abraham calibration method
by Stingray

This is a live demonstration of Abraham’s Calibration Process in action.

Abraham have been hinting for some time at a gentler clean-up process which I guess we’ll have to call The Calibration Process since they don’t seem to have officially named it yet.

I’ve been trying for some time to extract the step-by-step mechanics of it from various recordings.

I came across one recording that was specific and detailed enough for me to provide a live video demonstration of the process in action (using a Vibrational Nudging sheet from the Manifesting Lab) so hopefully it will be clear enough to get you started with it.

There is no reason you couldn’t do this process on paper if you wanted, and that is actually the way that Esther Hicks has been doing it.

The reason the process works is because the momentum of general thought on a subject from your Higher/Broader Self is far more powerful than the momentum of specific thought from your Physical Self on the same subject.

Hope you find the video useful.

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