’s my experience that some of the most genuinely funny people are also some of the best at deliberately manifesting what they want…

…it’s the same lightness of vibration that humor accesses that also connects so easily with the Broader Self and provides solid inner guidance towards those wanted manifestations.

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