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‘Surfing your desire’ into manifestation

I thought I might take this opportunity to throw out one of my more advanced methods for anyone that is already at the stage of fairly easily and steadily manifesting what they want.

With this method, we start aiming towards the Holy Grail of manifesting..."manifesting on demand".

Why do negative thoughts manifest faster than positive ones?

Strange, isn't it?

You want to make something positive happen, but it seems so hard and you really have to force it. But when something negative happens, it seems to happen almost by itself.

Why does this strange imbalance exist where the negative is so powerful in comparison to the positive?

When what you want to manifest isn’t coming…

If something you want isn't manifesting even if you move your feeling about what you want into a better place then this is an indication that there is a limiting belief in the way of it coming - and you haven't identified what that limiting belief (or beliefs) is yet.

In other words, you are dealing with a symptom and not a cause.

How do you become less sensitive?

One thing I've heard repeatedly over the years from people I've interacted with is that they want to become less sensitive.

That usually means less sensitive to the opinions and behaviors of others. 

People who are drawn to reality creation ideas are often quite naturally sensitive to their own thoughts and feelings, which is why they managed to get this far by themselves.

Your life is completely meaning-less

My life is completely meaningless? Huh?

What are you saying here, Stingray dude?!

I thought this blog was supposed to be a positive and uplifting place. Why an article on this dark, depressing thought? What's going on???

Where to begin with all this stuff?

Yes, it can be overwhelming to get started with all this stuff about Law of Attraction, Reality Creation and Manifesting.

The ideas seem so simple, yet there's also a lot of subtleties involved that can trip you up if you are not paying attention.

It's understandable if you're feeling confused and uncertain about where to begin.

So let's get back to basics and figure out what a good starting point for you would be.

Difficult things can be good for you

The idea does get floated around from time to time that life should not be difficult...probably by people like me 🙂

But, in my case at least, I certainly would never say that life shouldn't be challenging.

The Manifesting Box Method – How To Get What You Want Effortlessly…

I've been using manifesting processes like the one I am about to describe quite successfully for a number of years now (sometimes with amazing results) so I have built up a considerable amount of confidence in them.

But I have no idea whether those results will transfer easily to complete strangers (some of whom might be quite skeptical) and who may be completely new to this sort of thing. Though I see no reason why what works for me will not work for anyone who tries it sincerely.

But, whatever the outcome is, I think it will be an unusual, and perhaps memorable, experience for anyone who sincerely gives it a go.