Apathy - the strange affliction that prevents you using what you know
by Stingray


…this is a phenomenon that afflicts nearly everyone I know who is involved with spiritual and Law of Attraction subjects to some extent, including myself.

It’s as though you have the knowledge, but you can’t bring yourself to apply it.

It’s a subject that I’ve given some thought to over the years, especially when I’ve helped people out with advice and techniques and then watched them do absolutely nothing with them.

Firstly, as far as where apathy fits on the emotional scale, I would place it down at the level of Boredom (No. 8).

Emotional scale

Notice how Boredom and Contentment are so close to each other on the vibrational scale? And notice how both have something quite definite in common… there’s not a lot going on.

In other words, Boredom and Contentment are both indicative of a lack of energy flow through you… apathy, you could call it…except Boredom is unwelcome apathy while Contentment is welcome apathy.

Contrast those emotions with the ones at the extreme ends of the Emotional Guidance Scale i.e. Joy at one end, and Fear at the other. Notice how Joy and Fear have something quite definite in common too… there’s lots going on! 

With Fear, you are drawing plenty of energy through you but it’s not in a way that makes you feel good while with Joy you are also drawing plenty of energy through you but it is in a way that makes you feel good.

With what I’ve said so far, there is actually quite a startling conclusion you can reach… Fear and Joy are (non-identical) twins.

It is actually much easier to go from Fear straight to Joy than from Contentment to Joy, because Fear already has a lot of energy flow involved (caused by large amounts of desire) and it can really just be a minor tweaking of your vibration to shoot straight from there into powerful good-feeling emotions. 

So that brings us to the question of what causes this energy flow that relates Boredom to Contentment, and Joy to Fear .

In essence, it comes down to making decisions .

Here’s the basic rule…

When you make more decisions, you will feel more alive

With both Fear and Joy, you have made strong decisions already about what you want and don’t want but with Boredom and Contentment, there’s probably little or no decision-making going on.

And so here’s another life rule I would suggest…

Decisions = Life Energy Flow

Notice in your own life how when you put off making a decision about something, you kind of feel lethargic and apathetic regarding it. But when you truly decide one way or the other, a surge of energy comes flooding through you.

In reality creation terms, it doesn’t matter what decision you made (because you can mold any decision to be the right one), it just matters that you made a decision!

The decision drew life energy through you. Making a decision dispelled that feeling of apathy.

As for why this apathy especially affects so many involved with spiritual subjects, I think there’s an additional factor as well…many who are involved with these ideas are naturally powerful focusers …because these are still leading-edge ideas that the majority of humanity will not take seriously.

But those that do take them seriously are those that have already been powerful enough focusers to summon these ideas into their lives and notice the value of them.

But I think that same powerful focusing ability can also be a trap.

Once these powerful focusers have manifested a certain degree of comfort for themselves in their lives (often as an escape from some painful experiences that led them to investigate spiritual ideas), they become so powerfully focused where they are that they either don’t want to make any decisions (for fear of returning to the previous pain), or because their focus on their current manifested reality is so strong that they stifle any decision-making away from the status quo at all…they feel unable to move in a powerful way.

That’s my current theory anyway.

But whatever the real cause, the outcome is the same…the decision-making stops, and then apathy takes over.

decision making

I only know of one way of out of this state… make decisions.

You can either do it proactively…or, if you let your apathy take over your life completely, you’ll probably end up in a situation where the natural course of your life will force you eventually to make decisions (launch desires) but you may encounter some discomfort along the way by doing it in a reactive fashion.

So the way forward is pretty clear, I hope… make decisions!

It doesn’t matter what the decisions are about, just make them. Find things in your life to decide about. Not limply prefer, not gently choose …but DECIDE!

If nothing else, get involved in activities that force you to make decisions about things…and the apathy will just quickly fall away.

One quick method that I find quite effective for making enough decisions to get out of that apathy is to make a list of everything I need or want to do right now.

And then just decide to do something (anything at all) on that list, and then do it (even if only for a few minutes). Then I give myself the reward of knowing that I’ve done something, perhaps by putting a checkmark on the list.

It then becomes easier to decide to do the next thing, and the next thing, and the next thing…and so on…and very quickly, all your life energy has come flooding back again because of those decisions.

The action is actually not that important, it’s the fact that you have made the decision to take some.

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