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The Different Types of Urgency Campaigns You Can Create
By Stingray

In this interview, Pompatomp shares his secrets for applying the Manifesting Lab methods to regularly make about a quarter of his desires manifest by themselves, and the rest feel easy - all with the systematic help of a well-stocked Virtual Vortex (currently 130 desires and 1,300 Vortex Specifics).

He talks in detail about how he transformed himself from being a Massive Action Discipline (MAD) devotee, spending years doing vibrational cleanups, to now allowing his life to effortlessly unfold with enjoyment and fun. And he shares his personal tips for deliberate manifesters at all stages in their journey.

About the presenter


Stingray is the founder of the Manifesting Lab. He has more than 40 years experience with Law of Attraction manifesting ideas and systems

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